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Chapter 3 You are on a hot search

Ji Qingwan heard for the first time that he would get lost if he was led away.

“Lost?” Ji Qingwan was a little stunned, “Isn’t there a little master to take you there?”

She looked around when she mentioned this, and realized that there was no monk beside the man just now, he was the only one.

“He was called away because of something.” Sheng Yu half-folded his eyelids and said casually.

Ji Qingwan frowned, “Then he didn’t tell you where Zhaitang is?”

Sheng Yu nodded and admitted generously: “I have said it, I didn’t remember.”

Ji Qingwan listened to the explanation, with a little expression on his face. Speechless.

Is it Lu Chi? I haven’t remembered such a short road.

“No.” The

man suddenly said, Ji Qingwan heard the words, raised his head and wondered, “What?”

Sheng Yu raised his chin to the ground, and said leisurely: “The sky is too dark and the road is too winding. Familiar, it’s normal to get lost, but not to be obsessed with the road.”

Ji Qingwan : …?

Could this person know how to read minds? Do you know what she just thought?

Sheng Yu looked at her obvious expression, raised her eyebrows slightly, and said nothing.

Ji Qingwan coughed and changed the subject, “I’ll take you to the Zhaitang, let’s go.” As

she said, she stepped forward, and Sheng Yu kept up with her.

The two walked for a short distance. Ji Qingwan raised his head and looked at the house not far in front of him, pointed out his finger, and said naturally to him, “That’s Zhaitang.”

Sheng Yu raised his head and glanced at the house that was a bit familiar, and picked He raised his eyebrows and raised his eyebrows. “There?”

Ji Qingyan heard the words and looked at him suspiciously. “What’s the matter?”

Sheng Yu said with a calm expression, “I just passed there.” After the

words were finished, he slowly said again. Added a sentence, “I have passed by twice.”

Ji Qingwan was stunned, and then automatically imagined the scene in her mind. She laughed unkindly and felt the sight of the people around her. She pressed the corner of her mouth and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t hold it back.” “

Laugh.” Sheng Yu looked at Qiantou Zhaitang with a faint gaze, “Who knows it is here.”

This spit made Ji Qingwan want to laugh more. She pressed her lips to control her smile, coughed, “Go in and take a look.” Every time you pass by the Zhaitang.”

Sheng Yu listened to the ridicule, single-brows, noncommittal.

The houses in the temple are actually not much different. If they don’t come often, Ji Qingwan might not be able to tell, but when she heard the man’s unknowingly lost experience, she was a little bit amused.

This unsophisticated young master is also quite casual.

The interior of the hall was brightly lit, and the two stepped in one after the other. The little monk inside saw the appearance of the two people and was stunned. After returning to his senses, he asked them what they needed.

Ji Qingwan had no appetite, so he turned his head and motioned to the man beside him to point.

Seeing that she didn’t order, Sheng Yu asked indifferently, “Are you hungry?”

Ji Qingwan shook his head, “I’m not hungry.”

Sheng Yu didn’t care when he heard the words, looked up at the opposite monk and asked, “Is this here? Only Su

Zhai ?” The little monk nodded and introduced him to the specific fast food.

“Okay.” After listening to the menu in front of him, Sheng Yu finalized it concisely and concisely: “Then I will choose the most basic one.”

Ji Qingwan on the side blinked, “The most basic one?”

Generally, others would choose the most basic one. Vegetarian imitation meat, even if you can’t eat meat, it is still a psychological suggestion. This person would rather choose the most vegetarian one.

“I haven’t eaten it.” Sheng Yu half-folded his eyelids, and said lazily, “Since I’m here, give it a try.” When

Ji Qingwan heard this, he was a little curious about what this person was doing. You can finish shopping, no accommodation is needed.

Is it just to be a vegetarian?

Dinner is set, and cooking will take time.

After Sheng Yu paid the bill, she found a place to sit down at the long wooden table beside her.

Ji Qing didn’t order at night, but he couldn’t stand up, but it was a bit strange to sit next to him. While still thinking about how to sit, the phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

Ji Qingwan frowned, stretched out her hand to touch the phone, glanced at the unsaved strange number flashing on the screen, subconsciously wanted to press it, but her thoughts flashed suddenly, as if thinking of something.

She consciously took her mobile phone and walked outside the studio, touched the screen with her fingertips, connected, “Hey.”

“Little ancestor.” A

familiar but helpless female voice came along with the electric wave.

Listening to this name, Ji Qingwan laughed, “Sister Wang, you can break me down.”

Agent Wang Weiyan snorted coldly, “Aren’t you my little ancestor? Doing things for me all day. “

Ji Qingyan blinked after hearing the words, “Sister Wang, I don’t have all day.”

“Do you still think glorious?!” Wang Weiyan did not fight, but she also knew that she was busy with her recent schedule, so she endured it. Shinobu said: “What’s going on in the afternoon show?”

Ji Qing rubbed his temples and replied casually: “That’s it, but I don’t think it is necessary to answer, but it’s not good not to answer. I can only push it to others. “

You are really courageous, just play me in front of the camera.” Wang Weiyan rebuked, thinking of something and asked her, “I heard your assistant say you didn’t go back to the apartment, where did you go?”

“Something private .” , I’m not going to answer anything about the elders in the family.” Ji Qingwan explained concisely and concisely.

Wang Weiyan frowned when she heard this reason. When Ji Qingwan was signed, she didn’t elaborate on her family situation. This is the first time she has heard her mention family matters.

Wang Weiyan thought for a while, “I will give you a holiday these few days, and you will stay at home honestly and don’t mess with me anymore.”

Ji Qingwan was anxious for this rest, and naturally responded, “Of course, I must be honest.”

Wang Weiyan was assured, she confessed a few more words, and the two ended the conversation.

The screen returned to the main interface. Ji Qingwan watched WeChat and Xia Xia just told her that Sister Wang would call her.

She couldn’t help typing and replying, [Just hung up. ]

Sciascia: [! ! ! ? ]

Ji Qingwan: [Don’t worry, I didn’t scold you or me. ]

Sciascia relieved, [ah, heaven, bless always late, scared me. 】

She sent a series of thanks, and then immediately asked: 【But Mr. Wan, where are you? ]

Season late Qing hide from her, hit three words, sound [Yu Temple. ]

Sciascia surprised a moment, [? ? ? Why in the temple? 】

Ji Qingwan joked, 【I beg Buddha bless me to be a big hit. ]

Simple Sciascia look at this string of outrageous words, actually really believed, [ah! Then you help me and my male god ask for a marriage! ]

Ji Qingwan raised her eyebrows, [Who is your god? ]

Sciascia male Fortune is see a loved one, follow the preceding days late Qing Ji filming, the crew has been remembered with the actor in her ear more handsome and more charming, may now be replaced by another.

Xia Xia really lived up to expectations, [Sheng Yu! ! ! 】

【My male god is Sheng Yu! ! Mr. Wan, you must help me seek marriage! I love him so much! ! ]

Ji Qingwan looked at the strange name, blinked, and didn’t bother to ask who she was, just typed and said two more words.

After the message was sent, she didn’t chat any more, holding the phone to lock the screen, turned and walked into the hall.

Stepping across the threshold, Ji Qingwan raised his head slightly, and at a glance he saw the man sitting alone at the wooden table inside.

He was facing the door sideways, his ink-colored windbreaker dangling behind him, sitting casually.

The man half-folded his eyelids, leaned his elbows on the table, sipped his hands, looked at Su Zhai at the table, did not move his chopsticks, and seemed to be waiting for someone, still looking like a lazy and laid-back look.

There was a slight sound of footsteps by the door, he lifted his eyelids, looked sideways, and lazily asked, “Did you finish the call?”

Ji Qingwan was taken aback and nodded inexplicably. .

Sheng Yu faintly replied, “Come over for dinner.”

Ji Qingwan suspected that he had misheard, “What?”

He raised his chin to the bowls and chopsticks in front of him, and said casually: “It’s too boring to eat alone.”

Ji Qingwan said. In the evening, I still didn’t respond, “Eat together?”

“Otherwise?” Sheng Yu raised her eyebrows unhurriedly, “If you want to watch me eat, I don’t mind.”

Ji Qingwan: “…”

She minds. .

The Su Zhai he ordered is the simplest tofu and green vegetable porridge. The rice grains have been boiled to soften and glutinous, with green leaves and tofu cubes, which are light and easy to digest.

Ji Qingwan sat opposite him and observed that this person was very gentle, and he was slow, not in a hurry at all, and he didn’t feel embarrassed when facing her.

This contrast, on the contrary, seemed to be a little cautious and serious.

After eating the porridge according to the rules of non-speaking food, the two consciously walked to the lodging hall, but Ji Qingwan was still the guide.

“Why are there so many roads?” Sheng Yu frowned, obviously dissatisfied with the winding paths in the temple.

Ji Qingwan took him a shortcut for convenience, and felt a little funny when he heard this, “The main road is for tourists, and the trail is narrower but faster and more convenient.”

“Tourists?” Sheng Yu said suspiciously, “What can I see here? ? “

Ji Qing late blink asked,” you do not come to play? ” “

half and half of it. “Sheng Yu casually answered sentence.

Can this be half?

Although Ji Qingwan was puzzled, he didn’t have to ask a lot. Naturally, he told him about the sightseeing spots of Yuyin Temple, “You can go to the main hall and ask for a lottery, or you can ask for marriage. It is said to be very spiritual.”

Sheng Yu noticed her words and raised her eyes curiously: “It’s said that you haven’t tried it?”

Ji Qingwan shook his head, “I don’t believe these.”

Letters are also useless, it will never bless her.

Sheng Yu raised her eyebrows when she heard the words, glanced at her slightly, and said something.

Quite decisive.

When returning to the accommodation, Ji Qingwan walked to his room, turned his head to the man next door, and said “good night” politely.

He nodded and answered the same words without paying attention, then opened the door of his room with one hand and entered the house.

Ji Qingwan closed the door with both hands, turned around, looked for the black, and touched the switch on the wall. With a click, the light turned on.

The sudden light made her squint her eyes subconsciously, and waited a few seconds to adjust before opening her eyes.

Looking down at the time, Ji Qing night opened the luggage and took the clothes, and after a simple wash in the bathroom, she dragged her tired body directly onto the bed made on the ground.

As her body stretched, she closed her eyes and remembered the days of getting up in the morning and greedy the dark and forced her to travel, and sighed.

Making money in life is not easy.

After sighing, Ji Qingwan didn’t want to waste sleeping time. He lay on his side for a while, listening to the cicadas chirping from the mountains outside the house, urging her for a while, it was rare that she was not drowsy.

She rolled over, trying to hypnotize herself with her head, and after a few seconds of silence, a loud applause suddenly came from the next room outside the wall.



There was no more movement after the sound rang twice.

Ji Qingwan was lying on the bed, looking sideways in the direction of the wall in confusion.

The houses in the side halls are mostly decorated with wooden decoration, and the sound insulation effect is not very good, but it is generally effective, except for some people who make loud noises.

She blinked and was about to guess what the young master next door was doing when the phone on the side vibrated suddenly.

The cold light from the screen was dazzling in the dim room. Ji Qingwan reached out to touch the phone and squinted at the remarks that popped up on the screen.

She answered the key with some suspiciousness, “Hey, what’s the matter?”

“Mr. Night!”

Xia Xia’s panicked voice followed the radio wave, “You are on a hot search!”

Ji Qing was taken aback after hearing the words. She got up and frowned and asked, “Because of what?”

Xia Xia said a person’s name: “Su Ze.”

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