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How did Chi Yu die in “The Romance of Time”

How did Chi Yu die in “The Romance of Time” 《超时空罗曼史》

Chi Yu was killed by Ma Zehao in ” Super Time Romance “. In episode 24, Ma Zehao himself said that he killed Chi Yu, Ma Zehao showed the computer to Qin Yu, and there was a monitor on Jin A. In the video of Yin, he said that this is just a small warning. If he wants to pay the price himself, he will take Jin Ayin back.

Ma Zehao said that Chi Yu was dead, and Xiang Qin Yu wanted to replace him, but Li Long didn’t believe it at first. Under Ma Zehao’s quarrel, General Li Long invited Qin Yu out and knocked Xiang Qin Yu to the ground with an iron rod. Jin Ah-yin received the watch that he had taken to repair before, but he didn’t realize that it was Chi Yu’s watch, and the text messages of Chi Yu and Ma Zehao were recorded on it.

She realized that Xiang Qin Yu was in danger, and no one spoke when she called. She called Li Longda again, but no one answered. Xiang Qin Yu was tied to a post and beaten by Ma Zehao. Ma Zehao beat Xiang Qin Yu with blood, and Xiang Qin Yu was bound and could not resist.

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