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Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 Episode 1 Recap

Nan Xing (Shen Yue), who is keen on novel writing and is very narcissistic, is walking home alone, and encounters a strange man to strike up a conversation. The man wanted to go to the signing party with Nan Xing, but unexpectedly bumped into Nan Xing’s heroic act of righteousness and left in a panic.

Nanxing sent the thief to the police station and continued to go back to school to train discus throwing. She told her friends that she was going to Lu Zichen (played by Luo Mingjie) for an interview at the company, and Nan Xing wanted to be Lu Zichen’s assistant.

Nan Xing’s father and younger brother passed away, and Nan Xing lived with her mother. She has always been keen on writing novels, often fantasizing herself as a heroine, and marrying her idol Lu Zichen.

Netizens have seen the trailer of Nanxing’s novel and questioned the plot she wrote, thinking that she is only addicted to the male protagonist, and the plot is not ups and downs enough. Nanxing decided to add more characters to the plot and summoned Xiao Wudi (played by Chen Zheyuan), a handsome villain with intelligence and force above everything else.

Mother Nanxing recognizes Xiao Wudi in the novel, after all, his character design is more handsome. Nan Xing disagreed and ran to Fairy Spring to make a wish. After being stimulated by the couple next to him, he made a wish to have unforgettable love.

The fortune-telling fairy next to Fairy Spring fulfilled her, and at the moment she made a wish, the coin necklace Nan Xing was wearing fell into the spring water. Nan Xing grabbed the coin subconsciously, but saved a handsome man, who was Xiao Wudi. Nan Xing thought he was dreaming, but he didn’t think it was a reality.

After falling into the water, Xiao Wudi woke up and found himself in Nan Xing’s arms. He didn’t understand why he was here. Nan Xing pushed Xiao Wudi away and wanted to go home quickly, thinking that Xiao Wudi had a penchant for costumes and hung around in costumes at night. Xiao Wudi wondered, he was supposed to be in the Ming Dynasty, and he didn’t know how to get here.

After Xiao Wudi shook off Nanxing, he was walking on the street alone, and was surrounded by passers-by and sisters, who praised him for looking good in ancient clothes. Xiao Wudi pretended to cater, but didn’t quite understand the modern situation.

In order not to let himself be exposed, Xiao Wudi sneaked into the library late at night, read the history books, and found that he had traveled five hundred years later, but he still didn’t know why he came here. The strange thing was that he could always feel Nanxing’s feelings. call.

Nan Xing went to Lu Zichen’s company for an interview, and his performance on the spot was not very good. The interviewer asked her what advantages she had. Nanxing said that she had no work experience or related experience, and only had the heart to not give up. When she saw Lu Zichen enter the interview room, she was even more speechless. Ye Qing (played by Qu Jingjing), as Lu Zichen’s long-term partner, Lu Zichen thanked her in front of the media.

Nan Xing knew that he could not be selected, so he could only leave quietly, but when he left the company, because he was not used to wearing high-heeled shoes, he stuck his heels on the ground. None of the people coming and going around helped Nan Xing, and the couple drinking coffee next to her laughed at her. Nan Xing felt embarrassed, and she kept calling for help from the bottom of her heart.

When Xiao Wudi heard Nan Xing’s call, he immediately flashed from the library tube to her. It happened that someone was sending roses, Xiao Wudi took the roses and gave them to Nanxing, and helped her out of the siege.

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