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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 10 Recap

Li Dai also came to the party, and snatched Qin Shi’s tea as soon as she came, but Qin Shi didn’t care about her. Partner Lao Ma inquired about Yanghua’s occupation and company, but Qin Shi made excuses to avoid him. Li Dai also inquired about Yanghua’s work abroad, but Qin Shi didn’t answer directly. From Li Dai’s words, Qin Shi learned that she was recommended by Mr. Hua, and she was also trying to win the position of partner.

At the beginning of the dinner, Lao Jin said that the eleventh floor of the law firm is the core layer of the company, with a total of seven lawyers. This time they are going to select a lawyer from the Family Department and the Criminal Department to enter the Eleventh Floor. He hopes that everyone who joins the Eleventh Floor can become Cheng Yuhui’s lifelong partner.

During the dinner, Yanghua persuaded Qin Shi to chat more with his partners, but Qin Shi was also distressed that he had no topic to talk about. When Li Dai heard this, he couldn’t help but satirized Qin Shi a few words, but Yanghua also defended Qin Shi, thinking that Qin Shi and Li Dai is different, which makes Li Dai very depressed.

Qin Shi wanted to join the partner’s discussion topic, but found that they were all about tobacco, wine and tea, and she, a female lawyer, couldn’t get in the way at all. On the other hand, Yanghua, who is in the family circle, can’t get involved in the topics among these wives at all. In the end, both of them were asked how they think about the pressure of the industry as a female lawyer. , difficult for those who do not know. On the other hand, Yanghua also said that for Qin Shi, work is a kind of enjoyment, and working is also the most attractive moment.

Some of the partners think that the existence of professional women is simply unreasonable, and the existence of women should be husbands and children. Qin Shi disagreed with this. She used an example of eating watermelon with her brother when she was a child, thinking that to tell whether a person treats each other sincerely is to exchange, to see if the other party is equally happy. Qin Shi asked the partners whether it was difficult for them to work at home, and letting professional women return to the family was actually a promotion and a salary cut in disguise.

Qin Shi also believes that whether to work or not is entirely a personal choice, and has nothing to do with gender. Qin Shi asked his partners one by one, thinking that the choice between career and family is not only faced by women, but also by men. The partner thinks that Qin Shi is prejudiced against men, Yang Hua rushes to the rescue, explaining that Qin Shi loves his job too much.

In today’s social environment, men have more advantages and are encouraged to pay more attention to their careers. But this is not an absolute thing. He thinks that Qin Shi is a very good lawyer. If the two of them had to choose between family and career, he would choose family. These remarks left all the partners speechless, and also made Qin Shi applaud in his heart.

Li Dai deliberately calls to expose Yang Hua’s concealed marriage status to go on a blind date, and Yang Hua also remembers that Li Dai was her blind date. The two looked for a place to talk alone, and Li Dai asked Yanghua why she was married and went on a blind date, but Yanghua didn’t explain much. At this time, Qin Shi and Tang Yihui approached her, and Li Dai directly said that Yanghua’s appearance at Tang Yihui’s 20th wedding anniversary celebration was to have a blind date with her instead of surprising Qin Shi.

Under such circumstances, Qin Shi asked Yanghua whether Yanghua’s behavior that day was what Yanghua thought or whether Yang’s mother deliberately made things difficult for her, although Yanghua admitted that Yang’s mother did it. However, Li Dai still suspected that the two had forged their married identities, but they were not married at all. In order to make up for the loopholes in the lie, Yang Hua lied that he had lost his job a year ago. In order not to make Qin Shi dislike him, he kept hiding it.

Lao Jin saw the news and learned that Lowe International Fund had never established a personal foundation in China, and that all projects in Lowe’s country had nothing to do with Lowe International. On the other side, Mr. Lan packed her luggage and was about to fly abroad, but Tao Junhui led people to chase her and stopped her halfway. Mr. Jiang of Yunya Group asked him to investigate Lowe Magnolia by himself. Since last year, Mr. Jiang has discovered that Lowe Magnolia has many problems.

Now he has the right to suspect that Lowe Magnolia has cheated investors, forged business data and other illegal activities. Now Lowe Magnolia has been sued by Lowe International, Mr. Lan is no longer able to go abroad, and Pang Dingfang, the head of Lowe Magnolia, has also been investigated by the judicial department.

Cheng & Hui Law Firm does not accept any cases related to Lowe Magnolia, the main reason is also for the sake of the reputation of the law firm. Whether a lawsuit can be won or not is not decided by the lawyer. The lawyer can only help the client recover losses and avoid risks to the greatest extent. Looking at these cases from Mr. Jin’s point of view, although there is no problem winning, Lowe Magnolia is unable to repay all the debts, so the lawyer cannot help the client get back the money. Qin Shi has always felt that although Cheng Yuhui has many shortcomings, it is also a clean stream in the industry. Yanghua thinks that Mr. Jin’s refusal to take the case of Lowe Magnolia is not because of personal relationships, and on the other hand, Li Dai also analyzes with his subordinates that Mr. Jin’s move is to find a better time to take the case.

Because of the partner dinner last time, the current situation of Qin Shi and Yang Hua is a bit complicated. In order to be able to move into the 11th floor smoothly, Qin Shi hopes that Yanghua can temporarily act as a perfect house cook before that. But in the previous lie, the two already had a two-and-a-half-year-old son, so they had to imagine some situations for this.

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