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Chapter 4 There are too many female mosquitoes here

Ji Qingwan’s reputation is pretty good. He also debuted as a model that year. After walking several fashion shows, she was captured by the camera on the spot and her unique eyes. After that, she was asked to take a few pictures. After organizing the magazine, the photos went viral on the Internet and it became a huge hit.

The recording of the program in the afternoon is not considered early. After the recording is finished that day, it will be edited directly, and finally it will be broadcast on time at 8 pm.

The previous program preview has clarified the guest lineup, and fans have been waiting for the broadcast time to start.

This time, Ji Qingwan was presenting the show with a film promotion, but the focus of the male and female one was greater than her. After all, she was the actor and queen level, so her second female was only playing a publicity role.

The kind of soy sauce, and she died at the end of the movie.

But her Yan Fan still pays attention to her, watching the show carefully, and when the host asks questions, she suddenly feels something is wrong.

Not only her Yan Fan, passers-by directly gave them the CP combination after watching her and Su Ze interaction.

This group of cp things is okay to say, anyway, it is the speculation of the audience, and it is not really together.

When Wang Weiyan received the police information, she turned her Weibo and didn’t care much. On the contrary, she still felt that this was a good thing, and the mistake made Ji Qingwan a lot of attention.

However, one hour after the cp combination, an entertainment blogger on Weibo that no one expected suddenly broke a piece of news, and Ji Qingwan was directly pushed into the hot search.

Royal Temple tone, ringing sound in the phone Sciascia explained, “Now you are all trending charts and Sousa news.”

Ji Qing late squeezed between the eyebrows, “What is burst out of the title is?”

Xia Xia swallowed and read the words on the tablet: “The popular young student Su Ze and the goddess Ji Qing show affection in front of the stage, intimate interaction behind the scenes, and the underground romance is suspected to be exposed.”

Ji Qing night noticed the words inside. , Not angry but laughed, “What is intimate interaction behind the scenes? I have been intimate with Su Ze?”

Xia Xia touched her nose, “I forgot to say, this Weibo also released a few photos.”

After hearing this, Ji Qingwan singled out his eyebrows, exited the call interface, clicked on the Weibo hot search list, and saw the hot search at a glance.


There is also a red hot on it.

She glanced, found the article posted by the entertainment Weibo owner, clicked on it and looked at the “intimate” photo above, Ji Qingwan suddenly laughed.   Xia Xia

heard her laugh through her mobile phone, and she

felt cold behind her back, ” Ms. Wan , what are you laughing at?” Ji Qingwan turned to her Weibo, and when she was about to answer, Wang Weiyan’s call came in.

“Hot search see it?” Wang Weiyan asked straightaway.

“Look.” Ji Qing nodded in the evening.

Wang Weiyan frowned: “What’s the matter with the photo?”

“In the afternoon, Su Ze came over and thanked me for the care I gave him on stage. It might have been photographed at that time, but Xia Xia was also nearby at the time. You can check the surveillance. “

The photo in the hot search news happened to be the picture of Su Ze coming to her dressing room in the afternoon. The pixel was a bit scumbag and it seemed to be a candid shot, so Xia Xia was omitted.

But even with pixel scum, the faces of Su Ze and her are very clear in the picture, and in the photo she was still half-downcast, and the text stated that it was the shy expression of seeing the lover.

If Ji Qingwan was not the person involved, she might have almost believed this, but she knew that she couldn’t hold her sleepy at all, so she lowered her eyes when she wanted to sleep.

Wang Weiyan listened to her explanation and squinted her eyes, “I was photographed in the dressing room?”

This is a bit problematic.

The inside and outside of the dressing room are basically the staff in the circle, and everyone knows everything big and small, and everyone knows it well, so no one will do it, and no one dares to do it.

Unless someone directed and acted a play.

With Ji Qingwan’s fame, he deliberately hyped up the popularity.

“Wait for me to hear about this, and then send it to Weibo tomorrow to tell it clearly, and I will solve it.” Wang Weiyan quickly decided for her.

“Okay.” Ji Qingwan responded with a smile, knowing that Wang Weiyan had guessed it.

After the phone was disconnected, Ji Qingwan believed that Wang Weiyan could solve it, and the matter couldn’t be too much.

She picked up the phone without caring, and swiped on Weibo slowly.

Pointing to the exposed text of the hot romance, she looked at the comment section below that there were her own Yan fans, as well as Su Ze’s fans.

My own face powder is quite normal, just saying that if it is true, then bless, but some people don’t believe it, think this is a bit inexplicable, and it really doesn’t seem that she likes Su Ze.

On the other hand, fans on Su Ze’s side felt that Ji Qingwan was not worthy of their cubs, and scolded her for eating tender grass.

The lineups of the two sides began to clash with each other.

[Old cows eat tender grass? ! exm? Which green onion is your Su Ze? ]

[Why can Ji Qingwan be worthy of Ah Ze? Just a model, not very good. 】

【I laughed, upstairs, when we make our debut late, will we kill the whole network every minute, okay? And at that time Su Ze didn’t know which small corner he was in? 】

【Ji Qingwan is not very popular either, is it because he wants to climb the enthusiasm of our house? 】

【To be honest, I really didn’t see that Wan always liked Su Ze. In the show, I only saw her peerless beauty, and the host raised a question. It’s so stupid. 】

…There are

constant discussions on the Internet. After turning a few pages, Ji Qingwan feels that Su Ze’s public relations should be very happy now, all the enthusiasm is there and the benefits are maximized.

She sighed, and Xia Xia suddenly called her again. As soon as she was connected, she suddenly screamed, “Mr. Evening!”

Ji Qingwan was called by her and her ears hurt, and she reluctantly pulled her phone. A little further away, “Hot search again?”

“No, no!” Xia Xia said excitedly: “I just received an announcement, guess what!”

Hearing that she was different from the panic just now, she was now completely surprised and excited.

Ji Qingwan was too lazy to guess, and he didn’t care much and asked, “What is it?”

“We received an invitation to shoot “Cyan”!!” Xia Xia shouted with joy.

Ji Qingwan was stunned, “”Cyan”?”

Xia Xia nodded frantically, “It’s the first-line magazine “Cyan”!”

“Why did you find me?” Ji Qingwan was awakened by her voice.

The characters who can be on the cover of “Cyan” magazine are extraordinary people. Ji Qingwan himself also likes this magazine very much. Knowing that the first few periodical characters are top-tier artists, but this time she actually found her?

A little surprised.

“I don’t know, but Sister Wang said it was a blessing in disguise.”

Ji Qingwan heard that “Cyan” should have seen tonight’s hot search, and he might have been poked at their request.

Speaking of this, Xia Xia remembered the hot search, and she was a little angry: “Tonight is obviously someone else using you as a gunman, hype, we will at least charge some interest!”

Ji Qingwan said amusedly : “My The little assistant is not stupid.”

“I have been with you for a few years, and I can still understand these tricks.” Xia Xia hummed lightly.

Ji Qingwan yawned and nodded, “Yes, you are very smart.”

“And I read that comment, what old cows eat tender grass! Someone said that you are climbing the heat, so I got angry and just used the little Scolding her, it’s obviously that Su Ze Gao

is not good enough for you, okay ?” “And those photos, are these people blind? Lovers are shy? Can’t tell if you are sleepy? Still here scolding you for not good enough for Su Ze, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The more you talk, the more angry you are!”

Her chattering voice rang in her ears, accompanied by the sound of leaves outside the house, a little hypnotic.

Ji Qing lay on the bed in the evening, listening to occasional responses, but felt that his eyelids were getting heavier and heavier, and the late sleepiness gradually came on.

Halfway through Xia Xia, she realized that the other party had lost her voice, and she hesitated and called out softly, “Mr. Night?”

No one responded.

Xia Xia guessed that the opposite person might be asleep.

During this period of time, she was with Ji Qingwan. She really felt that she was very hard. Now it is not easy to rest. I should hope to get a good night’s sleep.

Xia Xia silently hung up the phone and wished her good night.

Last night I do not know when to sleep, the next morning at eight when the season late Qing yo wake up.

It’s rare to have a good night’s sleep, she didn’t want to think about it, and it seemed that she had dreamed of something good last night, but her memory was a little fuzzy.

She lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling for a while. Then she sat up slowly and touched the phone beside her. When the screen turned on, she saw the message Xia Xia had sent to her in the morning.

[Mr. Wan, “Cyan” sent me a contract. I looked around and there was nothing wrong with it. You can check it when you wake up later. If you think it’s okay, come back to sign the contract tomorrow! ! ]

Season late Qing brain and some slow, sweeping to this crosstalk in the “blue”, I think of last night what a good thing it is.

This is a great thing.

Getting up in the morning with a good mood, Ji Qingwan bowed his head and replied with a good sentence, then he locked the screen with his hand and got up and walked to the bathroom.

After washing, Ji Qing changed his clothes at night, opened the door and walked out of the room. She subconsciously glanced at the next door, and saw that the door was still tightly closed. She thought about it and wanted to press the young master’s temper. She should wake up at noon.

She thought of retracting her gaze, then took the door of her room with her hand, and walked to the resident house of the old lady in Ji outside the courtyard.

When I came to Yuyin Temple this time, Ji Qingwan was completely looking at the face of the old lady. As for the other people, she didn’t want to meet at all. Anyway, they met with each other.   Why

waste time


Season old lady like quiet, extremely Buddhist.

The abbot of Yuyin Temple chose her to live in the main courtyard, which was quiet but also closest to the Buddhist hall.

Ji Qingwan’s residence was not far from the main courtyard. After going around a few long corridors, she stepped in and just saw Mrs. Ji sitting in the courtyard basking in the sun.

The old lady turned her back to the door, naturally she couldn’t see her, but the waiter beside her saw her and was about to remind her.

Season boos immediately signaled clear night, go slow walk, can not walk, back to the old lady suddenly Ce Toukan to her, smiled and simply said, “Come want to play any tricks?”

Quarter I was pierced in the evening, chuckled, approached my grandma, and asked curiously: “How did you find me?”

“Although I am old, I will still be able to observe my words, and as soon as you come in, I can sniff you. The smell of this girl is coming.” The old lady Ji smiled and pointed to her nose.

“What can I have, grandma teasing me?” Ji Qingwan sat on the stone bench by the side, took a teacup from the next person, and took a sip.

Old lady Ji looked at her thin face and frowned, “Don’t you go out without eating? Why do you lose so much?”

“You have something to eat, don’t worry.” Ji Qingwan smiled and relieved her.

Old lady Ji obviously didn’t believe it, and lightly reprimanded: “I told you not to go out, you just want to go out.”

Ji Qingwan smiled indifferently after hearing this, “I can’t be with you all my life, I will always go out. “

Lady Ji didn’t know what

she thought of, and her brows frowned. “Your dad…” She seemed to think it was wrong just after she proposed two words, so she changed her voice and asked if she had breakfast?

After hearing her answer, Mrs. Ji immediately ordered people to go to the Zhaitang to make preparations.

After Ji Qingwan finished breakfast here, and after talking to the old lady for a while, he returned to the lodging in the side hall with the breakfast of the young master next door in one hand.

As soon as she stepped into the yard, she heard a man’s voice, as if she was making a phone call.

“Where else can I go? You told me to experience life?”


kidding, can you blame me if I take it seriously?” “Besides, it’s best if you can come. Bring me something to repel mosquitoes.” It

may be that the other party mentioned something, the man frowned, his voice was obviously agitated And intolerance, “There are too many female mosquitoes here.”

Ji Qingwan: “…”

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