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Chapter 7 Men and women cooperation?

The man’s problem is a bit surprising.

Ji Qing night was stunned on the spot.

He…want to be a monk?

So this time I came to collect the scenery?

Ji Qingwan felt that his thoughts couldn’t keep up with him.

The little monk on the side didn’t react much either. He hesitated and asked: “Is the donor?”

“It’s not me.” Sheng Yu raised his eyebrows slightly, guessing that they had misunderstood, and said casually, “Help friends ask.”

Ji Qing After returning to God and looking at him, his expression was a bit weird.

The ambition of this person’s friend is…really distinctive.

“If you have the heart to escape into the empty door, the Buddha will naturally accept it.” The little monk explained with folded hands.

Sheng Yu nodded and thanked him.

Seeing the question he didn’t want to ask, the little monk bowed his head and nodded to the two of them, “The two benefactors go slowly, goodbye.” After the

voice fell, Ji Qingwan was taken aback, and the little monk turned and walked into the temple.

There were only two people left in the same place, and Ji Qingwan looked up at the man in front of him, a little hesitant.

Sheng Yu glanced at the suitcase at her feet, and said in a slow tone, “Let’s go.”

“What?” Ji Qing paused in the evening and didn’t understand.

Sheng Yu tilted his head: “Isn’t going down the mountain?”

Ji Qingwan nodded slowly when he heard the words, and suddenly realized that something was wrong. He was not in the room just now, and now he suddenly came out from here to ask her this.

Lowered her eyebrows, “Why are you…” “It’s not a follow-up.” Sheng Yu seemed to know her thoughts, half-closed her eyelids, her tone was slight, “I just heard it by accident when I went out.”

Sheng Yu did hear it accidentally Yes, he was about to go out in the afternoon, but when the door was just opened a gap, he was interrupted by the sound of the dialogue that sounded next door.

It wasn’t right for him to go out rashly at the time, he could only stand by the door in desperation.

The conversation between the two outsiders was word by word, even if he didn’t want to hear it.

Ji Qingwan blinked when he heard this. Just now?

When the butler came over?

She looked at his leisurely appearance, “You plan

to leave in the afternoon too?” “If I don’t plan to leave.” Sheng Yu lowered his eyes and asked lazily: “Will you come out here?”

Ji Qing was slightly stunned in the evening. .

Waiting for her?

Seeing her expression, Sheng Yu raised her chin on the steps below her head, with a loose tone: “If you don’t need help, I will go first.”

Ji Qingwan didn’t expect that he would wait here, and then listen to the next words. He was kind, and quickly called to him, “Wait.” The

man turned his head to look at her with a dull expression.

Ji Qingwan pursed his lips slightly, looked up at him and said faintly: “I need help.” The

voice fell, and a man’s laughter suddenly came from the other side.

The smile was muffled, heavy, and fleeting, but she still heard it.

Obviously the result he expected.

Ji Qingwan closed his eyes.



road downhill is much easier than uphill.

Ji Qingwan walked slowly beside the man, seeing that his pace was still sloppy, but accidentally changed his hand to pull the luggage bar in his hand.

Ji Qingwan glanced at the cumbersome luggage that was moving behind him, and suddenly regretted that he had brought this. He closed his eyes and asked him, “It’s downhill now. I should be able to pull it by myself. Give it to me.”

“Come by yourself?” Sheng Yu looked forward slowly, and said lightly: “It’s a real time to say this.”

Ji Qingwan didn’t know what to say , turning his head and following his gaze.

The slope ahead has gradually leveled off, and it is only a few steps to the foot of the mountain.


Ji Qingwan tried to save her image, “No, I didn’t notice it just now, and didn’t want to lie to you.”

Sheng Yu didn’t say anything to her, but didn’t hand her the luggage, until she finally reached the bottom of the mountain. , He pushed the box to her.

“Thank you, trouble.” Ji Qingwan took it and nodded in thanks.

Sheng Yu replied lazily, “How do you go?”

Ji Qingwan simply pointed to the phone, “I just called a car.”

“Okay.” Sheng Yu nodded, turning around without thinking. The parking space is walking.

Ji Qingwan stood in place and watched him go away. He raised his eyebrows when he saw the tall figure walking next to a low-key Land Rover.

He is really the young master of a rich family.

She sighed, retracted her gaze, and lowered her head to refresh the app interface indifferently.

Sheng Yu opened the door and got in the driver’s seat, which happened Tang Zhiwen gave him a call.

He turned on the bluetooth to pick it up, and the other party’s noisy voice immediately sounded, “Dad, are you down the mountain?”

Sheng Yu heard his unchanging name, “Are you going to be my son forever?”

“When are you coming back, what am I? It was time to change your name, so did you go down the mountain?”

” Get off.” Sheng Yu started the car and said lightly.

Tang Zhiwen was surprised, “It’s down? Why are you so punctual today?”

Sheng Yu snorted, “I didn’t go up to be a monk. Why don’t I go down the mountain?”

“Don’t, I’m really afraid of you becoming a monk. Tell you…”

Tang Zhiwen talked and chattered, and Sheng Yu didn’t listen carefully. He turned the steering wheel with one hand and the vehicle drove out of the parking space.

His eyes lifted, his gaze fell on the scene reflected in the rearview mirror.

By the flat bottom of the mountain, the woman was standing alone on the side of the road. She lowered her head slightly, holding the suitcase in one hand.

The slightly wide beige shawl shirt made her petite and thin, looking a little lonely.

“Oh, by the way, “Cyan” magazine contacted me yesterday to invite you to shoot the main cover and ask if you have time.” Tang Zhiwen suddenly remembered this and asked his opinion.

“Would you like to accept this announcement? I think you have nothing to do this month, and the influence of this magazine is quite high. But this time I plan to shoot men and women. It seems that another female celebrity is invited to cooperate with you. I don’t know in this document. If you have written it, let me see.”

Sheng Yu

frowned when he heard the words, “Cooperate with men and women?” Tang Zhiwen responded, “Oh, I found it, it says tentatively–“

He looked at the name of the person unexpectedly. “Yo” and asked him, “Guess who it is?”

Sheng Yu was too lazy to pay attention to him, and Tang Zhiwen didn’t expect Sheng Yu to answer. Qingwan.” The

voice fell, Sheng Yu was stunned for a few seconds. After he recovered, he raised his eyebrows, and said with a lazy ending: “Ji…

qingwan ?” “Yes, it’s her.” Tang Zhiwen remembered. He said, “Eh, didn’t you just say you knew each other, do you want to take this notice?”

Sheng Yu raised his eyes and looked in the rearview mirror, and looked at the woman in the car who hadn’t waited for the car. He suddenly laughed and then casually laughed. He said, “Say it again.”

Tang Zhiwen let out an “Ah” . He didn’t understand what he meant, but he cut off the phone before he even spoke.

Ji Qing late now getting a bit agitated, app called in her hair single car has no answer, she constantly refresh the screen.

In the end, there was really no way. She looked up helplessly and caught a glimpse of the Land Rover in the distance moving out of the parking space.

Ji Qingwan glanced a few times and was about to look down at the phone again, but saw the car turning and slowly approaching her.

The shadow of the car moved, and finally stopped in front of her.

Ji Qingwan took his cellphone and looked at the window glass facing him in a daze.

In the next second, the closed car window slowly lowered with a faint sound.

Ji Qingwan raised his eyes and looked at the familiar man in the driver’s seat.

He tilted his head to look, tapping the steering wheel with one hand, and asked faintly, “Where are you going?”

Ji Qingwan pursed his lips, revealing the approximate position, “Qingzhao District.”

“Come on.” Sheng Yu is nothing. The expression casually said, “I’m on the way.”

Ji Qingwan struggled a little. Her identity was not easy for passers-by to know, but she felt that this man would not do anything, she lowered her head and glanced her eyes and still no one answered. With a single screen, in the end, I still had no choice but to speak, “Excuse

me , please open the rear compartment.” Sheng Yu pressed the button with one hand and looked at her and said: “People get on first.”

Ji Qingwan consciously released the luggage bar after hearing this . With her hand, the man quickly got out of the car and put the luggage for her.

After settling down, she walked to the car and subconsciously opened the back seat door and went in.

Sheng Yu sat in the driver’s seat, glanced at her movements, raised her eyebrows slightly, but said nothing.

The vehicle starts and goes down at a constant speed.

Ji Qingwan sat down and took out her mobile phone to send a message to Xia Xia, telling her to wait for a while to return to the apartment.

After the message was sent, she looked at the screen, thinking about thanking this man when she got off the car later, the uphill and downhills did help her a lot.

But if you give out a red envelope, maybe this young master still looks down on it.

She frowned, not knowing what to do.

However, she hadn’t been distressed for long, and the destination had arrived.

The Land Rover on the side slowed down and finally stopped on the side of the road with few people.

Ji Qingwan looked sideways at the familiar street scene outside, pressed his hat, and was about to put on a mask.

Sheng Yu, who saw her movements through the rearview mirror, looked at her fully armed, and smiled casually, “Is all female celebrities going out like this?” It

was wrapped in layers, and it was not conspicuous. difficult.

When Ji Qingwan heard this, he acted for a while, raised his head to look at him, and his eyebrows were slightly stunned. “You know me?”

Sheng Yu leaned on the steering wheel with one hand and nodded slowly, “The hot search for Ji Qingwan, just watched in the morning. Arrived.”

“You…” Ji Qingwan still didn’t react.

“Don’t worry, I’m not so broken.” Sheng Yu explained his character.

Ji Qingwan shook his head back in the evening, “I didn’t doubt you, but thank you for helping me, you…” The

voice paused, and she thought about it and continued: “There are not many ways I can thank, if you don’t mind. , I will give you a red envelope, and I can also sign it for you.”

“Signature?” Sheng Yu laughed, who had done a good deed for the first time and paid .

Ji Qingwan nodded silently, not caring what his smile meant.

Seeing her like this, Sheng Yu nodded politely, and said with a smile: “Okay, but the red envelope is fine.”

He took out a handkerchief from his jacket and handed it to her with a pen, “Sign here, after signing. Get out of the car.”

Ji Qingwan looked at the pure white handkerchief worth 1,000 yuan in his hand, raised his eyebrows, silently nodded and took it, paddling his bag, and started signing.

Sheng Yu glanced at her, put on the peaked cap beside her hand, and got out of the car to pick up the luggage for her.

It just so happened that when he walked to the side of the car with the box, she also opened the door and went down.

Ji Qingwan bent over to take the luggage, but the hat on her head suddenly slipped forward, and she noticed that she raised her hand subconsciously.

Sheng Yu, who was in front of her with eyesight, quickly helped her hold her head, pinched the brim of her hat with one hand, and closed her head again.

Ji Qingwan paused, and after he took his hand back, he said lightly, “Thank you, I put my handkerchief on your drawer.”

Sheng Yu responded lazily, and Ji Qingwan did not see this. Besides, after a simple goodbye to him, he turned around and took the box to leave.

Looking at her back, Sheng Yu didn’t linger by herself, and walked around to the driver’s seat.

He bent down and sat in, pulling the seat belt with one hand, and when he was about to buckle into the lock plate, he suddenly caught a glimpse of the flat handkerchief on his hand and paused.

With a “click”, the seat belt was buckled.

Sheng Yu picked up the original pure white silk handkerchief, and now it has been signed with a string of fancy signatures.

Seeing that it was still harmonious, it was abrupt at all.


beep- ” the car bell rang, and Tang Zhiwen, who was counting the time, called, “Dad, where have you been?”

“Qingzhao District.”

“Ah? How did you go there?”

Sheng Yuban He closed his eyelids and asked instead, “Which magazine did you just talk about?”

“Cyan,” you should have heard of it.” Tang Zhiwen thought of this, urging him, “I think this can be picked up, and you too Give me a good thought, and this Ji   Qingwan, who is working with you, don’t you know it well?”

Sheng Yu nodded lazily, “OK.”

“This magazine…” Tang Zhiwen, who wants to make persistent efforts, subconsciously When I made a sound, I suddenly noticed something was wrong, “Huh? What did you just say?”

Sheng Yu held the handkerchief in one hand, and said slowly: “I’ll take it.”

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