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Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 Episode 8 Recap

Cheng Weijie learned that Xiao Yan called the police and took Cheng Weiliang away, and angrily scolded her for being nosy. Neither Cheng Weixiu nor Cheng Weijie wanted to stay and take care of Cheng Guodong. They both blamed each other and put all the blame on Xiao Yan. Bai Zhu accused Xiao Yan of being inhumane, and even called the police to arrest Cheng Weiliang. Xiao Yan didn’t want to explain too much. Cheng Guodong was noisy after waking up. He had to close the window for a while and drink water for a while. Cheng Weixiu was very disturbed. Cheng Weijie sat on the side playing with his mobile phone, and Cheng Weixiu ignored it.

Cheng Guodong incontinently pulled it into his pants, Cheng Weijie made an excuse to leave, and Cheng Weixiu also left in frustration. Jiang Shan and the nurse helped Cheng Guodong change out of his dirty clothes. Bai Zhu felt that all these troubles were caused by Xiao Yan’s troubles, and Xiao Yan still didn’t explain it. Cheng Weiliang came later, Cheng Guodong burst into tears with excitement, Cheng Weiliang thanked Xiao Yan, he finally figured out that he should not do anything to Cheng Guodong, Bai Zhu learned that all this was carefully arranged by Xiao Yan, and only then did she understand her good intentions.

Jiang Shan’s husband, Xianyun, was in a car accident before marriage. Jiang Shan married him without any hesitation, and took care of Xianyun, who was paralyzed in bed. Tang Hua learned about Jiang Shan’s experience from Linzhi’s mouth, and felt sighed in his heart. Jiang Shan couldn’t get a taxi after waiting for a long time. Lu Pingan drove by and took the initiative to take her home.

He Chunsheng fell into a coma on the plane because of a wound infection. He was sent to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Xu Yiran and Bai Zhu came to hear the news. Seeing that the wound on He Chunsheng’s leg was beginning to rot, they called his wife and learned that He Chunsheng had an appointment with friends. Going to climb the mountain, but was bitten by a cobra on the mountain, Xu Yiran and Bai Zhu discussed and decided to treat He Chunsheng with detoxification.

Lu Pingan sent Jiang Shan downstairs. He was worried and went up with Jiang Shan to help. When they entered the door, they saw Xianyun lying on the ground. Xianyun wanted to boil water for Jiang Shan to drink after get off work, but accidentally burned his leg. He also wet his pants, Lu Ping’an picked up Xianyun without saying a word, helped him bandage the wound, and changed his wet clothes. The urine stained Lu Ping’an’s clothes. Jiang Shan wanted Lu Ping’an to change into Xianyun’s. Clothes, Lu Pingan declined on the pretext that there were spare clothes in the car, he settled Xianyun, and left with him. Xianyun was very grateful to him. Jiang Shan sent Lu Pingan downstairs, and Lu Pingan called a friend to help hire a nurse to take care of Xianyun.

Bai Zhu asked the nurse to inject anti-venom serum into He Chunsheng, but He Chunsheng’s condition became more and more serious. Bai Zhu deduced that he was not in a coma caused by snake venom, but could not find the reason. Xianyun felt that he had implicated Jiang Shan, and Jiang Shan could not have his own children. He wanted Jiang Shan to live a better life, but his body did not allow it. Instead, Jiang Shan comforted him not to think wildly.

Lu Pingan called a general practitioner to discuss He Chunsheng’s treatment plan. Xiao Yan had encountered similar patients abroad, and it was inferred that He Chunsheng had been infected with group A streptococcus in monkey feces, which was necrotizing fasciitis, which is rare in legends of flesh-eating disease, Bai Zhu and Xu Yiran explained the situation to He Chunsheng’s wife. If the amputation was not performed in time, He Chunsheng’s life would be in danger at any time, and his wife reluctantly signed the consent form.

Xiao Nan, a male student in the third year of high school, suddenly became dizzy. His mother took him to the emergency room for examination. Xiao Yan carefully checked his examination results and found nothing abnormal. His mother believed that Xiao Nan was truancy and pretending to be ill. Xiao Yan suggested that he do a brain CT, but his mother refused to do it. , forcibly took Xiao Nan away. The more Xiao Yan thought about it, the more wrong, she chased out to find the mother and son, who had already disappeared into the vast crowd. The ambulance brought the burn patient, Xiao Yan hurriedly threw himself into the intensive rescue work.

His mother sent Xiaonan to school and encouraged him to study hard. After graduating from university, he took the civil service exam. Xiaonan suddenly fainted and his mother rushed him to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Xiao Yan and the medical staff tried their best to rescue Xiao Nan and finally brought Xiao Nan to life. She arranged for Xiao Nan to do a CT scan of the brain, and it was found that Xiao Nan had cerebral hemorrhage, a post-brain hemorrhage that could be life-threatening at any time, and the bleeding continued. Begging Xiao Yan to save Xiao Nan. Lu Pingan held a disease analysis meeting. Since Xiaonan’s bleeding site was very dangerous, everyone could do nothing. Xiao Yan immediately decided to take a risk and perform craniotomy for Xiaonan.

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