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Chapter 1326 (The rest of my life is with you)

Lin Yan can only give a thumbs up to Si Bai’s thoughts. As long as Si Bai doesn’t think that the devil is her sister, he can guess anyway. Anyway, the grievances between him and the devil are not counted. To my head.

“You said, what is the purpose of the female devil doing this?” Si Bai’s gaze fell on Lin Yan.

As Si Bai’s voice fell, Lin Yan was also secretly thinking, is there such a boring person in this world? Use some kind of experimental technique to make a stranger grow up like yourself?

“I guessed it again.” Suddenly, Si Bai smiled at Lin Yan: “You are so unlucky.”

Immediately, Lin Yan sat up straight, and put on a respectful appearance: “Please tell me!”

“The female devil’s origin is mysterious, no one knows her identity, and what she has done over the years is probably the same. If she has offended too many people, she must be afraid of too many enemies, so she wants to find a substitute, and you are the substitute chosen by her.”

Lin Yan Qiang held back a smile, his face was serious, and she pointed his thumb up. Si Bai said: “Gyro, your reasoning is too powerful, I think you are right!”

With Lin Yan’s approval, Si Bai seemed to be more confident in his reasoning, and continued: “After you were caught in the laboratory , She chose you as her substitute, and then unconsciously moved some hands and feet on you, causing you to grow into the same appearance as her in the future, she must want to train you to be her substitute, In the end, I didn’t expect to let you run away.”

Lin Yan nodded quickly and said to Si Bai: “Yes, you are too right. Fortunately, I ran fast, otherwise I would become her stand-in.”

“Just like the misunderstanding between you and me, because of the relationship between looks, I mistaken you for her, and almost missed a major event… And this is the effect she wants. People who hate her like me should pay back. There are many.” Sibai said.

Lin Yan stared at Si Bai for a long time and did not speak. Fortunately, he was watching the video content of the dash cam. Otherwise, he might really believe Si Bai’s unreliable speculation.

In any case, what Si Bai said is indeed so reasonable, even if it is very unreliable, but let him come back.

The reasoning is pretty good, but it’s a pity.

“Lin Yan, you have to be more careful. If you are discovered by that woman, she will definitely not let you go. Your almost perfect substitute is enough to help her offset the hatred of many people. It’s just for the dead ghost.” Si Bai said.

At this moment, Lin Yan was full of emotion. The top bullied by herself since childhood can still care about her at this time. It is not easy. Looking at the situation of others, Lin Yan feels ashamed.

Before Lin Yan continued to say something, the phone rang.

“Ms. Lin, your paternity test report has the results. If you have time, please come here in person.”

“Can you tell me the results directly?” Lin Yan asked softly.

“Ms. Lin, if you can’t tell me this verbally, you need to come in person.” After

hanging up the phone, Lin Yan’s heartbeat quickened, and the truth was about to surface.

From the depths of Lin Yan’s heart, I hope that all this is an oolong. He Muyun is indeed her mother, she is still herself, and Lin Yan.

“Okay, I still have a game. If you have something to do, just call.” Si Bai got up, took a look at Lin Yan, and turned to leave.

Lin Yan hurriedly called the waiter to pay.

“Madam, your friend just took two bottles of red wine, a total of 13 thousand.”

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