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Chapter 8 Just the driver

After arriving home, Ji Qingwan took off his hat and mask and threw the suitcase aside.

She stepped into the living room, rubbed her neck, and replied to Xia Xia that she was home with one hand.

After the message was sent, Xia Xia, who had always had a sense of responsibility, called directly, “Mr. Night, are you home?”

“Well, just arrived.” Ji Qingwan responded lazily, and then sat down on the sofa softly. .

“It’s fine at home.” Xia Xia asked her about something, “Why didn’t you let me pick you up in the afternoon? I was so flustered by your taxi.”

” Why are you panicking?” Ji Qing half-eyed, feeling funny. .

Xia Xia shook her head, “Mr. Wan, you don’t know how amazing the fans’ eyes are now, and you are still on the cusp of the storm. What if you are recognized? There is nothing wrong with coming back today? Did the driver find anything?”

Ji Qingwan After hearing this, she paused in consciousness and remembered the signature she had just signed in the car. She knocked on the sofa with one hand and said slowly: “I have been recognized.”

Xia Xia was stunned for a few seconds, “What?!”

Ji Qingwan briefed.

Xia Xia ‘s explanation: “I was recognized by the driver and gave me a signature.” Xia Xia frowned: “How did he recognize it? Did you wear a mask?”

Ji Qingyan opened his eyes and said nonsense: “I wear it.”

Xia Xia knew her. After wearing the mask, the slapped face is basically not showing much, a little awkward, “This can be recognized, this driver will not be your

loyal fan, right?” A loyal fan?

Ji Qingwan thought of the appearance and character of the sloppy young master, and raised her lips, “He is not.”

Xia Xia tilted her head and wanted to ask you how you knew, but after thinking about it, she would recognize it, nothing happened. Just fine.

Ji Qingwan felt a little thirsty, got up to the kitchen, and asked about work as he walked, “What time will I sign the contract tomorrow?”

“At ten o’clock, about what time will I pick you up at the apartment?”

Ji Qingwan opened the refrigerator and took out one. Bottle of water, “It’s nine o’clock.”

Xia Xia nodded hurriedly, “Okay, Mr. Wan, then you rest and see you tomorrow.”

Ji Qingwan responded, and after hanging up the phone, she glanced at the time. It was five o’clock.

She unscrewed the bottle cap and raised her head to take a sip, with ice water in her mouth, and did not swallow it. Looking at the sunset outside the living room window, she suddenly thought of when she saw the young master yesterday.

The scattered sunset in front of the monastery was spread on the fallen leaves. I didn’t pay attention at that time. It was indeed a beautiful sunset, but her condition was quite embarrassing.

She thought about the embarrassment at that time, and the weird getting along with this young master these past two days, it was a bit novel and funny.

After sighing, she swallowed the gradually mild water in her mouth, then tightened the bottle cap and set it aside.

Ji Qingwan picked up the phone and walked towards the hallway, pulling up the suitcase with one hand and moving to the bedroom room.

There should be no notice of going out recently. Some necessary things in the box need to be sorted out, although the clothes in it account for the majority.

But after finishing finishing, including the time for her to wash, it was already two hours later.

Ji Qingwan put on the mask, rubbed her shoulder with one hand, picked up the phone and slowly climbed into bed. After she set the time to unmask the mask and wake up, she was about to close her eyes and rest, suddenly remembering that she was still hanging on the hot search. .

She opened Weibo and saw that the headlines about herself on the hot search list had come down, and there was basically nothing about her.

But Su Ze has a problem there, and he hasn’t responded.

Obviously, the wind direction of netizens has also begun to change, and one by one, they ran to his comments and started to ask questions.

The comments were mixed, and I didn’t know how Su Ze was going to end it.

After Ji Qingwan took a few glances, he didn’t have much interest to continue watching.

She turned her phone over, closed her eyes and applied the mask honestly.

Yesterday, she didn’t have time to do skin care, so she went to bed after taking a shower, and she lost the management consciousness of an actress.

After all, she can be considered to rely on her face to eat, skin care is necessary, and in the entertainment industry, there are many beautiful beauties, maybe you don’t know where to run out of a younger generation to grab your place.

However, Ji Qingwan felt that it would not last long to be a vase by her appearance alone, so she learned some modeling and acting skills.

“Ding Ding Ding—”

The mask alarm clock on the side sounded, interrupting her thinking about tomorrow’s contract. She opened her eyes and turned off the alarm clock, got up to uncover the mask and walked to the bathroom.

Half an hour later, Ji Qingwan smeared the essence and returned to the room. Before he walked into the bed, he heard the ding-dong sound of the phone’s WeChat, which was shocked.

She turned on the phone in confusion. As soon as the lock screen was opened, the Weibo interface that she had not logged out just popped up.

On that row of hot search lists, the first one that was marked in red was flashing with four big characters at the top at this time.

——[Su Ze responded. 】

Ji Qingyan raised his eyebrows when he watched this title, and he really said that Cao Cao had arrived.

She clicked on Su Ze’s Weibo homepage, and first saw his irrelevant Weibo, as well as his latest posting time.

Three minutes ago, she was still washing her face.

With your fingertips swiping, the interface shows the latest release.

Su Ze sz: [I have always been very grateful to senior Ji Qingwan for taking care of us. We are only purely predecessor and have no relationship other than that. There are other people in the photo. It is not true to report. I am sorry to predecessor. It has caused trouble, and I hope you can treat it rationally, thank you. ]

Ji Qingwan glanced a few times and opened the comment area below. It was basically all compliments and beliefs from his fans. Some even said that Ji Qingwan’s people were too proud to be worthy of the like.

There were too many comments, and she felt a little funny after turning a few pages.

Su Ze’s personal settings are quite good, and he is a good actor who respects his predecessors and knows how to be polite.

In contrast to the brief response she sent earlier, it seemed that her predecessor was a bit stingy and arrogant.

Really a good junior.

Ji Qingwan pulled her lower lip. After reading it halfway, she remembered the sound of WeChat just now. When she was about to quit Weibo, the caller interface popped up on the screen. She looked at the foreign number above and raised her eyebrows and raised her eyebrows. .

“Oh, the star of the season is very hot, and they are all on hot search.” As

soon as the call was connected, the other party’s voice came first.

Ji Qingwan chuckled when he heard the words, “I’m afraid that Ren Shao’s jet lag is a bit long. It’s all yesterday, and I don’t have me today.”

Ren Youzhou sighed, “Ji Qingwan, I was finally released. As soon as you open it, it’s the Weibo sent by your rumored boyfriend. I’ll come to comfort you right away. Your words are too unsympathetic.”

“Comfort?” Ji Qingwan raised his eyebrows, “Should it not be that you need comfort?”

Ren You Zhou squinted: “Ji Qingwan, do you want to fight, don’t you?”

Ji Qingwan threatened him and didn’t care, took off his phone and looked at the time, “You can get up at 8 o’clock in the morning at your place?”

Ren Youzhou tugged and said: “My old man gets up for morning exercises, can I accompany you?”

Ji Qingwan didn’t believe it at all, and sneered, “Can you say something to make people believe?”

Ren Youzhou: “…”

Ren Jiliang The family is a family friend, and Ji Qingwan met Ren Youzhou at the age of three. The ideal of this person since childhood is to be a leisurely, rich, and land-based young master.

However, the day was not fulfilled, and the grandfather Ren family broke his bank card directly after he went to university and drove him to Switzerland in person, commonly known as experience.

On the day he went abroad, Ji Qingwan sent him away with a smile, but even if he went abroad, he would be the same as he hadn’t. He ran back more than once during the period, and he would complain once in the circle of friends every day. What is making noise, may be suppressed by others.

The two scolded each other a few words, and Ren Youzhou said in a tone of order to his subordinates: “Master, I will return home this Sunday, remember to come and pick me up.”

Ji Qingyan raised his eyebrows when he heard the words, “If Shao Ren doesn’t mind going on the hot search on the first day of returning home, I will naturally wait for you at the airport.”

Ren Youzhou was quiet for three seconds, “Forget it, don’t see you.”

Ji Qingwan was amused, “Okay, come back and send me a message then, hang up, I’m going to get some beauty sleep.”

Ren Youzhou prepared to talk a few more words, but Ji Qingwan was too lazy to talk to him and cut off decisively. Phone.

The screen interface returned to Weibo. She scanned Su Ze’s Weibo and found that the number of comments he responded to was obviously not very popular.

This is a bit unusual.

Ji Qingwan glanced a few times and swiped his fingertips to return to the hot search list. He never thought that the page went blank, and the four characters inaccessible were displayed in the center.


Ji Qingwan thought for a moment that she had no signal and network. She glanced at the mark in the upper right corner and everything was normal.

She refreshed the page several times, but it was still inaccessible.

Is this Weibo… collapsed?

Ji Qingwan tilted his head. Su Ze’s matter was not so hot at all. There was obviously other news coming out. Although I don’t know what happened, it seems a bit intense.

“Ding Dong—” The

familiar reminder sounded, and Ji Qingwan remembered the information that she hadn’t had time to read just now. She opened the WeChat and found that Xia Xia had sent it to her.

She flipped through the first few articles about Su Ze, but the latest one was a bit inexplicable.

[Mr. Wan, my mood today is like a roller coaster. ]

Season late Qing did not understand [what? ]

Sciascia: [You see micro-blog yet? ]

Ji Qingwan explained: [Weibo broke down, I can’t see it. ]

Sciascia sigh: [Sure enough, this information everyone can not stand. ] After

sending it, she sent another emoticon, [I want to hold back not crying. jpg]

Ji Qingwan felt funny, [what’s the matter? 】

She guessed, [Nothing happened to me, Su Ze makes you sad? ]

Sciascia: [Bah! He counts as a fart! 】

【It’s my male god! Something happened to our Meiyu! ]

Season late Qing blinked, not a moment to remember who she God is male, Sciascia and she dumped directly on a link.

She felt strange, but she had already clicked on the string of addresses, and the system automatically jumped to the Weibo interface.

The previous unavailable refresh refreshed, and the bomb sent a familiar revelation sign.

Looking down, I saw the hot search mark in Weibo at a glance.

——Meanquan Entertainment:【 Burst! Sheng Yu, a male god who has not had a trip for many days, drove his car to escort his sweetheart, and when he got off the car, he sweetly carried luggage and arranged his hat for the other woman! ! Crit! ! And the sweetheart is fully armed, suspected to be insiders! ! ]

Ji Qingwan’s eyes paused slightly, and an unusual sense of familiarity struck her heart.

Escort, carry luggage, organize hats.

She frowned, her fingertips slid down, revealing the pictures of the Nine Palaces underneath.

Without clicking to open, Ji Qingwan can clearly see the familiar surrounding road vehicles in the photo, himself holding his luggage, and the delicate profile of the man on the opposite side wearing a peaked cap.

Her mind was empty for a few seconds.

Finger touched the screen and accidentally swiped down to refresh Weibo.

In the next second, the phone made a “dingdong” sound, and the new content was sent out.

Ji Qingwan had a fingertips.

The refreshed headline Weibo shows the conspicuous Weibo name and a sentence with a tone that she is familiar with.

——Sheng Yuv: [Sorry not, just the driver:)]

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