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Inventory of childhood sweetheart CP roles (9 pairs of speed dating make you tickle)

“In the Past, Glazed Tile” starring Chen Yuqi and Lin Yi is a young sweet pet drama that has little topic recently. This combination of childhood sweethearts will never get tired of watching! There are many childhood sweetheart CPs who have achieved success, such as Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao in “In the Name of Family” by Tan Songyun and Song Weilong, and Jiang Junhe of Bailu and Luo Yunxi in “Half Honey, Half Injury” Yuan Shuai, the ambiguity and secret love of childhood sweethearts are sweet! The following 9 pairs of the fastest dating childhood sweethearts, Shen Yue and Hu Yitian are also very classic in “To Our Simple Little Beauty”!

The fastest dating childhood sweetheart CP1: “In the past there were glazed tiles” Chen Yuqi & Lin Yi

The cutest height difference between Chen Yuqi and Lin Yi in “Old Glazed Tile” is perfect! In the play, Shao Xue and Zheng Su Nian are childhood sweethearts who grew up in the same hutong. For Shao Xue, Zheng Su Nian is his most reliable Su Nian brother. When he is sad, he gently guides him; when Shao Xue forgets the east and the west, he plans for a rainy day. Zheng Su Nian had poor grades as a child, but in order to become the only elder brother in Shao Xue’s mouth, he worked hard to become a top student. His love for Shao Xue has been planted since childhood!

Helpless, Shao Xue has a big nerve. She never knew her elder brother Su Nian’s feelings for her, nor did she realize her feelings. Zheng Su Nian was always the most gentle existence, and Shao Xue was willing to accompany Zheng Su Nian, who had changed his family. Give up the chance to study abroad in your dreams, this is love! The ambiguity of this childhood sweetheart is really warm and sweet!

The fastest dating childhood sweetheart CP2: “In the Name of Family” Tan Songyun & Song Weilong

When it comes to childhood sweetheart CP, of course, Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao from “In the Name of Family” are indispensable! Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao, a pair of pseudo-orthopedic childhood sweethearts, have shown intimate feelings different from other people since childhood. Ling Xiao, who is always cold and reserved, only smiles at Jianjian alone, and Jianjian finds out the love letter sent by others , he will be nervous and hurried to tear it off; because he loves sugar but is afraid of going to the dentist, he chooses to become a dentist, which means that I will contract your periodontal health for the rest of my life!

Ling Xiao has fallen in love with Jianjian for a long time. Long before the two separated, he said that I will marry you. Jianjian was only joking. In fact, Ling Xiao was pretending to be joking and telling the truth. Nian Lingxiao thinks about Jianjian all the time. Reuniting with Jianjian is his only hope in life. He is also very worried that Jianjian will be abducted by other men. From time to time, he will check whether Jianjian has a boyfriend or not, so he just needs to say this out loud. It’s my wife! The ambiguity of childhood sweethearts is too good to eat!

The most speed-dating childhood sweetheart CP3: “My Neighbor Doesn’t Grow Up” Li Xirui & He Yu

“My Neighbor Doesn’t Grow Up” combines childhood sweethearts, sibling love, secret love and other elements, and it is also super sweet! It tells the story of Lin Yang and his next-door brother Lu Zhengan, who grew up together with a seven-year age difference. The two had a baby relationship since childhood. However, Lin Yang never regarded Lu Zhengan as a man, but Lu Zhengan believed that Lin Yang was a man since he was a child. Wife, he watched Lin Yang go through lovelorn again and again, silently guarding and accompany him, keeping his love deep in his heart for more than ten years, the little milk dog and the royal sister are really sweet!

This drama is not only a little sweet drama, it explores the life status of 30+ young women from a deeper level, which has great practical significance. The whole plot is very warm and healing. The sloppy elder sister took good care of her, and from time to time she showed the attributes of a little wolf dog, all kinds of flying and hugging, why did she choose an older one? Because of your age, I have no choice! Brother is super good!

The fastest dating childhood sweetheart CP4: “Snow Pear Stewed in Rock Sugar” Zhang Xincheng & Wu Qian

The childhood sweetheart combination of Zhang Xincheng and Wu Qian in “Snow Pear Stewed in Rock Sugar” is sweet and funny! Tang Xue and Li Yubing have been in the same class since elementary school. The arrogant and domineering Tang Xue always bullies the shy and introverted Li Yubing, which casts a deep shadow on Li Yubing’s childhood. In exchange, Li Yubing has become a popular ice hockey god on campus. In order to retaliate for Tang Xue’s bullying, he designed Tang Xue to become his abused assistant, but a series of revenge actions made him fall in love.

The childhood sweethearts were ignorant of their childhood feelings. When Li Yubing grew up, he realized that he actually enjoyed Tang Xue’s bullying very much. When he said that he wanted revenge, he actually wanted to tie Tang Xue to his side! I fell in love with it for a long time without knowing it!

2022 iQIYI TV drama popularity list TOP (10)

iQIYI recently released a sweet pet drama “Twinkle Twinkle Star”, which was well received, and was discussed more than “Hello, Sharpshooter” and “Old Glazed Tile”. At the beginning of 2022, Tencent will offer “Knives in the Snow” and “Knives in the Snow”

The fastest dating childhood sweetheart CP5: “To Our Simple Little Beauty” Hu Yitian & Shen Yue

The classic childhood sweetheart CP and Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen of “To Our Simple Little Beauty”! The black-bellied and arrogant Jiang Chen and the energetic girl Chen Xiaoxi are childhood sweethearts who have been with each other for 19 years. They are neighbors and classmates. Chen Xiaoxi has been chasing Jiang Chen since he was a student. The cold Xueba Jiang Chen is unmoved, but in fact, he has long been tempted by others!

Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi went through a crush in high school, then a passionate love in college, and then separated and reunited after entering the workplace. Over the years, Jiang Chen has never forgotten Chen Xiaoxi, and Chen Xiaoxi is actually waiting for Jiang Chen silently. Love finally wears a wedding dress!

The most speed-dating childhood sweetheart CP6: “Half Honey, Half Injury” Bailu & Luo Yunxi

Bailu and Luo Yunxi are childhood sweethearts and happy friends in “Half Honey, Half Injury”! Yuan Shuai had a crush on Jiang Jun for ten years. Jiang Jun never knew that Yuan Shuai was Jiang Jun’s invisible umbrella when he was a child. Because Jiang Jun suffered from severe allergies to tears, a first tear would cause allergic shock. , always trying his best to protect her, deliberately bullying her is actually to protect her, but Jiang Jun misunderstood, causing the two to part ways and lose contact.

Ten years later, Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun reunited, and Jiang Juncai gradually discovered that Yuan Shuai had a crush on him, and that he also kept a puppy that the two of them had picked up back then, hiding their memories of the past. Black boss, but in fact, everything behind the design is to protect Jiang Jun, and also to keep Jiang Jun by his side, the love of ten years has never changed!

The fastest dating childhood sweetheart CP7: “So Cute Us” Li Mingde & Tian Xiwei

“So Cute Us” is a two-way secret love of childhood sweethearts. This drama is really sweet, secretly ambiguous, sweet and sour of first love, naughty and naughty Tan Song always likes to bully Huang Chengzi, in fact, every tease is a joke. Hidden love!

Tan Song and Huang Chengzi are childhood sweethearts who live in the same community. Tan Song didn’t notice his love for Huang Chengzi at first. In fact, it’s not as simple as being a friend, and the cute and cute Huang Chengzi gradually discovered that he had a conversation. Song’s intentions, this two-way secret love between the two little girls is pure and beautiful!

The fastest dating childhood sweetheart CP8: “Hello, Old Times” Zhang Xincheng & Li Randi

“Hello, Old Times” is a childhood sweetheart love spanning ten years from school uniforms to wedding dresses. In the play, Yu Zhouzhou and Lin Yang met by chance in childhood, and they have planted love seedlings since then, but Yu Zhouzhou lost his mother because of Lin Yang’s misunderstanding. Lin Yang has been watching Yu Zhouzhou silently, and finally Lin Yang confessed: I I want to go to college in the same place as you because you are part of my dream.

This drama is really sweet to the heart. It’s not the superficial sweetness, but the emotion is fresh and sincere. Yu Zhouzhou and Lin Yang couldn’t get together because of a family accident. The bride and groom, chasing this drama will really have the sense of time when youth flies by.

The most speed-dating childhood sweetheart CP9: “Me and My Time Boy” Deng Enxi & Zhang Linghe

“My Time Boy and Me” is adapted from Jinjiang Literature City’s novel “Who Can Own the Moon With Love”. It tells the story of an accidental car accident that gave Lu Miao an older brother, Jiang Haoyue, who lost a leg due to the car accident. Lu Miao had turned into a female knight since she was a child, guarding Jiang Haoyue domineeringly, but what she didn’t know was that this brother, who was extremely indifferent to anyone but only smiled at her, actually had a crush on her since he was a child and always followed her silently. After cleaning up the mess behind him, he would be silently jealous in the face of a rival in love, indifferent to everything, but gave all his tenderness to Lu Miao.

A childhood sweetheart’s secret love is sweet! The setting of “My Time Boy and Me” is very similar to that of “In the Name of Family”. It is a pseudo-orthopedic love. The acting skills of the two leading actors Deng Enxi and Zhang Linghe are full of natural, and the character settings are cute. Fresh and sweet route, the male protagonist is very handsome!

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