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Chapter 1327 (The rest of my life is with you)

When Lin Yan paid the bill and chased it out, Si Bai was long gone.

“Top, you wait for me!” Lin Yan gritted his teeth and turned to leave.

If it were not for rushing to get the paternity test report, she must let Si Bai have a deep memory of her again.

The moment when he got the paternity test report, Lin Yan felt a little complicated, and was not eager for the truth.

At least for Lin Yan, this matter is far from that simple. No matter what the truth is, the complexity behind it is far beyond her imagination.

Even if He Muyun was really his biological mother, none of this had changed, but Lin Yan felt that she had been involved in an invisible whirlpool at some point.

Walking out of the appraisal agency, Lin Yan looked at the appraisal report in his hand, and his heart gradually accelerated.

After opening the appraisal report and seeing the answer with his own eyes, Lin Yan calmed down instead.

The results shown in the appraisal report were the same as Lin Yan had expected. He Muyun was not her biological mother. Her mother, who has always depended on each other for life, has no blood relationship with her.

After calming down, Lin Yan was somewhat unacceptable.

I am indeed not He Muyun’s daughter, and it is even less likely to have anything to do with Lin Yuetong, but why did I become He Muyun’s daughter? Does He Muyun know her life experience? If he knows, why is he so old? He didn’t mention to himself whether He Muyun was concealing something on purpose.

Lin Yan made a call to Wang Jingyang, and after confirming that Wang Jingyang was at home, Lin Yan went to Wang Jingyang’s home first.

Skillfully took out the key from the carpet outside the door and opened the door.

Wang Jingyang is sitting on the sofa playing games at the moment.

“Lin Yan, take a drink for me in the refrigerator.” After Wang Jingyang glanced at Lin Yan, he opened his mouth to Lin Yan.

Hearing the sound, Lin Yan said: “You have no hands or feet.”

“Playing games, don’t talk nonsense, hurry up, I am dying of thirst.” Wang Jingyang stared at the screen intently.

Immediately, Lin Yan took out a can of drink and threw it on Wang Jingyang’s body.

“Lin Yan, how can I offend you, what are you doing so rudely, do you still have humanity.” Wang Jingyang still did not put down the gamepad.

“Stop playing, I want to talk to you about something.” Lin Yan sat on the sofa and stared at Wang Jingyang.

“If you have something, just say, didn’t you see me busy? Didn’t you tell you? The best thing about me is multitasking. I won’t delay chatting with you when I play games.” Wang Jingyang said.

“Don’t throw away the handle, I will throw your game console downstairs, do you believe it?” Lin Yan said blankly.

“Lost me the game console?” Wang Jingyang didn’t even look at Lin Yan, and sneered: “I don’t believe it, you try to throw my game console!”

As Wang Jingyang’s voice fell, Lin Yan had already got up and moved towards the game console. Go.

Upon seeing this, Wang Jingyang broke out in a cold sweat and quickly put the gamepad on the coffee table and said: “Wait!”

Lin Yan looked back at Wang Jingyang and said, “You don’t believe me.”

“A joke.” Wang Jingyang said with a serious face: “Lin Yan, do you think you are the kind of person who cares about game consoles?…Well, you are right. , I care, come, put down the game console, yes, slow down… I just spent all my savings to buy it… Be gentle, do you know this is the latest black technology… Do you know how much it costs, This is a second-hand no warranty card!”

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