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Flight to You 向风而行 Episode 7 Recap

The passenger apologized to Li Yuheng, and Li Yuheng didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, so he didn’t pursue it anymore. Before leaving, the passenger murmured, “This time is really unlucky.” This is not the first time he harassed the stewardess. Cheng Xiao was worried that he would disturb the flight safety, so he called the police on the spot despite Ai Jia’s dissuasion.

When Gu Nanting was about to take off, he suddenly received a notice from the control tower, and only then did he know that Cheng Xiao went to the cabin to deal with the accident without his consent, and called the police without his consent. Cheng Xiao repeatedly explained the reason, but Gu Nanting gave her a hard lesson and explained the stakes to her, only then did Cheng Xiao realize the seriousness of the problem.

The police arrived quickly, but the passenger refused to cooperate with the investigation and made excuses in every possible way. Ai Jia wanted to produce Cheng Xiao’s recorded evidence to testify against him, so the passenger obediently followed the police to get off the plane. Gu Nanting re-applied to the control tower for the departure time. Due to too many flights, he had to wait for an hour. Seeing the thick fog at the airport, Cheng Xiao blamed himself very much. Song Song said good things for Cheng Xiao,

The passengers stood up and protested after waiting too long, and the flight attendants had no choice but to appease them one by one. The fog is getting bigger and bigger, the visibility at the airport is too low, the flight has to be cancelled, and the departure will be rescheduled early tomorrow morning. Gu Nanting broadcasts this notice to the passengers, and the cabin immediately explodes. Jia explained the situation to everyone through the radio, and apologized to them again and again, and the passengers got off the plane with their luggage.

Dani was going to Sanya to visit her father who was seriously ill. She suddenly received a call from her family and learned that her father was critically ill and would not survive tonight. Thinking about going to Sanya on tonight’s flight, Cheng Xiao took the luggage out of the cabin, Dani poured out all her anger on Cheng Xiao, and it was useless for Cheng Xiao to explain desperately. Ai Jia and Xia Zhi persuaded Dani to go to the lounge after talking hard, and Dani kept crying to them.

Cheng Xiao found out that there were still tickets for the flight from Quanzhou to Sanya, so he asked Ai Jia to ask for Dani’s ID card. She spent more than 4,000 yuan for it. Dani bought a ticket from Quanzhou to Sanya, but the high-speed train from Luzhou Airport to Quanzhou Airport was out of tickets. Ai Jia wanted to take a taxi to take Dani there. Since all the flights were cancelled, there must be a long queue of people taking taxis.

Cheng Xiao went to Gu Nanting to help send Dani off. Gu Nanting’s car was at the company. He called an online car-hailing car and took Dani to Quanzhou Airport in person. He watched Dani go through the security check before leaving in peace. Cheng Xiao called Gu Nanting to express his gratitude, and promised to find an opportunity to repay him. Cheng Xiao added Gu Nanting’s WeChat and asked him to drive him home.

Early the next morning, Gu Nanting led the crew to fly back to Sanya. Before leaving, he gave Li Yuheng thousands of instructions, and Cheng Xiao saw everything in his eyes. The plane was running smoothly, Cheng Xiao casually talked about the last trip to Sanya, Gu Nanting reminded her to pay attention to the situation at the landing airport, Cheng Xiao had to shut up.

The plane was about to arrive at Sanya Phoenix Airport. There were thick clouds in front of us, and the plane was turbulent. When Li Yuheng went to the cabin to appease the passengers, he suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous.

Ai Jia hurriedly helped her into the lounge. Cheng Xiao applied to the ground to lower the flight altitude. Gu Nanting was calm and calm, and the plane quickly returned to a stable flight. Gu Nanting piloted the plane to land smoothly. When he met Li Yuheng head-on, he comforted Li Yuheng. Cheng Xiao and Song Song looked at each other and smiled.

Today is New Year’s Eve, the company specially reserved sea view rooms for the crew, and let them spend New Year’s Eve in the presidential suite, Gu Nanting insisted on staying in ordinary rooms. Xia Zhi asks Song Song to dry-clean her clothes. Song Song is calling his girlfriend Yueyue. He is very impatient with Xia Zhi. Xia Zhi deliberately yells Song Song to hug her.

On New Year’s Eve, the flight crew got together to exchange glasses. Gu Nanting excused his alcohol allergy and refused to drink. Li Yuheng revealed to his face that he was no longer allergic, and Ai Jia poured Gu Nanting a glass of wine. Xia Zhi learned that Gu Nanting and Li Yuheng were childhood friends, so she couldn’t help but whisper to Cheng Xiao. Cheng Xiao saw that Li Yuheng liked Gu Nanting very much.

Li Yuheng was overwhelmed with alcohol, and soon became drunk, she quietly hid aside, Gu Nanting hurried over to greet her, and asked Xia Zhi to send Li Yuheng back to the room, Cheng Xiao pretended to be too drunk to pester Xia Zhi, Gu Nanting had to send Li Yuheng back to the room.

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