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Chapter 6 Is the pairing successfully taken away?

Ji Qingwan’s answer is concise and clear.

Denied Su Ze’s relationship with her, and pointed to the reporter’s secretly taking photos and the inability to write articles. She took her sleepiness out of context and wrote it as affectionate and shy.

As soon as Ji Qingwan’s Weibo was posted, he was waiting for follow-up netizens to instantly comment on Fenqi.

[I said we didn’t even notice that we liked Su Ze at all in the evening, ha, let’s face it! 】

【Sorry, I’m just sleepy, xswl】

【Sorry, but you ca n’t climb it, hahahahaha. 】

【What the hell, we are not rare to be with her. 】

【Passers-by said that Ji Qingwan looks a little pretty. 】

【Ji Qingwan responded here, what about Su Ze? 】

… There was

constant discussion on Weibo, but after the relationship between the two was directly vetoed by Ji Qingwan, netizens imitated her words, which immediately added enthusiasm to her.

Sheng Yu looked at the series of Weibo, her fingertips slipped, and the screen moved to the second Weibo, which was a promotional poster for Ji Qingwan’s movie role.

The woman in the photo wears delicate makeup, the end of her eyes is hooked along the eyeliner, her light brown eyes are half-lapped, her eyelashes are curly to cover her squeamishness, her blushing lips seem to be curled up, her expression is dull, but charming .

Side Yan kill.

Sheng Yu looked at this familiar face, raised her eyebrows, and chuckled lightly.

Tang Zhiwen on the other end of the phone heard him laugh, and asked in confusion, “What is the laugh?”

Sheng Yu did not answer, Tang Zhiwen guessed, “Are you watching Ji Qingwan’s Weibo?”


“What’s wrong with this? Funny?” Tang Zhiwen thought for a while, “You shouldn’t know Ji Qingwan, right?”

“Unfortunately.” Sheng Yu said in a loose tone, curling his lips, “I just met.”

Tang Zhiwen was taken aback.” How did you meet?”

Sheng Yu


his eyebrows slightly, and said slowly, “What’s up to you?” Tang Zhiwen: “…” He was wrong.

Too lazy to talk to him, Sheng Yu directly said “come back in the afternoon”, regardless of the other party’s reply, and hung up the phone directly.

He put away the phone, stepped forward, and walked into the hall without rush.

In the main hall, Ji Qingwan had already drawn a lot for Xia Xia and handed it to the little monk for him to find a solution.

She stood aside and waited for a while, and saw the tall figure outside, the young master who was walking slowly. He turned his head and looked around from time to time, and he still looked casual and casual.

She really couldn’t guess the identity of this man. At first glance, she did feel that he was a idle young master, but during the two days of contact, she felt that although this man had a casual temperament, he had all the courtesy and rules.

He is a polite young master.

But the identity is unknown.

She was still guessing, and the man in front suddenly turned his head to look at her.

The two of them accidentally collided with each other.

Ji Qingwan unexpectedly broke into the eyes under the brim of his hat, deep and light but lazy.

After a few seconds, Ji Qingwan looked away first, frowned, and looked down at the lump in front of him.

“Donor.” The

little monk’s voice sounded. Ji Qingwan raised his head and looked at him, nodding to take the label handed to her.

“Ask for marriage?”

A faint question came from behind. Ji Qingwan was taken aback, looked sideways at the man behind him who didn’t know when he was coming, and responded, “If you ask for my friend, you can also ask for it.”

When Sheng Yu heard the words, he glanced at the picket, a little curious, “Is there any success?”

Ji Qingwan blinked, “What is the success?”

“Marriage.” Sheng Yu laughed, and tuned in, “It’s not here. Are you looking for marriage, then you have found your marriage after asking?”

Ji Qingwan felt that this question was a little bit oriented. He glanced at the little monk and asked, “Little master, answer and see?” The little

monk had a natural face when he heard the words, as if he had been asked this way, and nodded calmly. , Just look at morning and evening.”

This answer is very Buddhist.

Sheng Yu raised her eyebrows and nodded casually, “It makes sense.”

Ji Qingwan felt okay when he heard these words, but it didn’t matter if he looked at the man’s face, he shouldn’t care about them.

Sheng Yu looked at her sideways and asked faintly: “Is it all over?”

“Yeah.” Ji Qing nodded, but after answering, she thought about Xia Xia’s temperament and pursed her lips, “Wait a minute, I have more It’s something.”

She turned her head to the little monk and said, “Is there a marriage between the two, can it be considered a trivia?”

“Of course, it is fine. Just tell me the names of both parties.”

Ji Qing nodded and reported to Xia first. Xia’s name, “Summer Summer.” When

Sheng Yu heard this, she didn’t care much and looked down at the handwriting of the little master.

Seeing him finished writing in the evening, Ji Qing opened his mouth and said a person’s name, “Sheng in the prosperous age, Wang Ziyu and Sheng Yu in the meaning of beautiful jade.”

The man beside him paused, turned his head, raised his eyebrows, a little surprised. He looked at her with a slightly suspicious tone, and nipped at the end: “Sheng Yu?”

Ji Qingwan saw his reaction and blinked and asked, “Do you know?”

Sheng Yu gave a low laugh. Laziness and magnetism.

He looked at her with great interest, smiling at the corners of his lips, and asked instead, “You help him ask for marriage?”

Hearing his tone, he was convinced that he should know this Sheng Yu, Ji Qingwan suddenly felt a little embarrassed. Be tough to match him.

She coughed, “My friend is his fan, I will help her realize her dream.”

Sheng Yu’s eyelids are half drooping, and the corners of her mouth are still smiling, “Then Sheng Yu should be very busy, all of them count him. Marriage.”

When he is the target of a blind date?

The pairing is successful, take it away?

Listening to the conversation between the two, the little monk hesitated, “Is the donor still

counted ?” Ji Qingwan shook his head, “

Never mind , thank you.” She was the one who made this extra effort.

“Huh?” Sheng Yu’s expression was calm, and asked her slowly, “No?”

“It’s not very good after thinking about it, and…” Ji Qingwan was silent for three seconds, looked at him, and said quietly: “I’m afraid of you Tell Sheng Yu.”

“It’s late.” The man raised his eyebrows slightly and swept her: “I remember this.”

Ji Qingwan: “…”

Why don’t you remember the way?


don’t know if the man threatened her or was joking. Anyway, Ji Qingwan didn’t ask her for Xia Xia’s sign with the male god in the end.

After she and the man walked out of the Marriage Hall, the crowd eating in the hall should be almost gone, counting the time.

“Are you hungry? Do you want to eat?” Ji Qingyan raised his hat and turned his head to ask.

Sheng Yu listened to her question and nodded, “Hungry, I want to eat.” When

Ji Qingwan heard this, she always felt that there was something wrong with the answer, but she didn’t think much about it and took him to the Zhaitang.

And it seemed that it was because Sheng Yu walked to her side with ease after walking for a while, and after walking for a while, several noises came when he was approaching the destination.

He raised his eyes slightly, and suddenly saw the crowd coming towards them in front of him, and squinted his eyes.

There are usually few people passing by on the trails, but there are also tourists who often visit the temple know that there are trails, which are easy to walk through.

Ji Qingwan also noticed the crowd, and was about to press her hat down, but the next second she felt her hands suddenly drop on top of her head, pressing the brim of her hat for her, covering her face.

She paused with the hand that she was about to raise, and kept her pace going forward.

The noise gradually approached, and the tourists passed by the pair of men and women wearing hats. They didn’t care much. They thought they were in a relationship, and they talked and left as usual.

As the footsteps drifted away, a faint male voice rang above his head, “It’s gone.”

Ji Qingwan’s eyelids trembled. Although doubtful, he raised his head and said to him, “Thank you.”

Sheng Yu nodded as a response. Then he rearranged his hat with one hand.

When Ji Qingwan watched him move, the doubts in his heart became even greater.

Why doesn’t this person ask himself why he wears a hat to avoid the crowd?

And also took the initiative to help her cover her face.

What the hell does this man do? Is it also an insider?

Ji Qingwan thought about it, so he walked into the Zhaitang with this problem all the time, settled the lunch, and finally returned to the lodging side hall.

After the two naturally greeted them, they turned around and entered their respective rooms.

Ji Qingwan closed the door with one hand, stepped forward and lay down on the bed, sighing relaxedly.

After lying quietly for a while, she picked up the phone and looked at the time, her mind moved slightly, and she clicked on the hot search on Weibo. Her response has been there, but Su Ze has not responded yet.

Ji Qingwan frowned, and after exiting Weibo casually, he pressed the lock screen button and got up to pack his luggage.

She didn’t bring a lot of things, just a suitcase, but during the two days of rest, she basically took out the things, which was a little messy.

Ji Qingwan bent down to sort out the scattered clothes on the table, and suddenly a knock on the door interrupted her.

“Knock.” After

a second pause, the people outside the room called out, “Miss.”

Ji Qingwan heard the words, put his contents aside, and walked to open the door.

The door was opened from the inside, and the housekeeper standing outside nodded and said hello, “Hello Miss.”

Ji Qing nodded, “What’s wrong?”

“Here is the old lady for you.”

Butler put in the hands of the wooden box and handed her eye glanced down late Qing Ji, took the clear understanding skilled,

“Thank you, I’ll wait on the next down, for me and my grandmother say, come back another day to see her.”

She I originally planned to go back these few days, but I will return to the company to sign the contract tomorrow.

The housekeeper nodded and smiled, “Okay, do you need me to send you someone?”

Ji Qingwan waved his hand, “No, I’ll take a taxi and go back.”

Ji’s car is too obvious. If it is photographed by the reporter then, there will be too much trouble. .

After seeing the housekeeper away, Ji Qingwan walked back to the room to rearrange his luggage. When it was finally over, it was almost three o’clock.

She put on her hat and walked out of the room with her luggage, closing the door at any time.

When he was about to turn around and walk, he paused and thought about it or put down his luggage and walked slowly to the next room.

Ji Qingwan stood in front of the door, raised his hand and knocked. After a long time, there was no movement inside.

She raised her hand and knocked several times, “Hello?”

No one responded.

Did you go out?

Ji Qingwan tilted his head, and didn’t think much about turning around and pulling up his luggage, and walked out slowly.

Since the person is not there, she has avoided saying goodbye.

Afternoon tourists contrast is much less in the morning, clear late season all the way through the permitted number of people did not see.

She pulled her luggage and walked out of the monastery, stood where she was, looked down at the steps below her eyes, and blinked.

She forgot that there is still this hurdle.

Ji Qingwan sighed, and honestly stretched out her hand to lift her luggage, and was about to go down the steps, but a voice suddenly interrupted her.

“Ji donor?”

Ji Qingwan turned around when he heard the words and saw that it was a common little monk. She nodded and smiled, “Little master.” The little

monk nodded and replied, “The donor is going down the mountain too?”

“Yes, I have troubled you these few days.” Ji Qingwan finished answering, remembering what he was saying, and blinked, “Someone wants to go down the mountain?” The

little monk smiled and didn’t answer. Ji Qingwan suddenly saw someone sluggish. The master came from behind and was stunned.

The man was tall and straight, with a black peaked cap half covering his eyebrows and eyes. Noting the presence of a woman, he lifted his eyelids and glanced at her.

Ji Qingwan was a little surprised to see him, but the man was not surprised, his expression was calm.

Seeing him coming, the little monk nodded and asked, “Is there anything else the donor needs to ask?”

“Oh, there is one.” Sheng Yu raised his eyes and looked around the temple.

“I want to ask.” He raised his familiar lazy tone, and said slowly: “Can you still recruit monks here?”

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