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Chapter 1 Thought it was dumb

The kettle on the table is on.

After boiling, the mouth of the pot was steaming, white mist was rising, and it made a gurgling sound.

Ji Qingwan sat in the position, slightly closed his eyes and raised his head to let the makeup artist remove his makeup, listening to the chattering voice of the assistant.

“Mr. Wan, let’s not talk about anything else. I know that you have a good heart and a good heart, and you want to become a successor to society. It is okay to promote and promote the younger generation, but next time you can—”

“Xia Xia.”

Suddenly she was caught by her. After shouting, Xia Xia looked blank, “What’s wrong?”

Ji Qing night half-folded his eyes, and lazily reminded, “The water is boiling behind.”

Xia Xia was taken aback when she heard the words, and subconsciously nodded, “Oh, okay,” I’ll go.”

She said as she got up, her butt was just ten centimeters away from the stool, and suddenly she felt wrong, and immediately sat down again, frowning and looking at Ji Qingwan, “No, don’t talk about it. Just when you were on stage, The host’s topic is obviously brought to your side, how can you avoid it directly to others?”

The interview show recorded tonight is one of the best in the same category, and others are eager to do it. Ji Qingwan was on the show with Zhenghong’s reputation, and the host was obviously asking her questions on the camera, but Ji Qingwan just gave the opportunity to a newcomer in the same crew.

Xia Xia looked so desperate in the audience that she was desperate.


The makeup artist next to him after removing his makeup signaled that Ji Qingwan is all right. Ji Qingwan opened his eyes slightly and thanked her. The makeup artist waved his hand with a smile and left with his suitcase.

There are only two people left in the room.

Ji Qingwan looked sideways at Xia Xia and still had a somewhat angry expression, and said unhurriedly: “That question was simply asked knowingly. Wouldn’t you feel stupid if I answered it?”

In the afternoon, the host was obviously giving her a random chance. The questions asked were not about her starring status, or what was the ending of the movie?

Ji Qingwan was sitting on the stage and almost couldn’t control his expression. Was this blind in his heart? Didn’t you see her death in the movie trailer?

Xia Xia was choked by her question, and she still wanted to talk about her. Ji Qingwan looked at herself reflected in her glasses, and suddenly frowned and let out a soft “Ah”, “Xia Xia, I feel like I’m caught in the light It’s blackened.”

This problem is a bit serious, and the title of milk skin can’t be broken.

Xia Xia immediately

stared when she heard the words, leaned close to her white cheeks, and hurriedly asked, “Where, where did it turn black?” Looking at her anxiously, Ji Qingwan slowly raised her finger to the bottom of her eyelid, “Here.”

Xia Xia was speechless when she saw where she was pointing.

“What’s your expression?” Ji Qingwan pointed her dark circles with her fingertips, raised her eyebrows and said: “This is my hard work.”

“You have worked so hard, but I am going to die too.” Xia Xia closed her eyes, desire She cried without tears, “I will definitely be scolded to death by Sister Wang at night. What should I do.”

Sister Wang is Ji Qingwan’s agent. She usually told Xia Xia to keep an eye on Ji Qingwan and don’t let her do things. People never disappoint.

Ji Qingwan smiled and patted her head, and said, “Sister Wang is also scolding me if

she wants to scold me, don’t worry.” When the voice fell, she raised her hand and rubbed the sour corner of her eyes, half-squinting her eyes, ” Don’t worry. This, I’m going to die of sleepiness, can you take me home to rest first.”

These few days have happened to be promoting new dramas, and the itinerary of spinning around, Ji Qingwan basically only slept for a few hours every day, and now it’s not easy to end it. Now, she really didn’t want to discuss this unnecessary question with her little assistant.

Xia Xia sensed her exhaustion and nodded quickly, “Well, night, it’s more important for our body to rest. I will let the driver wait outside!”

Ji Qingwan got up and walked to the door after hearing this, Xia Xia told the driver. Walk aside to open the door of the dressing room for her.

The two were about to go out, but unfortunately they were blocked by someone outside.

Xia Xia was taken aback when she saw the visitor. The man was wide-shouldered and narrow-waisted, with a tall figure and a gentle appearance. He was white and a little juvenile.

Su Ze swept Xia Xia, turned his eyes to Ji Qingwan, bowed his head and said hello, “Hello, senior.”

Ji Qingwan was yawning, and the figure in front of him lifted his eyelids listlessly, without emotion. Look at him.

Su Ze met her eyes suddenly and froze.

The hazel pupils are like an amber under the light, clear and translucent, the tails of the eyes are slightly hooked, and she is born with tiredness, just like the Persian cat with its own extravagance.

It is circulated on the Internet that the goddess Ji Qingwan has a pair of unique eyes, and she will be taken away by her when she meets her eyes.

Ji Qingwan was surprised to see that it was him, “Is there something?”

Su Ze quickly explained his intentions after hearing the words, “Hello, senior, thank you for taking care of

him on stage just now.” He is not as good as Ji Qingwan’s goddess. Fame, this time the role in the movie was only the male third, and he didn’t have any sense of existence originally. He didn’t expect that Ji Qingwan would turn the topic to him in the afternoon.

But no matter what the reason, he always wants to say thanks.

Ji Qingwan raised her eyebrows when she heard the words. In the afternoon, it was entirely because she was too lazy to answer, and there was no intention to take care of it. But since everyone had misunderstood it, it was impossible to slap her own face. She smiled back. “No thanks, work hard in the future.”

Su Ze nodded obediently, “Thanks senior, I will.”

Ji Qingwan followed his words and responded without pressure, “Well, don’t let me down today. Expectation of you.”

Su Ze was stunned, expecting?

Xia Xia listened to her own celebrities’ nonsense and couldn’t help but explain, “No, what we mean by night is to work hard, and it will get better and better in the future.” The

voice fell, she said to Su Ze After saying goodbye, he took Ji Qingwan and went out.

The babysitter’s car had been parked outside the TV station. Ji Qingwan got into the back seat. Xia Xia urged the driver to start the car, then turned around and started to grab her and said that the answer was wrong.

Ji Qingwan was too lazy to listen. He simply raised his head and leaned back on the chair and closed his eyes. After listening to the chattering voice of the assistant, he noticed that the phone ringing in his pocket suddenly rang.

She stretched out her hand and fumbled out the phone, looking at the series of unread messages above, flipped her eyes halfway, and suddenly saw one. She paused and said, “Xia Xia.” Xia Xia, who was

still whispering . After stopping, “Well, what’s the matter?”


“Huh?” Xia Xia didn’t respond.

Ji Qingwan closed his eyelids and said, “Stop, I won’t go back to the apartment these days.”

Xia Xia was stunned and motioned to the driver to pull over and stop. Ji Qingwan picked up his hat and mask and pulled the door to get out of the car.

“I’ll take a few days off for you. If you have anything to do, just send me a message.”

Ji Qingwan was wearing a hat and bent over to take the suitcase that Xia Xia handed over.

Xia Xia was still a little confused, “No, Mr. Wan, where are you going if you don’t go back to the apartment?”

Ji Qingwan single-handed the luggage bar, tapped with his fingertips, and said casually, “Go Hi Ah.”

Xia Xia stared: “What?”

Ji Qingwan didn’t explain, and stopped the taxi passing by with one hand. After opening the door and sitting in, he bowed his head and reported the place name to the driver.

The taxi braved its exhaust and went away. Xia Xia watched her leave where she was. Only one thought arose in her mind at that time.

It’s over, I’m always going to Bengdi at night.

In the evening of the day some dark, floating mountains sunset surrounded hilltop temples in shiny red with yellow.

Pedestrians on the mountain road have gradually dissipated, and the taxi drove up slowly, but could not go up the mountain road, and finally stopped at the intersection at the foot of the mountain.

“Miss, I’m sorry, the car is not allowed here, you can only go up by yourself.” The driver turned to apologize.

Ji Qingwan shook his head, “It’s okay, thank you.”

She got off the car after paying the money, holding the suitcase with one hand, and looking up at the gentle long slope mountain road in front of her, she had a headache.

She stood there and sighed, and honestly pulled the box up slowly. When she started, she felt that the box was quite light, but after walking through the long slope, she obviously felt that her steps were a bit difficult.

After insisting on walking a few more steps, Ji Qingwan gave up. She felt that she might only come here because of her brain pumping.

She exhaled and shook her somewhat sour hands, preparing to call someone in the temple and ask someone to help her carry her luggage.

Ji Qingwan lowered his head to light up the screen, and the moment he turned to the address book, he suddenly heard very slight footsteps.

Yu Guang caught a glimpse of someone walking beside her, and she subconsciously looked up.

The man’s figure is slender, and the mountainside is shining with red glow behind him, and the dark windbreaker is a little brighter.

The black peaked cap pressed down and blocked the man’s face, and only his thin lips could be seen vaguely, and the thin lines revealed the sharp jaws.

Ji Qingwan stood still holding his phone, looking at the man who appeared out of nowhere, a little surprised.

Sheng Yu looked at the heavily armed woman in front of him, with peaked caps and masks one by one, and his eyebrows were singled out.

Looking up at the mountain road and steps in front of him, and looking at the woman who is inexplicably dragging the mountain, he glanced at her slightly, “Going up?” The

man’s words followed his movements, making Ji Qingwan. He could see the eyebrows under the brim of his hat.

The dim light cast a faint shadow under his eye sockets, his slightly drooping eyelids, his eyes were dark and calm, and his expression was light.

Ji Qingwan was taken aback, then nodded silently after returning to his senses in time.

Seeing this, Sheng Yu glanced at her somewhat troublesome suitcase, her voice faint: “Need help?”

Ji Qingwan looked at him and nodded silently.

She felt that in this situation, she really couldn’t say that she could politely.

When Sheng Yu saw her several times, he nodded and didn’t make a sound. He took the suitcase for her with one hand.

He raised his chin toward the front and suppressed his voice, “Let’s go.” Ji Qingwan watched his movements slightly. Nodding, pursing her lips, “Thank you.” The

mask covered her voice, a little dull and hoarse.

Sheng Yu raised her eyes when she heard the words, raised her eyebrows slightly, and said in a casual tone, “I thought it was dumb.”


disappointed you.

There was no speech for a while, neither of them spoke, only the rustling of wheels rubbing against the ground.

After walking for a while, Ji Qingwan was still a little worried and turned his head, and asked him softly, “Will it be a little heavy, do you want to take a break?”

“You have a lot of problems.” He smiled lazily, and went off. With a little tone, he asked, “Heavy and rest, which one do you want me to answer?”

Ji Qing choked in the evening and didn’t know what to say, but it happened that the two had already reached the steps of the temple.

Sheng Yu stood beside her, slightly looking up at the steps that were not long nor short in front of her.

Ji Qingwan calculated it and felt that it might be a little difficult to walk with the luggage, so she thought about carrying it up with him.

But the man knocked on the luggage bar and slowly said, “You go up first.”

Ji Qingwan stopped talking when he heard the words, and paused.

But now that he said that, she didn’t pretend to be pretentious, stepping up the stairs, and from time to time she turned her head to look at the man behind her, and she looked relaxed when she saw him with his luggage in one hand.

She didn’t look at it any more, and she walked honestly.

There are not many steps, but Ji Qingwan counted them, there are twelve.

She finished the last one and stood still on the platform. Sheng Yu also came up with her luggage and pushed it to her with one hand on the spot.

Ji Qingwan quickly took it, raised his head and nodded to thank him, “Thank you, thank you.” The

woman in front of her was covered by a mask for most of her face, only her light brown eyes were exposed, which were still folded.

Sheng Yu glanced at her for a few times, and withdrew his gaze indifferently, rubbed his wrist with one hand,

and replied lazily, “It’s all right.” After saying that, he didn’t wait for Ji Qingwan to reply, and turned around. Walk in the direction of the temple.

Ji Qingwan stood there in a daze, then pulled up the luggage bar and stepped behind him.

The pace of the person in front is not swift, slow, like going out to play and visit, and sometimes I hear him sigh, as if he is doing something to appreciate and approve.

It was a completely lazy young master, and he was not afraid of anything. He just came out to enjoy the mountains and rivers.

Ji Qingwan guessed in his heart which handsome baby son might be, but didn’t think much about it. After a few steps, she turned around and walked to the guest room behind the palace.

It may be that the news has been received that Ji Qingwan saw the housekeeper of Ji’s house all the way back.

“Miss.” The

butler saw that he stepped forward and said hello.

Ji Qingwan nodded, “

Where are they?” “The old lady is resting, and the rest are listening to the Buddhist scriptures.”

“Buddhist scriptures?” Ji Qingwan laughed, tapping on his luggage with his fingertips, and said slowly, “Well, thank you so much. For many years, I haven’t seen anyone blessed by the Buddha.” The

butler lowered his head slightly and did not reply.

“I’m going to rest. If they mention me, they will say that I haven’t arrived yet.” Ji Qingwan left a sentence and turned and walked to the corner of the temple.

With the door closed, Ji Qingwan didn’t care about the luggage and didn’t want to make the bed. She just lay on the clean floor, her tired body stretched instantly, and she sighed.

She lay down for a while, thinking that she could just go to sleep like this, but suddenly there were a few conversations outside.

What accommodation, play.

Ji Qingwan could only hear a few words, and the voice seemed to be approaching her room from far to near.

Ji Qingwan’s eyelids moved slightly, opened her eyes and got up, feeling the approach of footsteps outside. She went to open the window gently, and saw the man wearing a peaked cap outside the house at a glance.

Standing tall under the peach blossom tree, he was talking to the monks in the temple, seeming to notice something.

He tilted his head, his eyes slightly raised, and saw the figure by the window, his eyebrows were raised single, and his voice was tired, “Is this going to…men and women live together?”

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