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Chapter 1328 My Mother Is Not My Mother

Lin Yan put down the game console and sat back on the sofa.

“Sister, what’s the matter with you, your expression is so serious…” Wang Jingyang stared at Lin Yan, who seemed to be worried, and suddenly his expression changed. “Lin Yan…you are not cheating, are you? Have you met true love?”

When Wang Jingyang’s voice fell, Lin Yan gave Wang Jingyang a death gaze.

Wang Jingyang squeezed his chin, and immediately said, “It’s your boyfriend who cheated? Look, what am I talking about, men don’t have a good thing, those stinky men…”

“It doesn’t matter who cheated!” Lin Yan said in a bad mood. .

What’s thinking in this guy’s head.

“Is there an affair?” Wang Jingyang frowned.

Lin Yan: “…” Isn’t an affair and an infidelity the same thing?

Lin Yan turned around, facing Wang Jingyang, with a serious expression: “I suspect, my mother is not my mother.”

“Your mother is not your mother?” Wang Jingyang stared at Lin Yan inexplicably: “What do you mean…Your mother is not your mother, is it my mother?” After

that, Wang Jingyang took a sip of a drink in his mouth.

Before he could swallow it, Lin Yan said again: “Can you be more normal? I mean, He Muyun is not my biological mother.”

Just after Lin Yan finished speaking, Wang Jingyang, who was unprepared, poured fresh in. The drink was sprayed on Lin Yan’s body.

Wang Jingyang got up a little flustered, took a towel and wiped Lin Yan’s face, “I’m sorry… I’m choking.”

Lin Yan didn’t care, looking at Wang Jingyang: “I have experienced a lot of things recently, so I suspect that I am not the child of He Muyun and Lin Yuetong .”


Immediately, Wang Jingyang said with a straight face: “Lin Yan, what are you doing? You can think so! Your thoughts like this are so wrong, how sad Aunt Yun should be, she feeds you a lot of shit, you actually suspect that Aunt Yun is not your mother, you…too me Disappointed!”

“What’s so disappointing for you?” Lin Yan’s face was inexplicable. Was Wang Jingyang’s reaction a bit too big? This reaction was so big that Lin Yan couldn’t understand it.

“Lin Yan, Aunt Yun must be your mother, don’t think about it.” Wang Jingyang said.

“Why are you so sure?” Lin Yan asked.

“That’s what you said. We are childhood sweethearts. I have known you since we were young. I have known Aunt Yun, and I don’t know if Aunt Yun is your mother?” Wang Jingyang said excitedly.

Lin Yan looked at Wang Jingyang with an increasingly weird expression. In this tone, it was okay to know, but I didn’t know if it was. I am afraid that Wang Jingyang was her father.

“I have evidence.” Lin Yan said.

“Take you out and let me have a look.” Wang Jingyang didn’t believe it.

For so many years, everything he did was perfect, he didn’t believe Lin Yan could have any evidence.

Immediately, Lin Yan threw the paternity report beside Wang Jingyang, “Paternity test.”

Wang Jingyang looked surprised. How could Lin Yan think of doing a paternity test?

Even if what he and He Muyun do is perfect, they can’t match such a thing as a paternity test, right?

It’s really a bad move…

Wang Jingyang thought that he would buy all the paternity testing agencies in this city, but he didn’t have that much money…

Don’t say all the purchases, he couldn’t even afford one…

Moreover, Wang Jingyang did not expect that Lin Yan would be suspicious of his own life experience.

Without waiting for Lin Yan to speak, Wang Jingyang said again: “What can the cold machine prove? Is it more convincing than aunt Yun’s feces and urine than you feed

him ?” Lin Yan, this is your fault. , You actually believe in a man-controlled machine, what can the machine represent, and what does it do to make you trust it so much? Does it have thoughts? Can it talk? Did it see that you were not born to Aunt Yun? “At the

end, Wang Jingyang stood up excitedly: “You” do I make sense, do you want to reflect, your IQ, your wisdom, you are a good person, what do you fight with the machine? Cross, do you believe in the cold machine or Aunt Xinyun?”

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