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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 8 Recap

Before Shu Qin left, she asked Nie Yusheng to give him a goodbye kiss, but because the two were too familiar with each other, she couldn’t keep her mouth shut. At this time, Tan Jing called and informed Sheng Fangting that she was being sent to the hospital with stomach bleeding. Shu Qin asked her to go to Changpu Hospital, and then rushed to the hospital with Nie Yusheng.

Just when Shu Qin asked the doctor about the specific situation, Tan Jing had paid the deposit and came back, and just noticed the watch, so she pretended not to care, and took the initiative to chat. During this period, Nie Yusheng and Tan Jing were like strangers, but they were secretly watching from the side until she finished explaining the matter and turned to leave.

After the operation, Sheng Fangting’s condition gradually stabilized. Shu Qin stayed by the bedside to take care of him at night. Seeing his pale and haggard appearance, he felt very uncomfortable. On the second day, the responsibility of taking care of Sheng Fangting fell on Tan Jing. When the colleagues of the company knew the news, they all came to visit, and by the way, they made fun of the sweetness and happiness between Shu Qin and Nie Yusheng.

Tan Jing sent her colleagues out without saying a word during the whole process. Listening to everyone discussing the gossip about the two people’s long-distance love run, she really couldn’t come up with a normal emotional response. At the same time, Nie Yusheng inquired about the relationship between Sheng Fangting and Tan Jing, and deliberately brought out the fact that Tan Jing was married and had children, just to make Sheng Fangting retreat.

Because Shu Qin was uneasy about this, she left her watch on the sink, and Tan Jing picked it up. She couldn’t help but recall that she saved money to buy this watch many years ago and gave it to Nie Yusheng as a token of love. Later, when Nie Yusheng was going to study abroad, Tan Jing had already arrived at the airport, but he didn’t dare to show up to say goodbye to him.

Now Tan Jing was about to return the watch to Nie Yusheng, when she walked outside the office and heard Director Fang congratulating Nie Yusheng on her new girlfriend, but she couldn’t move, so she had to wait for Director Fang to leave before explaining her intention to Nie Yusheng. How could he know that the other party still had a cold attitude, emphasizing that the watch no longer belonged to him and should be returned to Shu Qin, so that Tan Jing had to put down the hand that Tan Jing had just raised.

In the following period of time, Tan Jing often went to the hospital to take care of Sheng Fangting, which is considered to be at work. As long as it was time for the doctor to take over the shift, she could leave. The work content was simple, and she did not need to work overtime. She could even pick up Sun Ping on time, which was rare. A beautiful difference.

However, that night, Sun Ping sneaked to the bathroom to drink medicine and was discovered by Tan Jing. No matter how she asked, Sun Ping didn’t say anything, but let her guess one or two. It was expected that Sun Zhijun had found a side room from another place. After all, he used to have I have been in a similar situation, so I told my son not to drink these things again.

The ward without Tanjing seemed extraordinarily quiet, but with her presence, it was still as quiet as usual. In order to allow Tan Jing to work in the ward, the company provided her with computers, which are basically second-hand goods that have been eliminated, but they are kept clean by her, as if anything can be cherished in her hands.

Sheng Fangting remembered that she learned that Tan Jing would keep single-sided A4 paper some time ago, and recognized her way of handling her work. She also thought of her thrifty mother. Tan Jing wanted to help Sheng Fangting go to the house to pick up some clothes, but happened to meet Shu Qin who came to deliver meals, and the two went together. But upon entering the house, Shu Qin saw a group photo of her and Sheng Fangting on the bedside in the bedroom, and finally realized that she was not in a one-sided relationship.

Fattou organized a class reunion and invited Nie Yusheng to attend, and Wang Yuling and her boyfriend finally sorted out the bakery, so they agreed to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the certificate. Sun Zhijun picked up his son Sun Ping without the knowledge of Tan Jing, but actually took him to a small clinic to receive some messy treatment remedies. Fortunately, Tan Jing felt that he had located his watch to find the father and son, and he was scolding Sun Zhijun in the face.

Nie Yusheng and Shu Qin entertained colleagues at home for a dinner, and the two of them pretended to be loving couples, which made everyone very envious. Nie Dongyuan suddenly ran out of the hospital, mainly to see his son. When he found out that the young couple was in a good relationship, he finally fell into a big heart. As everyone knows, after the dinner, Nie Yusheng and Shu Qin were relatively speechless, sitting on both sides of the sofa, thinking about the past.

This meal made Nie Yusheng think of Tan Jing, especially the scene of cooking for the first time. Although it was simple and even very unskilled, it was full of the sweetness of love. On the other hand, Shu Qin also misses Sheng Fangting. When the two were studying abroad, they were glued to each other almost every day, but he was still called Mark at that time.

Sun Ping noticed that Tan Jing was a little angry, and promised not to eat indiscriminately in the future. The next morning, Tan Jing took her son to celebrate the opening of Wang Yuling’s bakery, and they were also happy when they learned that she and Liang Yuanan had obtained their certificates. At this moment, Liang Yuanan came to help with the electronic firecrackers, and the sudden loud noise scared Sun Ping into a heart attack.

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