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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 20

Ding Xiaorou toasted to celebrate that she was able to stay and felt that she and Chi Xin were quite like them. They all stayed for their dreams. It was a dream to wake him up. He couldn’t help but ridicule him. He was probably a vacuum cleaner. . When I was eating hot pot, the sky suddenly rained heavily. I was late to pick up the jacket and let Xiaorou cover the induction cooker. Then I rushed to the room to get the water-shield cloth, ready to continue eating in the rain. Ding Xiaorou looked late and was wet by the rain, intimately used a towel to help him wipe the body, late and affectionately looked at Ding Xiaorou, could not help but heart.

After eating, I picked up the guitar and played the song romantically. Xiaorou applauded and applauded on the side, and then they both went back to the room to rest. I was too late to look at the name of Xiaorou’s modified network. I couldn’t help but laugh. When I thought about the photos, I was worried about it. I was worried that the photos would be published. The next day, Chi Xin came to find Liang Liang, warning him not to move Ding Xiaorou a hair, let him be self-sufficient, then resigned and left the company, the company’s colleagues talked about it, he felt that he was dug away by other companies at high prices.

He Mingzhu spoke to Ding Xiaorou and regretted that he was watching the concertwith Yongzheng . It was really boring. It was better to go to her house to eat hot pot. I was late to eat and say goodbye to the people working under the hand, telling them that they are tired, and have not found a new company. They plan to take a break and say that they have no way to take them away. Ze about Ding slightly weakened to go out, have a meal big case told her to find her, after slightly weakened very happy to hear the other side, and the letter late Shoudexia several small drink and chat partners, we are very reluctant to leave late letter, especially Yongzheng, he has been doing it for a long time.

When Ding Xiaorou had good news, he wanted to tell Chi Xin that he was not at home. After he had sent his letter to the drunkenness, he walked down the road and thought about the company. After all, this was his struggle for many years. s company. After a long time, she couldn’t help but come to the window painting of Xiaorou’s design. When she remembered what she had said at the charity dinner, she couldn’t help but warm up. Zheng Ze took Ding Xiaorou to see the customer and told her that there was no limit to the budget of the window design. When Mao saw Ding Xiaorou, he said that he liked the match heaven that she designed, and she saw the rare emotion from her works. Mao gave a photo of Xiaorou a ginkgo tree, let her design according to the photo, and gave her a black card to tell her that there is no limit on the budget.

After being awake by the alarm clock, I saw that it was very late and immediately woke up to get ready to go to work. After returning to God, I found that I didn’t have to go to work, and went back to sleep. After I woke up, I arranged things for my vacation. The director called and let When he was late to talk about sponsorship, Mr. Mao asked him to cooperate with Xiaorou’s work and would consider continuing to sponsor. The director told Yongzheng that they would let Yan Liang take over the late-tune program, and swear by Zhang to declare their sovereignty and tell them to do things. Xiaorou was happily shaking his hand in the window. He was very worried when he was late. He hurriedly pulled her back. Xiaorou reported to Zheng Ze on the work situation. After hearing it, he couldn’t help but vomit.

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