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Where Fairy Gourd

Where Fairy Gourd (Novel)
Other Name: พันธกานต์ปราณอัคคี / 凡女仙葫

Genre: novel
Dong Thian De Li Li Ye (冬天 的 柳叶)
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However, never mind that once the soul had crossed the world She is not just an unfortunate girl in the countryside. When a battle man came to take her back to the family of his father’s ascetics

Since then, her life has suddenly changed. Nonetheless, her talents were not as extraordinary as her father had ‘Surathip’ helped and led her on a path that ordinary people could only dream of.

On this route, there is still a story that she did not expect. Both go on adventures, defeat demons, defeat monsters Planting herbs, smelt medicine Being persecuted and discouraged because of weakness and being no different from being a servant

And was unable to prepare himself to find a deep flavor that he could not withdraw An irresistible attraction that ties her to him helplessly apart.

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