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Cang Lan Jue (Love Between Fairy and Devil)

Name: Cang Lan Jue (Love Between Fairy and Devil), ของรักของข้า, 苍兰诀, 苍兰诀

Type: ONA
Episodes: 24
Aired: Jul 15, 2022
Producers: iQIYI
Source: Web Novel
Genres: Fantasy, Romance


“Dongfang Qingchang”, the great Demon Lord, has been sealed for thousands of years. when resurrected He had initiated a battle between God and Demon Lord. However, his power had not yet fully recovered. causing him to be severely wounded by the War God Jiu Yuan in order to escape the Demon Lord and the Little Fairy. “Xiao Lanhua” exchanged souls. However, Xiao Lanhua did not want to control the Demon Lord’s power. Instead, he shook his hand and destroyed his body.

The two were in a dilemma that needed to use the same body. They set out in despair in search of a new body. when faced with many problems And then the chaotic Xiaolanhua fell in love with Dongfang Qingchang. However, she didn’t know that Dongfang Qingchang had only used her as a tool for resurrection. under the peace The grand schemes continued in silence.

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