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Chapter 9 Do I have a crush on her?

“President, I think my male god may have been hacked.”

“What the hell is that smiling face symbol?”

“Why did he post this weird Weibo?” The

nanny car was driving, and Xia Xia was not in the back seat. Stop asking questions, still an unbelievable expression.

Ji Qingwan sat on the back seat, his eyes half drooping, and his expression was a little pale.

She also wanted to ask why Sheng Yu didn’t directly explain her identity?

Knowing that she was Ji Qingwan, he didn’t even say who he was.

As long as she thinks about asking for a visa for him in the Marriage Hall that morning, she feels a headache.

No wonder his expression at the time looked a little surprised and strange.

Is it not surprising to ask for marriage for him in front of me?

Ji Qingwan closed his eyes regretfully.

But the matter of seeking marriage is fine, after the point, she also signed someone else as a star.

Ah, so embarrassing.

Ji Qingwan closed his eyes and endured, hoping that she and Sheng Yu would never have any chance to meet again, otherwise it would be too embarrassing.

“Mr. Wan, now I look at those pictures of some sweetheart escorts, and my heart hurts.” Xia Xia said with a crying face.

When Ji Qingwan heard this title again, his head hurt.

Sweetheart escort?

Where do you see the sweetheart?

The young master’s expression is completely casual.

She twitched her lips. “Didn’t Sheng Yu just respond to it as a driver?”

Xia Xia stared at him: “He is the driver. No one can tell that he is the driver. This is completely concealed!”

Ji Qingwan : “… “

Sister, he is really just a driver, don’t think too much.

“Really, Mr. Wan, you didn’t know that Meiyu had never been in a scandal, and we didn’t have much contact with female celebrities. Why did it suddenly come out?!”

Xia Xia frowned, “He also sent it. That Weibo is not his style at all.” When the

voice fell, she suddenly thought of something, turning her head to look aside Ji Qingwan.

Ji Qingwan met her gaze and paused, “What’s wrong?”

Xia Xia stared at her, squinting her eyes, “Mr. Wan, how do I feel that the Weibo sent by Sheng Yu is a bit different from the one you responded to earlier? Like.”

Ji Qingwan blinked, “Where is it like?”   Xia Xia

smiled: “That sorry is not a smile symbol.”

Ji Qingwan licked his lips and tilted his head, “Maybe…he imitated me?”

She It’s not impossible that netizens try to imitate the reply mode of.

Xia Xia looked at her for a few seconds, nodded silently, “Something makes sense.”

Ji Qingwan’s eyebrows moved slightly, and she spoke to urge her to care about work.

Xia Xia honestly nodded “Oh”.

Ji Qingwan glanced sideways at the backward street outside the car window, and sighed silently.

She was taken by Sheng Yu to the hot search for no reason. Although her front face was tightly blocked by her hat and mask in the photo, the microscope eyes of netizens will never let you down.

She hopes that the heat will come down quickly now, and don’t go deep into it.

Fortunately, Sheng Yu responded very quickly yesterday, but the way he responded was surprising.

She lowered her head and opened Weibo, looking at the comment that had exploded under the driver.

【? ? ? ? Am I blind? Meiyu actually posted on Weibo? 】

【Ahhhhh, my beautiful jade! 】

【Meiyu! I knew there was nothing! ! ]

[:):) What kind of ghost symbol is this, Meiyu, if you are hacked, blink! ! 】

[I know you are a driver, but I want to know who that woman is! ! 】

【I stared at the woman in the photo last night for a long time and saw a few strands of hair. Finally, I came to the conclusion that this person may really be an insider. 】

【+1, and the figure looks good, I think she is a beauty. 】

【To tell the truth, there is no intimacy here, so why is it true love? Doesn’t anyone deliberately engage in beautiful jade? 】

【That’s right. Recently, the romance was exposed on Weibo every day. I think there is a fake. A few days ago, there were Ji Qingwan and Su Ze? 】

【Su Ze’s response on Weibo, Meiyu, was on the tenth floor, laughing and crying, laughing and crying. 】

【Don’t say, how do I feel about Meiyu’s:) The same paragraph as the new Weibo posted by Ji Qingwan? ]

[Upstairs! I thought I was the only one who noticed, and you didn’t find the first half of Sheng Yu’s sorry, isn’t it a bit like it? 】

【I deliberately went to the Weibo of Jiqingwan, damn it, it’s really a bit like it! 】

【Think carefully! 】


Think carefully about these four words, not only the netizens think, but Tang Zhiwen, who has discovered this, feels cold.

“Who is the woman in the photo?”

Tang Zhiwen ran to Sheng Yu’s house with the file and asked him straightforwardly.

Sheng Yu, who was   just getting up, sat on the sofa with an expressionless expression. He narrowed his eyes slightly, “Who?”


Tang Zhiwen took a deep breath, “Who is the woman your sweetheart escorted?”

Sheng Yu frowned, obviously dissatisfied with his words, and casually explained: “Passers-by in the temple.”

“Passers-by?” Tang Zhiwen stared, “Passers-by are still wearing hats and masks, afraid that people will recognize them?”

Sheng Yu felt funny when he heard the words, and raised his eyes, “Can’t passers-by wear it?”

Tang Zhiwen choked and didn’t know how to refute it for a while.

“Okay, just treat her as a passerby, then why did you send someone home?” Tang Zhiwen frowned, “I wondered yesterday how you went to Qingzhao District, Xicheng is so far away from you.” The

voice fell. Hearing that Sheng Yu raised his eyebrows single-handedly, these words made him think of something else.

After a few seconds, he let out a chuckle and laughed at himself in a low voice: “I really sent the Buddha to the west.”

Tang Zhiwen looked at him and smiled suddenly, and then only heard him say something.

Tang Zhiwen didn’t understand, “What are you talking about?”

Sheng Yu had no interest, and said casually: “I said I have nothing to do, help Lei Feng.”

Lei Feng?

Shit Lei Feng.

Tang Zhiwen listened to his nonsense and endured, “Okay, Lei Feng spirit, then tell me what happened to your Weibo?”

“That’s the situation.” Sheng Yu has nothing to say.

Tang Zhiwen looked at his sloppy appearance and really wanted to wake him up, “What do you mean by this situation? You are no different from Ji Qingwan’s words, especially this kind of smiley face, what do you want to do? Huh?”

Sheng Yu half-closed his eyes, and said unhurriedly, “I didn’t want to do anything, but I just thought her answer was good.”

Tang Zhiwen frowned and asked, “So you imitated her?”

“Otherwise?” Sheng Yu snorted, “Do I have a crush on her?”


I really have this idea.

Sheng Yu looked at Tang Zhiwen’s expression and knew that he was wrong like a netizen, and glanced at the file in his hand, “You came here just to ask me this?”

“Oh, yes!”

Tang Zhiwen was reminded by him and quickly Open the file to him, “This is the contract from “Cyan”. I have seen it and there is no problem. You can check it. After reading it, you can sign it.”

Sheng Yu accepted but didn’t move, casually “Yeah.” “With a cry, “I finished reading the sign.”

How could Tang Zhiwen not know his temperament, and urged: “Hurry up, look at Ji Qingwan’s signing today. You can’t slow people down for too long.”

Sheng Yu raised his eyebrows, “Ji Qingwan Sign today too?”

Tang Zhiwen nodded and raised his wrist to look at the time. “It was agreed that the two parties signed the ten o’clock together.”

“What time is it?”

“Nine thirty.”

Sheng Yu nodded lazily. “Oh, wait a moment.”

Tang Zhiwen: “…”

Just wait, what eyes are you closing?

Season start late Qing downstairs time, just check out the location for half an hour.

Xia Xia pressed the elevator door and walked to the third floor. Just when the two doors were about to close, a female voice came from outside, “Wait.”

Xia Xia hurriedly pressed the key to open the door, the door frame stopped for a second, and then reopened to both sides. .

The people waiting outside gradually approached as the elevator door opened. Ji Qingwan stood in the elevator, noticed the movement, raised his eyes, and saw the other party’s face with heavy makeup at a glance.

Xia Xia on the side was stunned after seeing the people clearly.

Bei Shirui did not expect that the person in the elevator would be Ji Qingwan. She took the assistant to enter the door and paused for a second, then looked at Ji Qingwan with a proud face, “Oh, isn’t this Ji Qingwan’s star?”

Ji Qingwan was pierced into her ears by her high pitch, frowned, and glanced at her half of her leg stuck in the middle of the door, “Can’t you get in?”

Bei Shirui looked at her with a soft snort and raised her head upright. Stepped into the chest, the little assistant behind her walked to Xia Xia’s side and pressed the floor.

“Big Star Season, it’s been very lively these few days, can you still gossip with Xiao Xianrou at such an old age?” Bei Shirui blew on her newly made nails, mockingly.

Ji Qingwan half-folded his eyelids without making a sound.

Bei Shirui and Ji Qingwan are the artists who signed in at the same time. The two types are also a bit similar. Both are coquettish, but Ji Qingwan’s looks are mainly charming, rarely coquettish, because her expression is always Somewhat seemingly indifferent.

And similar types always have contrasts, so Bei Shirui has never been less tit-for-tat against Ji Qingwan.

Tony poetry Rui did not hear the reply, very skilled continued, “I heard that Sousa was quite fond of you, I am also very curious about what you are means to get there before the woman and two, you teach me?”

A voice After falling, Ji Qingwan was quiet for three seconds, then raised his eyelid and glanced at her, “Why do you care about my news so much? And how did I get the second female number, you don’t know?”

At that time, the two auditioned together as newcomers. After the performance of Ji Qingwan, the director finalized her on the spot, how could Shirui Bei remember not.

“Ding–” The

elevator issued a reminder to reach the floor, and the closed door frame opened to both sides.


Qingwan raised the end of her eyes and said casually: “As for the question of what means…” The voice stretched, Ji Qingwan glanced at her proud body, and the corners of her mouth raised sarcastically, “You should know better than me. More.”

Bei Shirui’s expression collapsed slightly, “What do you mean?”

Ji Qingwan didn’t explain, stepped forward with a chuckle, and led Xia Xia out of the elevator.

The elevator door was closed at the back, and Xia Xia kept pressing her breath and waited to walk away, and she started to explode, “Ms. Wan, is this Bei Shirui sick? Doesn’t she have any points for herself?”

“She can be so blatant,” I’m sure I can count.” Ji Qingwan said casually.

Sciascia lower lip, whispering, “Who does not know that she was nurturing, ah, a few days ago I heard that she was the female lead of a network drama, how alone she could get them.”

Hidden rules This is not a rare event in the entertainment industry, but everyone does not say it is broken.

Ji Qingwan pulled his lips, noncommittal.

After hitting Bei Shirui, Ji Qingwan didn’t care about her mood at all, and walked to the meeting room with Xia Xia, who was still in a state of anger.

The door was pushed open, and Wang Weiyan inside watched the two walking by, counting the time, “Come and sit down.”

Ji Qing nodded and opened the chair to sit down.

“This is a contract, take a look.” Wang Weiyan opened the folder and placed it in front of her.

Ji Qingwan took the thank you, and looked around, and found that there was no difference with the previous one. He picked up the pen on the side and signed it skillfully at Party B.

At the end, she closed the document and pushed it to Wang Weiyan, “Sister Wang, it’s signed.” Xia Xia

looked at the side, and couldn’t help but said again, “President, you’re going to get hot.”

Ji Qingwan   Raised her eyebrows , “How hot?” Xia Xia

exaggerated: “The hot one!”

Wang Weiyan was amused by her expression, “Yes, Xia Xia may be right this time.”

Ji Qing blinked. ” Why do you say that?”

Wang Weiyan gave her a smile, “You’ll know when you see your male partner tomorrow.”

After that, she added, “I will definitely surprise you.”

Ji Qing felt a foggy evening when he heard the words . Water, but did not ask much, honestly waited until the next day to arrive at the shooting scene.

She walked into the studio, but before she took a few steps, she saw the man in the crowd opposite, with his eyes down, but still a little familiar and lazy.

Ji Qingwan stopped, and suddenly remembered what Xia Xia said yesterday.


Heh, what a shit.

She wants cold.

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