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Chapter 5 Lustful

The man changed into a windbreaker, dressed in a simple white shirt, sitting on the steps in front of the house with his legs folded, one hand resting on his lap, the other holding a mobile phone, half-folding his eyes, and said slowly, “Only the female mosquito Just bite, can you learn some common sense, don’t be ashamed everywhere.” After

speaking, the man seemed to notice something and looked forward. After seeing that it was Ji Qingwan, he didn’t care much and continued to say something.” Whether you love to come, no one counts on you.” These

words may irritate the person on the other end of the phone. Ji Qingwan watched the man cut off the phone directly, then looked up at her and asked indifferently, “Get up So early?”

Ji Qingyan glanced at the time when he heard the words, ten o’clock.


It’s really early.

However, the young master obviously felt that this was the real work and rest time. He might look at him not long after getting up, his eyelashes half drooping, and his expression a little pale.

Ji Qingwan stepped forward and handed him the breakfast in his hand, “Eat early, it will be cold later.”

Sheng Yu raised his eyes slightly and saw her white and slender fingertips slightly hooking the paper bag.

He didn’t understand, “Huh?”

“Breakfast.” Ji Qingwan explained.

Yesterday he helped her with luggage all the way, and invited her to dinner again. This was logical, and it was a trivial matter for her to bring a breakfast for others.

Upon hearing this, Sheng Yu reached out and took the paper bag, opened it and looked at the minced meat porridge.

“Eat early.” Ji Qing retracted his hand in the evening and asked him.

“Okay.” He nodded unhurriedly, “Thanks.” After

receiving breakfast, Ji Qingwan watched him slowly getting up, glanced at his neck, and the shirt collar was untied. The button reveals the slender neck and the faintly visible line of the clavicle.

But there were a few obvious red spots on the skin of the white neck.

It looked like it was bitten by some bug.

Seeing this night, Ji Qing remembered the applause he heard inexplicably last night, and suddenly understood.

It turned out to be hitting mosquitoes.

She looked at his red and swollen dingbao, and thought about it and said, “Wait a minute.” After

Sheng Yu had just gotten up a little bit and heard what she said, she sat back on the steps again, with her hands folded on her knees. Hanging up, with his hanging fingers hooking the paper bag, he nodded faintly, “Well, I’ll wait, but don’t take too long, let’s bring something all at once.”


Ji Qing night glanced at his posture, and then silently Turning back to his room, squatting down and uncovering the suitcase, digging out the medicine packet from the pile of clothes to find the anti-mosquito cream, got up and walked outside.

Sheng Yu did not wait long. After tapping his fingers on his knee ten times, he saw the woman coming out of the next door.

Ji Qingwan looked at him while still sitting in a waiting posture, with a well-behaved appearance. She blinked, thinking that the young master would be impatient and go straight back to the room.

She walked up to the man, reached out and handed it to him, “This is anti-mosquito cream.”

Sheng Yu looked down at the small pill box lying in her palm, and raised her eyebrows unexpectedly, “Mosquito-proof? ” “

usually painted on the wrist and ankle can. “explained again late Qing Ji usage, think of the place where he had been stung, naturally, said:.” If bitten, this can also be itching “

after she As soon as he mentioned, Sheng Yu remembered his neck. He scanned the eye pill box, moved his gaze, and landed on her fair and delicate face, tapped his fingertips, “What about you?”

Ji Qingwan was stunned. What?”

“Give it to me, how about you?” Sheng Yu raised her chin to the palm of her hand.

Ji Qingwan blinked his eyes, “I don’t need it, no mosquitoes bite me.”


Sheng Yu frowned, and squeaked, “It’s really a female mosquito.”

Lust. .

Only bit him.

When Ji Qingwan heard his wrong reasoning, the corners of his mouth bend.

The two separated and prepared to go back to the room. Ji Qingwan sideways and kindly said again, “If you visit the temple, you can come and find me later.”

“Okay.” Sheng Yu nodded unceremoniously, speaking loosely. I’m here to find you.”

Ji Qingwan turned back to the room without paying much attention to the words, took out his mobile phone and looked at the “Cyan” contract Xia Xia had sent her inside.

After reading it roughly, Ji Qingwan felt that there was no problem, and asked Xia Xia, “Have you seen it?”

“She has seen it, and there is nothing wrong with them.” Xia Xia explained.

Ji Qing night nodded in response, “Okay, I will sign at the company tomorrow.” After

hearing her answer, Xia Xia smiled and said with excitement: “Mr. Night, I have a hunch that this time “Cyan” may be true. It’s going to make you popular!””

Ji Qingwan laughed, “You haven’t filmed yet, do you have a hunch? “

Yes! Xia Xia affirmed: “I believe there is, and you are not Yuyin Temple right now, maybe it is really the Buddha who bless you.” “

Ji Qing night listened to her nonsense, raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

Buddha bless?

Impossible. After

Xia Xia finished speaking, she remembered something whispered, “Ms. Wan. “

” Ah. “Ji Qingwan answered, “Is there anything else? “

That’s the one…” Xia Xia squeezed, “Can you help me ask for a marriage?” “

Ji Qingwan said with a laugh: “Who is it for?” Your male god Shengyu? “

No, no, no, I beg of myself, it was a joke yesterday, the marriage of the male god should not be ruined by me, he deserves better!” “When

Ji Qingwan heard this, he was a little curious, “Who is this Sheng Yu?” “

Actor or model?

These two are the circles she has been in contact with. It seems that there hasn’t been much movement recently.

Xia Xia was a little unbelievable when she heard that, “Mr. Wan, don’t you know Sheng Yu?” “

Ji Qingwan blinked, “Should I know?”

Xia Xia choked, thinking about the temperament of her celebrities, it seems normal not to know her.

She coughed, “Then I will give you popular science now…” An

introduction sounded in the phone, with Xia Xia ‘s excitement and admiration.

Ji Qingwan listened to her and got a general understanding of the situation.

Some time ago, a single, “Yufeng” was suddenly uploaded in the music station.

In just one hour, the amount of reposting and playing volume of this song has skyrocketed at an alarming rate, and the traffic has rapidly exceeded one million overnight.

Netizens sighed at the song and found that the singer, lyricist, and composer all showed only one name on the lyrics homepage of the single “Yufeng”.

——Sheng Yu.

The hot search of the day appeared on Weibo the next day.



At twelve noon that day, a Weibo user with gold v posted a certified Weibo.

Sheng Yuv: [It’s me. ] A

few seconds later, with this authentication name and his first Weibo, Weibo set off a violent whirlwind, and the Weibo webpage was instantly paralyzed and unable to be accessed.

Ten minutes later, Sheng Yu released his first album “Birth”.

When netizens saw his album poster, they saw the man in black curled up in the solid white background, looking sideways at the camera.

The dark eyes were alienated with arrogance, with a deep and sharp side face, and the expression was indifferent and ruthless.

The abstinence and loose eyes made everyone’s hearts tremble.

In an instant, the man who turned out to be born, carrying his song and his people without any publicity or preparation, exploded.

Since then, Sheng Yu struck.

“So you are a singer?” Ji Qingwan asked after listening to the summary.

Xia Xia shook her head, “No, no, no, we Meiyu is not just a singer, he is also the strongest songwriter, composer, and his appearance, which is safe to be the number one male.”

After she finished, she herself I was also a little surprised, “Fuck, Meiyu can make an all-round debut!”

Ji Qingwan asked her questioningly: “Meiyu?”

“Ah, this is the name our fans gave Sheng Yu because of his name. Yu in here means Meiyu.” Xia Xia whispered with joy.

Ji Qingwan laughed, “Just like me, Mr. Wan?”

“Yes! Mr. Wan, you are so handsome!” Xia Xia is still an artist who favors herself.

The name Mr. Wan originated from a group of men’s suits that Ji Qingwan photographed before. When the magazine was published, netizens directly named her Mr. Wan, and some people called her willing to marry her.

Xia Xia blinked, “So can you always help me find a marriage?”

Ji Qing nodded, “Yes, I will bring it to you tomorrow.” Xia Xia

immediately yelled, “I love you, late boss!”

“Don’t love it, I’m still on the hot search.” Ji Qingwan turned up Weibo and looked at the comments on it.

“Ah,   Mr. Wan , do you want to reply?”

“Well, almost.”

Wang Weiyan sent her a message just now, indicating that the public relations have been resolved here, and she was very aggressive and asked her to post it casually.

Ji Qingwan didn’t have any thoughts, so he wanted to be succinct and clear. Anyway, it was originally a fake.

She moved her fingertips on the keyboard, wrote the script, and finally clicked send.

After sending the Weibo, before Ji Qingwan had time to think about it, the door of the room was knocked suddenly.

She paused, thinking that it might be the young master next door, put away the phone, got up to open the door.

The door opened, and the man leaned against the door and stood outside. The sunlight outside the house was shining behind him, with some backlighting, wrapping his slender figure under his white shirt, and he could not see him clearly.

When Ji Qingwan saw this scene, he remembered the words Xia Xia said just now.

Beautiful jade.

Delicate and charming.

She looked up again and asked: “Are you going to go out for a stroll?”

“Yeah.” Sheng Yu nodded, thinking of something and added at random, “If you are busy, don’t force it.”

Ji Qingwan didn’t answer him, but just turned back. Room, picked up a hat, stepped out of the room, then closed the door, and glanced at him sideways, “Let’s go.”

Seeing her neat movements, Sheng Yu raised her eyebrows and reached out to ask , The tail tone slightly hooked, “You go first.”

Ji Qingwan felt a little funny, turned and led him forward, and when she passed him, she smelled a faint ointment, and her eyebrows raised slightly.

There are various Buddhist halls in Yuyin Temple, but the main hall and the Marriage Hall have the most traffic.

Ji Qingwan took the man across the trail to avoid the tourists. Now that her hot search has not come down, it is better to avoid unnecessary troubles first.

The two walked quietly for a while. Ji Qingwan looked at the Buddhist temple in front of him and was about to introduce him. On one side, he saw the man with the same peaked cap.


When did this person wear a hat?

“What are you looking at?” Sheng Yu asked lazily, looking at her with his eyelids drooping.

Ji Qingwan blinked and turned to explain, “The main hall in front is dedicated to the Buddha.”

“Oh, Buddha.” Sheng Yu’s expression was flat, listening to no interest.

Ji Qingwan asked, “Would you like to go in?”

Sheng Yu refused: “Forget it, what’s next?”

Ji Qingwan: “Marriage Hall.”

“Marriage?” He raised his tone slightly, which was quite different from the previous one. If you are interested, nod your head, “Go and see.”

The area in the Marriage Hall is not large, but there is a banyan tree in the hall. Tourists and believers can tie red silk ribbons on the branches to pray for blessings, or they can shake signs and solve hexagrams.

When the two arrived slowly, it was almost noon. There were not many people, and the tourists basically went back.

Sheng Yu paced to the banyan tree in the hall and looked up.

It is said that this tree has been around for a thousand years. It takes five or six people to hug the tree. The yellow leaves fall, and the branches are covered with red silk strips. The wishes of the wisher are written on it, and some of the handwriting gradually fades.

Ji Qingwan thought that he was just here, so he asked Xia Xia for a marriage by the way, leaving the man behind, and walked towards the lottery lottery in the hall.

Sheng Yu looked at the surrounding scenery and was about to follow her into the hall when the mobile phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

He took out and glanced at the screen, stepped slightly, moved under the eaves, picked it up, “Hey.” As

soon as the other party connected, he shouted, “Dad.”

Sheng Yu sneered, “Don’t mess up.”

Scream , I don’t have a son.” “Don’t, you are my father.” Tang Zhiwen begged: “Don’t play, come back quickly.”

“Something happened?” Sheng Yu said loosely.

“You haven’t had an accident, but I’m afraid. Look at how lively the hot searches these days!”

“Huh? What’s the hot search?”

Tang Zhiwen sighed, “Can you follow Weibo and wait for yourself I don’t know if I got a hot search.”

Sheng Yu ignored his words, turned up Weibo with one hand, saw the hot search list at a glance, noticed the five words “Ji Qingwan’s response”, and he clicked it casually.

After waiting for a few seconds for the Weibo page to turn, the flick sent out Ji Qingwan’s latest Weibo.

She reposted the article about Su Ze’s suspected love affair, and then added a few words.

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