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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 21

Chi letter to see Ding slightly weakened in the car fell asleep, looking at her sleeping face remembered after their stay in the mountains of experience, gently stroking her face, get off Ding slightly weakened see direct surroundings shocked, and quickly let I am quick to grasp myself and worry that my heart will jump too fast and sleep. Ding Xiaorou did not believe that this was the end. He repeatedly asked the drivers who sent them over, and had to believe that there was a person in the room to entertain them. The boss enthusiastically found the old-fashioned bicycle and felt that he could ride well according to the length of his late leg. Ding Xiaorou sat in the position of the rear car, accidentally bumped a bit, and quickly hugged the late letter, the late letter was shocked a lot, then smiled happily. Zheng Ze alone took the food to feed Ding Xiaoruo’s pet. When he came over and saw him greet him, Zheng Ze worried about Ding Xiaorou’s safety and asked about her whereabouts. He told him not to worry, he thought he was a very good person.

Ding Xiaomoo was late to ride to the destination and asked the people around him. He found that the photo was already more than 20 years ago. Now he has covered the house. Ding Xiaorou sits in a chair and plays with the child, and encourages him to persist. I want to pursue my own dreams. He Mingzhu saw that he was catching a cold, and he took a good shot for him. He also put on a mask and asked him if he was late to leave. He felt very strange when he was reminded, because he was never willing to do it. thing.

Ding Xiaorou came to a family, negotiated with her to plant trees in her house, and let her open the conditions casually, but the person did not look at the money, drove them out, and did not give up and went to find the big sister, not a while I was bombarded and asked about the reason. I learned that because the house was built by the old man at home, they liked to move a chair bubble tea when they were fine. This house is important for her mother. It is not allowed to have any in the yard. Change. Ding Xiaorou walked on the road in disappointment, accidentally stepped on the air and fell, and lately hurriedly pulled it. She saw that the following did not deeply deliberately prank her hand, and then pulled her up. Suddenly rushed over a fat man, let them not tell Ahua sister about their whereabouts, Ahua sister caught up with the broom, accidentally fell to the ground, Ding Xiaorou enthusiastically sent her home, saw the wall child mischief After painting the painting, he asked Ahua to cooperate, and under the persuasion of the late letter, agreed with her thoughts. When Ding Xiaorou was sitting in the car, the phone kept ringing in the phone. In order not to worry everyone, he decided to take a photo and send it to a circle of friends.

When Zheng Ze was in the company’s meeting, he was received a message from Xiaorou. He was happy when he saw the circle of friends. His face was heavy and he kept calling and stopped answering the phone. The assistant said that someone came to him. Zheng Zeyi was immersed in Ding Xiaorou’s affairs. He did not want to take care of it. After hearing Ding Xiaorou’s friend, he changed his attitude and commented on her. After coming in, he found that he was a late colleague, Liang Dingrou. From the head to find Zheng Ze, invited him to shoot the show.

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