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More than love

More than love (Novel)
Other Name: 岂止钟情

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Cen Lee
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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The popular male star Sheng Yu and Ji Qingwan, known as the goddess, were exposed to a scandal. After that, the two participated in a variety show together, similar to the escape of the drama. During the first recording, the two were trapped in a dark room, and the video was completely dark. When the barrage spit out and couldn’t see anything, I suddenly heard a bang. After the video was quiet for a few seconds, the familiar voice came. The man’s tone was still indifferent, and the ending sounded slightly: “Oh night, I’m afraid.” Barrage: “…?”

Anyone who knows Sheng Yu knows that he is very lazy, so he hasn’t seen it once. He is decent, usually lazy when shooting, lazy when interviewing, and lazy when taking pictures. All of them felt that this person might be sick. But when he suddenly found out that this man was only doing one thing, he was fucking serious. It was when I pressed Ji Qing to kiss at night that night.

Chapter 1 Thought it was dumb
Chapter 2 be lost
Chapter 3 You are on a hot search
Chapter 4 There are too many female mosquitoes here
Chapter 5 Lustful
Chapter 6 Is the pairing successfully taken away?
Chapter 7 Men and women cooperation?
Chapter 8 Just the driver
Chapter 9 Do I have a crush on her?
Chapter 10 I am even more amazing

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