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A Romance of the Little Forest 两个人的小森林 Episode 1 Recap

A Romance of the Little Forest 两个人的小森林 Episode 1 Recap

In a business car driving on the road, a beautiful woman is eating breakfast gently, this is Poppy. Makeup is not taken off, as long as the mouth is wide enough, lipstick can not be rubbed off. The assistant next to her recommended today’s new product to her. The beauty blogger talked while trying the color, and found that the color rendering of this lipstick was extremely poor, and it was very difficult to remove it.

However, why not choose the right price for the same reason, just pick up another lipstick, the price is only one-eighth of Heshi, and the color rendering is also very good. However, the assistant felt that Heshi is a super-big brand, not comparable to other small brands, but Poppy believes that the ingredients of lipstick are wax, oil, softener, fragrance and pigment, and the difference is nothing more than color. When it arrives, there is no need to recommend it. After speaking, return the box to the little assistant and ask her to tell Mr. Jin not to pick it up.

Immediately after the car arrived at the destination, Yu Meiren got off the car, and many photographers immediately came to take pictures of her. And Yu Meiren, who returned home, could not escape the part of removing her makeup. After a while, Jin Xi called her and complained that she refused to cooperate with Shi. He, the CEO, smiled and wrinkled in order to make the brand square face. , but this is a matter of principle, poppies can’t go against their conscience, let alone Heshi and Rami. This made Jin Xi a little interested. He Shi and La Mi have the same status, and belong to the relationship of competing products. If he takes He Shi, it will cut off La Mi’s way. She is a loyal and old user of La Mi’s family, and she also gave him a sweet talk to let him turn this wild spokesperson into a regular.

In the evening, Zhuang Yu was looking for rare plants in the woods with a flashlight. When he was tired, he camped in the wild, grinding and brewing coffee with his own hands. Colleagues in Zhuang Yu’s research room are still worried about his life events. Every time he goes out like this, it takes ten days and a half months, and he can’t even make a girlfriend. As soon as Zhuang Yu came back, the younger brothers went to greet him and asked him about Artemisia annua. Zhuang Yu had already put the sterile living body and rhizosphere soil samples in the greenhouse. Zhuang Yu is a man with lofty aspirations, with the goal of making China lead the world.

That day, Zhuang Yu found out that there were so many students in class. He picked out a question and asked it, but he couldn’t answer it. Yu Meiren was shooting a promotional video and was praised by President Yuan. She got up early to shoot and put on her own makeup, even saving money for makeup artists. Yu Meiren feels that she has a poor foundation. Fortunately, with these cosmetics like Shaya, every ordinary person can have the ability to become beautiful the day after tomorrow.

The filming of Yu Meiren here is in communication. She originally thought that she chose to shoot here to focus on rural organics, but she did not expect it to be a routine, which made the other party very embarrassed, but she immediately said that she liked it. Only relieved the embarrassment. The staff introduced Lucas to Yu Meiren, and told her that she was a newcomer and needed to be taken care of, and Yu Meiren agreed.

Then when the team got to the place, they saw Zhuang Yu, everyone thought he was Lucas, and Yu Meiren was ready to shoot, but when they got closer, they found out that it was Zhuang Yu, so they had to bite the bullet, but they didn’t follow. Be careful to spill all the plants that Zhuang Yu cultivated. No matter how she apologized, Zhuang Yu always looked cold and was ridiculed for being brainless.

On the way back, Yu Meiren was always gloomy, so Jin Xi specially came to pick her up. Of course, the purpose was not simply to let Yu Meiren cooperate with him in acting. Who would have thought that Yu Meiren didn’t play his wife and ended up playing his mother, but although it was outrageous point, but the other party still believed. In the car, Yu Meiren kept thinking about what Zhuang Yu said.

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