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Chapter 2 be lost

The Ji family will come to the temple to pray for blessing once every six months. The specific time varies, depending on the mood of the old lady in charge.

The Ji family was originally a resident pilgrim at Yuyin Temple. Originally, the guest room had been allocated, but this Jiqing night suddenly came over without saying hello, and chose a remote room.

Unfortunately, He Shengyu ran into it.

Knowing the identity of Ji Qingwan, the monk went to her and explained the origin of the matter.

Ji Qingwan also understood that it was her fault. He nodded and was about to move out of the room. The man in the yard interrupted her aloud, “No need to move.”

His voice was a bit low and magnetic, but his tone was always lazy. Lazy taste.

Ji Qingwan moved for a while, raised his eyes and looked at him, somewhat puzzled.

Sheng Yu glanced at the empty room next to her and said casually: “I live next door.” The

monk naturally looked at Ji Qingwan after hearing the words and asked her opinion.

“I have no problem, this gentleman thinks it is fine.” Ji Qingwan stood in front of the door and replied.

Sheng Yu raised her eyes and glanced at the words. She had already taken off her face mask.

The appearance can be said to be stunning, without the exquisite and three-dimensional features of Fendai, but especially her attractive eyes.

Light brown eyes, eyelashes tickled along the end of the eyes, and a touch of coquettishness in the pure temperament. Usually, when I look at people, it is a few faint glances, but it brings out a seductive smell.

Surprisingly, Sheng Yu felt a little familiar, but he was too lazy to think. After nodding to her as a greeting, he walked slowly to the next room.

When Ji Qingwan watched him close the door, and greeted the monk with her head sideways, she returned to the room. After closing the door with one hand, she suddenly realized something and paused.

She then remembered that she had taken off the mask, but the man’s unremarkable reaction just now did not seem to recognize her.

Ji Qingwan tilted his head, somewhat wondering whether he did not recognize her or did not recognize her.

But she thought about it again, and she didn’t seem to be so popular that everyone could recognize her.

Her mind was still spinning, but she didn’t turn her tiredness and exhaustion in the end. I don’t know when the eyelids began to droop, she gradually fell asleep.

the sun set, the day’s heat fades cooler night temperature changes magnitude larger summit, the mountain wind blowing with a bit chill.

Ji Qingwan was awakened from the cold. She opened her eyes and noticed that she was lying curled up on the ground with no quilt covering her body. No wonder she felt cold.

The light in the room is very dim and there is no lighting.

Ji Qingwan sniffed, got up and rubbed his arms, walked to the wall to turn on the light, and pressed the switch with his finger.

“Papa” fell, but there was no change in the room, and his sight was still dim.

Ji Qingwan blinked and pressed the lighting a few times to open the door, but the light bulb still did not respond.

power cut?

With some suspicion, Ji Qingwan opened the door and looked outside, and saw that the temple was brightly lit, the surrounding houses were all lit, and the only things that were dark were her room and… the next room.

She guessed that it might be because the light bulbs here were old and out of order, and there was no light on next door. She really didn’t know why.

Ji Qingwan turned around and picked up the phone to look at the time. It was six o’clock.

She was not in a hurry to find the monk to solve the problem, and simply sat on the steps in front of the room, looking through her unread messages.

When she saw the message Xia Xia had sent her, she smiled.

[Mr. Wan, where are you going? After

sending this sentence, it may be because Xia Xia did not receive her reply, and Xia Xia sent another one.

[Night club, it’s not good to dance, one-night stand is not good, let’s be quiet beauties, don’t go to dance. ]

Season late Qing always felt this little assistants give her humor, she nodded with one hand on the screen, look back a bag.

[Three days and three nights, never get drunk.jpg]

Xia Xia received an obvious misunderstanding here, and hurriedly sent her a message, [Mr. Evening! Are you really going to dance? ! ]

Ji Qingwan propped his chin, [No, I can’t sleep in time, so I’m still jumping. ]

Sciascia: [You must go jump up! Did you give me a message back during the intermission! ]

Ji Qingwan chuckled softly, [Why are your brains so big? ]

Sciascia: [late sister, really, you can never stop me do things, and men in particular, especially sudden, sex scandal or something, and I want to survive! ! ]

Ji Qingwan raised his eyebrows and looked at this string of characters, especially the two characters “man” in it, naturally thinking of the next-door young master who is closest to him now.

But to be honest, she has been used to seeing handsome men and beautiful women in the entertainment industry in recent years, but today the appearance of this man really makes her feel bright.

I don’t know what this young master does.

She thought of lowering her head and was about to reply to Xia Xia, when she suddenly noticed a faint sound coming from the next room, listening to the sound of a light.

She waited for a few seconds with her mobile phone, but she didn’t see the person inside. Finally, after thinking about it, she got up and walked to his room.

Ji Qingwan stood in front of the door, raised his hand and knocked on the door.

During the waiting period, she looked down at the time, and as soon as she scanned the screen numbers, the people in the room asked: “Who?”

“It’s me.” Ji Qing paused in the evening and added, “The man next door.” The

voice fell. In a few seconds, the door in front of him was pulled open, and the dimness of the room was somewhat clear under the light outside.

The man stood by the door, looking at the light outside, his expression seemed a little puzzled and a little uncomfortable, his brows frowned slightly.

His peaked cap has been taken off, light and shadow are sprinkled on his neat short hair, his eyes are slightly drooping, his pupils are pitch black, it is obvious that there is a bit of cold alienation and impatient.

And his eyelashes were extremely long and slightly raised, and he was dyed inexplicably lazy.

Somewhat unpredictable.

“Something?” Sheng Yu lowered her eyelids to look at her, half-talking her voice, with a lazy hoarse voice.

Ji Qingwan pursed his lips slightly, thinking about raising his finger and pointing to his room, “The light bulb in my room is broken. See if there is no light on your side, do you want to ask if yours is broken?”

“Oh.” Sheng Yu Hearing the words to understand the situation, he said without hesitation: “It’s almost broken.”

Ji Qingwan: “…”

What it means is almost the same.

Before she had time to ask her doubts, she saw the light bulb in the dim room behind him suddenly lit up, flashing malfunctioningly, and the refraction was extremely dazzling.

Ji Qingwan squinted his eyes subconsciously, and Sheng Yu seemed to be quite familiar with the situation. He tilted his head and glanced at the light bulb on the ceiling, and commented, “It’s pretty good to seize the opportunity.”

Ji Qingwan looked at the dazzling. Guang, frowned slightly, “Is it always like this?”

“I don’t know.” The man lazily explained, “I just opened it.”


Ji Qingwan nodded calmly, “I’ll find someone to get a new light bulb. . “

” ah? “Sheng Yu could not hear.

The muyu chanting in the front hall of the temple suddenly sounded, overwhelming her voice.

Ji Qingwan took a step closer and looked up at him slightly, but was stunned when he wanted to speak.

In the dark night, the man in front of him, the flashing lights behind him, and the beating of wooden fish in the temple.

Accompanied by the lights, the rhythm is full.

Ji Qingwan suddenly thought of Xia Xia sending her a message.

——Bundy, one-night stand.

Ji Qingwan regained his senses abruptly, coughed, and looked away, “Wait a minute, I’ll find someone to change the light bulb.”

Sheng Yu: “Anyone?”

Ji Qingwan nodded, “I know the route here.”

Sheng Hearing the words, Yu glanced at the light of the temple outside, pondered for a moment, and asked faintly, “What time is it?”

“It’s almost half past six.” Ji Qingwan said, looking down at the phone screen.

“Let’s go together then.” Sheng Yu walked out of the room and closed the door casually.

Ji Qingwan watched his movements, and then listened to his words, some did not react, “Ah, what?” The

man walked to her, tall and long legs, wide shoulders and narrow waist, with good proportions. The ink-colored windbreaker on her body is all right. He wears a supermodel style.

He looked at her sideways, lowered his eyes slightly, and said slowly: “I’m hungry, is there any place to eat here?”

“…” He

really is a young master.

temple naturally have a place to eat and stay in the back of the dining hall, but the undisciplined young master might not know.

Ji Qingwan stepped out of the lodging side hall, and the man beside her walked slowly with her, looking sideways from time to time.

When Ji Qingwan noticed his appearance, he was quite curious. “The first time you came here?”

Sheng Yu raised an eyebrow. “I look like I have been here?”

Ji Qingwan said honestly, “… It’s not like.” The

man nodded, “Well, I am quite discerning.”


Ji Qingwan remembered that he was alone when he first entered the temple. When he saw him again, he came with the monk. She was crooked. He lowered his head and asked: “You asked the monk when you came here?”

“Otherwise?” Sheng Yu said in a suspicious tone: “Let me go to the horizon alone?”

Ji Qingyan choked at night, saying that he couldn’t help but walked silently. I didn’t go far, and I ran into the monk in the afternoon on the way.

She stepped forward to explain the light bulb problem in the two people’s room. The monk heard the words and understood the situation. He folded his hands and nodded, but said something else, “Ji benefactor, the people in the house are looking for you.”

Ji Qingwan was taken aback. , Nodded back and thanked him, looked sideways at the man watching the moon, and called him, “I have something to do, I can’t take you there.”

“Okay.” Sheng Yu nodded unhurriedly, “You are busy.”

Ji Qingwan turned his head and said to the monk, “Trouble the little master to take this gentleman to the Zhaitang.” The

monk nodded, turned around and took Sheng with him. Yu walked to the right.

When Ji Qingwan was also about to leave, she suddenly heard the man whisper something while leaving, but she didn’t hear it clearly.

But before she had time to think about it, she just looked up and saw the butler waiting under the eaves not far away.

Ji Qingwan’s expression stopped for a while, suddenly felt a little funny.

She has forgotten this.

Butler led the season when clear late arrival hall backyard, Ji Lin Shan Hao sitting inside regular season and talk, laughter, and his son is entirely a harmonious picture.

Ji Qingwan stood in front of the door and stopped. She watched quietly for a few seconds before reaching out and knocking on the door frame, breaking the harmony in the house.

Hearing the sound, Ji Shanlin looked up and saw the person coming. The smile on the corners of his mouth gradually faded, “Come in.”

Ji Hao on the side looked at the woman outside with disdain.

Ji Qingwan stepped into the house, raised his eyes to look at the two people in the house, his eyes fell on Ji Shanlin, his expression was a little weak, “Is something wrong with me?”

Ji Shanlin frowned, looking at her attitude. Where have you been, won’t you call someone?”

Ji Qingwan raised his eyebrows when he heard the words, but before he spoke, Ji Hao didn’t fear his death and said, “Ji Qingwan, you have been very hot in the entertainment industry lately, and you have a temper. It’s getting bigger.” When

mentioned here, Ji Shanlin’s complexion became obviously cold, “Don’t forget that you are still Miss Ji’s family, not a grandstanding actor. You show up outside all day and get a reputation as a actor, just think of wings. It’s hard, where did you leave the education of the Ji family?”

“Education?” Ji Qingwan suddenly laughed and glanced at Ji Hao coldly, “I also want to ask Master Ji, when can you Learn to be respectful and inferior and orderly?”

When Ji Hao heard this, his eyes widened slightly and he was about to attack. Ji Qingwan didn’t bother to pay attention to him, put his head half over his eyelids, and said casually: “When Ji Hao can call me a sister, I will think about it. Thinking about when to bring the Ji family’s upbringing to you, this deal shouldn’t be a loss, don’t you say?” The

voice paused, Ji Qingwan raised his eyelids, revealing those shallow eyes, and looked straight at Ji Shanlin, lazily. Saying the name, “Ji Shanlin.”

Ji Shanlin was taken aback, but did not react. Ji Qingwan turned and left, leaving the sentence “I’m going now, Ji Zong and your son are talking

slowly .” The tall woman walked out of the hall slowly. Seeing this, the housekeeper nodded to see her off, but after a few seconds, a roar came from the hall.

The butler’s eyes drooped slightly, but he didn’t react.

Ji Qingwan did nothing but did not hear, and the pace of her feet did not change. After walking for a while, she looked up at the waning moon in the night sky, feeling a bit chilly inexplicably.

She let out a long sigh of relief, turned around and was about to return to her accommodation. She didn’t know what she had remembered, her footsteps suddenly paused, and she changed her direction to the road on the left.

The location of Zhaitang is not far from her, Ji Qingwan walked slowly, not in a hurry, wondering if the young master had gone back?

This problem just appeared in her head. She turned along the road without paying much attention to her surroundings. In the next second, a shadow suddenly appeared from the side.

Ji Qingwan had a sudden heartbeat, and her nerves were instantly tense. She raised her head and looked at the figure in front of her, but she was stunned when she saw an indifferent and handsome face.

Sheng Yu was also a little surprised when she saw her, and raised her eyebrows.

Ji Qingwan hadn’t slowed down yet, looking at him with a surprised expression, his tail trembling: “Why are you here?” The

man licked some dry lips and explained slowly : “I’m lost.”

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