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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 19

After Ding Ma saw the video sent by Chi Xin , she was very complicated and deeply touched . She gradually understood the reason why her daughter Ding Xiaorou wanted to stay. She came to Xiaorou’s company to see her daughter’s personally designed window display. Let him help to take pictures of himself and keep it as a commemoration. Ding Ma suddenly changed her mind and felt that the city was quite good. She told Ding Ma that she stayed behind and believed that she would pay for it one day and would be rewarded. I believe that Xiaorou is also like this. Xiaorou returned home and learned that Ding went out to relax, picked up the food on the table and ate it. After hearing the knocking on the door, she pretended to go to bed to sleep. Ding Ma checked the temperature of the food and knew that Xiaorou was deliberately hiding. I didn’t call her up.

Ding Ma picked up the soft and soft design, remembered the letter of her letter to her, and was willing to give Xiaorou the time to grow up. The next day, she found that Ding Ma had sneaked home, and prepared breakfast for herself. Congratulations to her window. The design won the grand prize, let her help. Thank you for your late letter, don’t worry about yourself, and you are quite comfortable in your hometown. Xiaorou eats her mother’s breakfast, touches her tears and picks up the happy moment. After the letter, the company found that its program ratings increased, and happily came to the office, opened the newly received courier, and saw that it was tracking the photos of Ding Xiaorou, and found it in an angry way.

I don’t want to violate the principle of being a man. He said that it is illegal to do so. He said that he must let the letter leave, otherwise he will send the photo, threaten him with Ding Xiaorou, let him make his own choice, and warn him with a late warning. Don’t mess around, won’t let him succeed. After signing the contract, Zheng Ze remembered the external contract of the letter that Ding Xiaorou had handed over. He looked at the thoughts and thought that Ding Xiaorou came back and immediately went to find her. Ding Xiaorou did not hide from him this time, but he got along as before, so Zheng Ze should not think too much.

After seeing the ingredients in the refrigerator, Ding Xiaorou invited Nanxun , Zheng Ze, He Mingzhu , Chi Xin and others to eat hot pot to eat hot pot at home. Zheng Ze had an important date and could only eat again next time. He Mingzhu happened to happen. Something happened, the call was over and it was impossible to pass. Nancy suddenly added two operations and could not be present. He was looking at the face of heavy confidence and invited him to go to the concert. He was late to know that he would date He Mingzhu and he would not bother them. Xiaorou thought that only one person to eat hot pot, I did not expect to have a late letter to accompany myself, the mood immediately became much better.

I was late to see Xiaorou eating very spicy, specially prepared the garlic sauce, the original Xiaorou still did not believe it, after a good taste, I found it quite delicious. Late to prepare to start the hot pot, Xiaorou specially opened the lights on the balcony to increase the atmosphere, picked up the cup and expressed gratitude to the late letter, thank him for helping to keep himself, and can continue to complete the dream. Chi Xin felt that all of this was the result of her hard work. Ding Ma agreed to let her stay, but she also strived for strength.

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