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Chapter 10 I am even more amazing

The shooting time starts at eight in the morning.

The weather in autumn is a bit cold, mixed with the bleak autumn wind.

Sheng Yu was urged by Tang Zhiwen to call out. When he arrived at the studio, he glanced at the number of people present. They were all staff members.

Tang Zhiwen knew that he was in a bad mood when he was awakened, so he comforted him, “It’s still early, you’ll wait here for a while.”

“Yeah.” Sheng Yu was slightly less interested, frowned slightly, and made a deep voice down her eyes.

The staff on the side came and signaled that he could sit on the back sofa and wait for a while, and the photographer would come later.

Tang Zhiwen thanked him when he heard the words, and was about to let the young master next to him go to the sofa, but Yu Guang caught a glimpse of a person walking out of the back compartment.

“Hey, you guys came quite early.”

Wu Yang took the camera and walked out to see the two people in the house. He first nodded to Tang Zhiwen and said hello, and laughed.

When Sheng Yu heard the sound, he turned his head and looked at him. After seeing the other party clearly, his eyebrows were raised slightly, “The photographer is you?”

Photographer Wu Yang, who has handled most of the first-class blockbuster shootings, dare not say the best shooting technology, but it is definitely amazing. .

“Cyan” was able to invite him this time, which shows that we value this filming very much.

“What’s the matter with me? Dissatisfied?” Wu Yang looked at his expression and laughed.

Sheng Yu glanced lazily, “Photographer Wu, don’t dare to be dissatisfied.”

“No, don’t praise me. If this is heard by your fans, I might not be able to get out of here today.” Wu Yang shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Sheng Yu could think of the scene, and she became interested and asked: “When did you come back?”

Wu Yang casually explained: “It was you who just came back from Paris yesterday.” The

voice paused, and he asked in a low voice with some curiosity: ” How did you agree to this shooting?”

He was surprised when he saw the name in the file last night. He was a little unsure if this Sheng Yu was the one he knew?

After all, everyone in the circle knows that this person’s magazine shooting is notoriously difficult to obtain.

Never imagined that “Cyan” was invited to this time, and he was asked to shoot a man and woman duo.

“I’m coming if I want.” Sheng Yu obviously didn’t have any interest in this question, and replied casually.

Wu Yang was not surprised to answer him, and chuckled: “It’s really the standard answer of a great god.”

Sheng Yu half put his eyelashes down, and asked slowly: “What schedule do you have after this time?”

“Itinerary? It seems that there is no arrangement. Wu Yang thought of something and blinked, “Do you have a new schedule?”

Sheng Yu’s previous music album mv and promotional posters were all produced by Wu Yang. The effect is of course needless to say, of course it is a sensation.

“Yes, I will contact you then.” Sheng Yu affirmed, but didn’t intend to say more.

Wu Yang laughed, “Okay, I’ll wait.”

After that, he glanced at the time and remembered that there was another protagonist who hadn’t arrived. He looked at him sideways, and confirmed it again with some worry, “This time it is Men and women cooperate, the other party is Ji Qingwan, you know?”

Sheng Yu raised his eyebrows slightly, “I don’t know if I will come again?”

Wu Yang just wanted to nod when he heard the words, but after a second pause, he suddenly felt that this was a bit a bit. Ambiguity.

Does this person know that men and women work together and feel that it doesn’t matter, or does he know that the other party is Ji Qingwan who came here?

Wu Yang thought of the second reason, felt that it did not fit Sheng Yu’s personality, and decisively denied it, but his mind suddenly flashed through the hot search last night.

“This time it’s a collaboration between men and women. You had the scandal yesterday…”

Wu Yang’s question was not loud, but the surrounding staff who had been paying attention to this side immediately caught the information point, and instantly pricked their ears.

Sheng Yu raised her eyes to look at him with a calm expression, “Do you believe in hearsay?”

Wu Yang swallowed, “I really didn’t mean that, but I think I still need to pay attention.”

“Pay attention to what?” Sheng Yu snorted: “It’s just Lei Feng’s spirit that sent people home and was taken casually. “

But unfortunately, I took Ji Qingwan with her, which put her on two scandal hot searches.

Kind of fate.

Wu Yangqing coughed and felt that the topic was not right. He was about to transfer and tell him the shooting process today, but before he spoke, he was interrupted by the crowd outside.

Tang Zhiwen next to him saw the figure at the entrance and was stunned and tilted his head to signal, “Ji Qing is coming.”

Sheng Yu stood there, did not move, raised his eyelids when he heard the words, and looked towards the door.

Among the crowd, the slender figure came into view first.

The two have not seen each other since the last time, but compared to the previous meeting in the Buddhist temple, she is even more star-like today.

The pace of the visitors was gentle, and the simple and clear windbreaker waist design showed her slender waist, tall and slender.

She half-covered her eyes, and slightly tilted her head to listen to the people next to her. The smooth lines outlined her delicate profile and Baiyu’s neck line.

The people next to her seemed to have said something to her, she turned her head and looked up here lightly.

In the next second, Sheng Yu clearly saw the surprise and disbelief in her light brown eyes.

The expression is also a bit dazed.

It seems that the company did not explain to her the partner.

It’s kind of silly, I don’t even know if I was sold.

He lowered his head, curling his lips with a hint of sorrow.

Ji Qingwan was stunned for several seconds before he came back to his senses.

At the same time, she also noticed that when the man opposite saw her, his face was indifferent and there was no surprise at all.

He knew that the partner was her.

Realizing this, Ji Qingwan twisted his eyebrows slightly invisible.

She glanced at Xia Xia and saw that she was completely stupid, so she didn’t plan to count on her immediately.

Ji Qingwan stabilized his thoughts, moved forward into the crowd, and nodded slightly towards the three of them, “Good morning.”

Wu Yang first returned the gift and introduced himself: “Hello, I am Wu Yang, this time the photographer.”

Ji Qingwan nodded, “Hello, this is Ji Qingwan.”

“I know, when I saw the photos, I wanted to meet the legendary goddess.” Wu Yang looked into her eyes and praised: “I didn’t expect you I am even more amazing.” When the

voice fell, he did not forget to pull the person on the side and pat his shoulder twice, “As your partner this time, don’t you think?”

Sheng Yu raised his eyes to look at her, and Ji Qingwan was suddenly right. When he caught his sight, his nerves tightened, and after a few seconds, he heard him answer slowly.


Two simple words brought up his low voice and struck his heartstrings.

Everyone at the scene was stunned. Wu Yang regained his senses and glanced at Sheng Yu. He just wanted to get closer to the two of them. He thought Sheng Yu wouldn’t say anything, so he didn’t think much about it, but he liked it.

Ji Qingwan looked calm and looked at Sheng Yu with a slight smile, “Thank you for the compliment, but in front of Teacher Sheng Yu, I dare not be at all.”

Sheng Yu raised his eyebrows and asked with interest: “Knowledge Me?”

Ji Qingwan met his gaze, paused, and smiled naturally, “Of course, who does not know Teacher Sheng Yu?” The

voice fell, and the man on the other side suddenly laughed.

The smile was very low, a little heavy, with other meanings in small pieces.

Sheng Yu curled her lips with an undiminished smile, and replied, “Goddess Ji, she has a

lot of fame, and I have heard it.” What colorful lies?

Ji Qingwan sent him nonsense in his heart, twitched the corners of his lips, and kept a smile on his face.

Wu Yang and Tang Zhiwen kept looking at the two of them, listening to the conversation, frowning, obviously a normal compliment, but they always felt that there was something in the words.

And the atmosphere between these two people is not right, it’s not like seeing each other for the first time.

“You…know?” Wu Yang couldn’t help but asked.

After Ji Qing had a night, he slightly raised his head to look at the young master on the opposite side.

She couldn’t answer that.

Sheng Yu glanced at Tang Zhiwen on the side and asked faintly: “You are the agent, do you think I know him?”

Tang Zhiwen

, who was questioned inexplicably, said: “…” The agent does not follow closely , he knows a fart. !

But he also understood what Sheng Yu meant, whether he knew each other or not, but this was the first cooperation between the two of them, and they met today.

Tang Zhiwen acquainted himself and explained it casually. This time he met Ji Qingwan, and then introduced himself to Ji Qingwan, “Hello, I’m Sheng Yu’s agent, Tang Zhiwen.”

Ji Qingwan nodded, “Hello.” “

She patted Xia Xia’s shoulder next to her with one hand, “This is my assistant.” Xia Xia

looked a little dazed and introduced herself awkwardly.

After almost recognizing people, Wu Yang began to explain the theme and process of this shooting to Sheng Yu and Ji Qingwan.

After confirming Ji Qingwan and Sheng Yu, the editor-in-chief of “Cyan” has already set the title based on the images of these two characters.

-Rose thorns.

Sheng Yu’s slackness and Ji Qingwan’s sultry color conflicts and conflicts, forming a distinctive picture.

It is looking forward to.

After Wu Yang roughly explained his shooting direction, he asked the male and female owners to go to the dressing room to make-up.

The stylist in charge of the two led them to the men’s and women’s compartments.

“Mr. Wan, I think I can die today without regrets.”

Xia Xia hugged her face, looked at Ji Qingwan who was modeling in the mirror, and sighed madly.

Ji Qing night closed his eyes slightly, let the makeup artist put on makeup, and laughed, “Finally?”

She was frightened just now, let alone Xia Xia, and suddenly saw her male god under such circumstances. It’s good to be sensible.

Xia Xia nodded frantically, “I was going crazy just now, and I tried my best to suppress myself.”

After she said that, she thought about Meiyu’s shocking face again, and couldn’t bear to cover her face, “God, Meiyu is so handsome! I have no regrets in this life!”

Her nymphomaniac made the staff on the side laugh.

Xia Xia suddenly felt ashamed, “I’m sorry to disturb you.”

“It’s okay, we also saw Sheng Yu for the first time. Some people who particularly like him are just like you.” The staff explained.

Xia Xia shook her head and sighed, “Sure enough, people who like Meiyu are cute.”

“Be quiet when you go out later. Don’t forget, you are my assistant.” Ji Qingwan knew that she was an idiot, but she still reminded her. In one sentence,

Xia Xia saluted: “Mr. Wan, don’t worry, you are my destiny!”

These dog-legs made people laugh.

“Okay, you can open your eyes.” The

makeup artist signaled that the makeup has been applied, and Ji Qingwan raised his eyes when he heard the words.

Xia Xia, who had been paying attention here, looked at the way she opened her eyes in the mirror, and suddenly took a breath.

Ji Qingwan blinked, “What’s wrong? It doesn’t look good?” The

makeup artist who was closest to her suddenly met her eyes and was taken aback.

The eye shape of the person in front of him is beautiful, the eyelashes are drawn on the eyeliner, the light brown pupils have a slight refraction, and the pupils are obviously slightly dark silver.

The color matching of the earth eyeshadow brings out the charming, but in the charming, it reveals a few strands of alienation.

Implied the meaning of Ruojiruuoli.

Xia Xia returned to her senses, coughed abruptly, did not answer, swallowed and asked Ji Qingwan to change clothes first.

Ten minutes later, people outside the house knocked on the door of the dressing room and asked if Ji Qingwan was ready.

Sheng Yu had finished changing his clothes. He leaned back lazily and stood at the door, half-hopped to hear that there was no echo in the door, then raised his hand and knocked on the door again.

After waiting for a few seconds, a sentence came from inside, “Okay, you can open the door.”

Sheng Yu straightened up slowly when he heard the words, put one hand on the doorknob, and pressed his wrist.

The closed door opened, and the glaring cheeks were greeted by her eyes, her eyes drooping slightly, quiet and well-behaved.

As if perceiving the abnormality of the figure outside the door, Ji Qingwan raised his head and slammed into the opponent’s dark eyes.

After seeing her exquisite makeup, the man in front of him raised his eyebrows single-handedly. It was obvious that he was surprised. He tilted his head in doubt and hissed slightly.

“My girlfriend obviously just went in for a trip, why did she change herself when she came out?”

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