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2022 iQIYI TV drama popularity list TOP

iQIYI recently released a sweet pet drama “Twinkle Twinkle Star”, which was well received, and was discussed more than “Hello, Sharpshooter” and “Old Glazed Tile”. At the beginning of 2022, Tencent released two dramas, “The Swordsman in the Snow” and “The Beginning”, which dominated Weibo’s hot search. Relatively speaking, iQIYI lost a little in the beginning of 2022. Get back one percent. The following 2022 iQIYI TV dramas are in the TOP 10 in terms of popularity, “Twinkle, Twinkle Star” is the third, and the champion is the only one to break 9,000!

TOP 10 popularity of iQIYI TV series in 2022

The urban romance drama “Heartbeat on the Tip of the Tongue” starring Ruan Jingtian and Song Zuer is adapted from the novel of the same name by caramelized winter melon. It tells the story of Lin Kesong, who has a genius taste. In order to chase after his classmate Song Yi, he came to the United States and accidentally met the three-star Michelin chef Jiang Jiang. Qianfan, Jiang Qianfan took Lin Kesong as his apprentice and taught her cooking skills. After Jiang Qianfan’s devilish training and innovation, Lin Kesong actually had his own set of special cooking skills. Love was born, and both became better versions of themselves.

“Heartbeat on the Tip of the Tongue” has been backlogged for two years. Generally, the longer the drama is, the worse it gets. Originally, everyone didn’t have much expectations, but the accident was okay. The combination is very sweet, Ruan Jingtian and Song Zuer have a strong sense of CP, Song Zuer’s acting is very cute, the shooting pictures are quite textured, and many food scenes make drama fans hungry. However, because Ruan Jingtian’s audience relationship is very poor, many people are complaining about this drama, which is considered a qualified idol drama in all fairness.

TOP 9 of iQIYI TV dramas in 2022

“The Breeze and the Moon Flowers Are Blooming” is a sweet pet drama in ancient costumes. It tells the story of Princess Langyue, who is unwilling to be restrained. She escaped from the palace because of her obsession with construction projects. She met Li Qingfeng, a genius craftsman, and Princess Longyue joined Li Qingfeng. The Muyu Craftsman Team was founded, and the two experienced a twists and turns, bizarre, romantic and sweet growth story.

Xu Jiaqi previously played female supporting roles in “The Legend of Yun Xi” and “Ruyi Fangfei”, but this time she is finally the heroine because she brought popularity to the show. And “The Breeze and the Moon Flowers Are Blooming” is an industrial sugar sweet drama. The acting skills of the male and female protagonists are a bit dragged down, but they are just trying to make fun of sugar, but if it’s boring, this drama is really good to pass the time.

TOP 8 in the popularity of iQIYI TV series in 2022: “The Lion Reflection of Lai Cat” has the highest popularity value of 5044

In January, there were a number of marriage emotional dramas exploring the relationship between the two sexes. Among them, “The Lion’s Reflection on the Cat” tells the story of a female president with a net worth of over 100 million and a penniless homeless person who first gets married and then falls in love. Mu Wanqing and Liu Qing met for the first time at their wedding. They went from being emotionless and hostile to each other, to supporting each other and developing feelings for each other. While Liu Qing secretly helped Mu Wanqing solve the many crises encountered by the company , while witty confronted the ex-boyfriend Feng Cong who appeared in the sky, and the friends were laughing and laughing constantly.

This drama is adapted from the arrogant novel “My Wife Falls in Love with Me”. In fact, it is a bloody Mary Suwen. The content of the novel is full of restricted level, that is, the male protagonist is constantly obsessed. I think it’s okay, but the filming becomes very suspended, and the whole drama is cliché and bloody, but if you like bloody dramas, you may be able to follow it.

TOP 7 of iQIYI TV series popularity in 2022

“The Peripheral Light Is You” is adapted from the best-selling author Zuo Tong’s youth novel “He Came Against the Light”. The stories of life are exchanged, when the natural idiot meets the CEO of Green Tea, when the Bingshan Yuji meets the infatuated loyal dog, and starts a hilarious and sweet love story.

“In the End of My Eyes Is You” is a typical idol drama of a domineering president. The plot and the acting skills of the actors are slightly exaggerated. The heroine Wang Herun’s appearance is criticized, and the hero and heroine have no sense of CP. The sense of CP makes people have no desire to chase dramas.

TOP 6 of iQIYI TV series in 2022

Inventory of childhood sweetheart CP roles (9 pairs of speed dating make you tickle)

“In the Past, Glazed Tile” starring Chen Yuqi and Lin Yi is a young sweet pet drama that has little topic recently. This combination of childhood sweethearts will never get tired of watching! There are many childhood sweetheart CPs who have achieved positive results, such as Tan Songyun and Song Weilong in “In the Name of Family”

“Sleek Beauty with Light Makeup” is an ancient costume sweet pet drama adapted from Li Xiao’s novel “Prosperity Makeup Girl”. It tells the story of beauty blogger Si Yan accidentally turning into a vegetative person due to live broadcast, and then being selected by the game company to travel to the virtual game world. Encountering the handsome seventh prince and a bunch of troublesome spirits, Si Yan used her makeup skills and professional knowledge to gain love in the palace battle.

This ancient costume sweet pet drama is directly watched by iQIYI members. I thought it was a brainless sweet drama produced in spring, but I didn’t expect it to be good. It was made with great care at a small cost. The quality of the picture and the fighting scenes are all sweet The drama is excellent, the plot setting is novel, the content is stubborn, but not brainless. Although Kong Xueer is from an idol, her acting skills are naturally not embarrassing. It is a sweet drama that will make people motivated to chase. It’s a pity that there are too many big dramas recently. Almost no one pays attention or publicity to these sweet dramas, so the popularity is low.

TOP 5 of iQIYI TV series in 2022

“Hot Holidays 2” is a Chinese New Year drama in 2022. Like last year’s “Hot Holidays”, it will be broadcast around the Spring Festival. The story style continues the relaxed and funny of the previous work, but the cast and plot are completely different, and it also focuses on the family. Gathering together to celebrate the New Year, a series of trivial, crazy and funny incidents happened, so as to explore the marriage, parent-child, love, family relationship in the family.

“Holiday Warming 2” is as warm and nonsensical as the previous work. This theme is very relaxing to catch up with. It’s a bit like a situation comedy, embarrassing and funny. The popularity of Qiyi Station barely broke through 6000.

The TOP 4 popularity of iQIYI TV series in 2022: The highest popularity value of “Gold Rush” is 6528

“Gold Rush” is the fourth suspense drama of iQIYI’s Fog Theater. It was originally going to be launched after the ending of “Who is the Murderer” by Zhao Liying, but it was temporarily withdrawn. ” and “The Beginning” were attacked by several topical dramas, and they could only survive in the cracks. Although the filming quality was good, the story seemed bland, the editing was confusing, the priority was not divided, and it was not worth chasing after.

The background of the story of “Gold Rush” is in a gold rush area where snakes, gods, cows and ghosts coexist. The gold boss Wu Jianchao has accumulated several years of placer gold for his retirement and went ashore. A mysterious gold dealer nicknamed The Owl. Chen Baojin, a novice gold digger, came to Gongma alone in order to find out the truth of his brother’s accidental death, but was caught in a puzzle. The sudden washroom made the hard work and expectations of the gold diggers go to waste. Everyone made a desperate attempt to make a last-ditch effort to the Sisterling Laojinchang, which had been abandoned for decades. The gold diggers broke into the deep mountains and forests, accompanied by the shadow of death, and the owls gradually surfaced.

TOP 3 of iQIYI’s TV series in 2022

“Twinkle, Twinkle Star” is the surprise little dark horse of iQIYI’s new year! The broadcast was originally unpopular, and there was little publicity, but it was strongly recommended by many tap water drama fans due to its good reputation, and it unexpectedly became a popular drama during the Spring Festival holiday. Although time-travel is an old terrier, this drama is presented in the form of time-travel, with a sense of fantasy and suspense, the rhythm of the plot is smooth and not boring, and the filming quality is quite good. The character setting of the protagonist is too fanciful!

Twinkle Twinkle Star is a fantasy youth drama that transcends themes. It tells the story of Lin Beixing, a senior girl who is about to enter her thirties. She is divorced by her boyfriend Zhan Yu while planning a wedding, and her life and work become a mess. , However, time played a big joke on her. Lin Beixing unexpectedly returned to the age of eighteen. She decided to live again for herself, but Lin Beixing’s sweet dreams were frequently broken by a boy named Zhang Wansen. Zhang Wansen’s accidental encounter after the college entrance examination became the switch to end Lin Beixing’s journey of time and space, making her keep traveling back and forth. Lin Beixing began to investigate the cause of Zhang Wansen’s death, but also found that what she saved was not only the eternal scholar Zhang Wansen also saved the young man’s love for her like a sea of ​​stars since childhood.

TOP 2 of iQIYI TV series in 2022

“Washer Rivers and Lakes” is the first drama series of Xiaodou Theater newly developed by iQIYI. It focuses on humorous and textured comedy. The style is similar to the popular “Zuofu” in early 2021. It integrates funny elements into the plot, and it is like a situation comedy or It’s a cross talk performance, but the overall shooting quality is rough, and the costumes and scenes are inferior to many online dramas. Although the whole drama is an experienced cross talk actor, the comedy effect is average, and there is nothing boring to follow.

“Washer Rivers and Lakes” is a light comedy. It tells that under the prosperous events, the world praises the little emperor for his wisdom and wisdom. The little emperor, who was not interested in the state affairs, wanted to travel to the palace, and was very obsessed with running the Goulan tile house, recruiting artists from the rivers and lakes, and opening a theater. The little emperor found a secret passage in the palace, but at the end of the secret passage was a house that had been closed for many years. The little emperor came across Bai Xiaoqing, the actress who was in the washhouse, and since then he has concealed his identity and started a funny story about the operation of a teahouse with a group of strange artists with different characteristics in this washhouse.

TOP 1 in the popularity of iQIYI TV series in 2022: “Ace Trooper” has the highest popularity value of 9277

Top stream is top stream! The military drama “Ace Troop” starring Xiao Zhan and Huang Jingyu was airborne at the end of December, and it broke through the 9000 popularity value on iQIYI as soon as it was released. Now it is the most popular drama on iQIYI in 2022. This drama tells the story of Gao Liang, a recruit from a miner’s son, and Gu Yinye, a recruit from a military family. Their very different backgrounds and extremely competitive personalities make them incompatible. They are both opponents and enemies, and comrades who cherish each other and share life and death. In the end, we will move forward hand in hand in the common weal and woe.

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