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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 20 Recap

Xiao Zhenbang’s officialdom in recent years cannot be separated from the support of his father-in-law Zheng Guangtian. More than 20 years ago, Zheng Guangtian and Zhao’s family had already boarded the same boat. Cao Dalong was detained for a day and felt bored, so he proposed to chat with Chang Zheng privately, provided that the surveillance was turned off.

Chang Zheng ordered Ning Yu to turn off the surveillance, joking that Cao Dalong had been with the Zhao family for more than 20 years, only as a security manager. Cao Dalong couldn’t stand the feeling of being despised, explaining that the security manager seemed to be in vain, but he actually held a lot of power. Chang Zheng was in hot pursuit. Since Cao Dalong is so important, the Zhao family will definitely do whatever it takes to keep Cao Dalong safe. This sentence pierced the weak underbelly, Cao Dalong understood the methods of the Zhao family, and immediately denied it.

Qing Chenglin, Deputy Secretary-General of Changwu Municipal Government, has been following Hana’s developments. Zhao Pengchao picked Hana off work and was called into the office by Qing Chenglin. Zhao Pengchao knew Qing Chenglin’s intention and suggested going straight to the topic. Qing Chenglin analyzed, Zhao Pengchao’s use of Tsuneishi to deal with Chang Zheng is a dangerous step, although he can take advantage of the relationship between Han Ya and Lin Bai to test Han Ya’s current attitude towards the Zhao family. But if Chang Zheng goes his own way, all careful design will fail.

Qing Chenglin asked Cao Dalong again, and Zhao Pengchao believed that Cao Dalong did not need to stay. Qing Chenglin said that he would arrange for the insider of the Public Security Bureau to “solve” Cao Dalong, and also told Zhao Pengchao that Zheng Guangtian had arrived in Changwu.

Chang Zheng attacked Cao Dalong from the side. Cao Dalong repeatedly denied that he had any relationship with Deng Lijun. Chang Zheng borrowed Zhao Pengcheng’s death as a metaphor for the brutality of the Zhao family, and then left the interrogation room on the grounds of going to the toilet, leaving Cao Dalong to calmly analyze how to deal with it next Zhao family.

Zheng Guangtian went to Xiao Zhenbang’s house, his wife Zheng Chunhua urged Xiao Zhenbang to go home, Xiao Zhenbang immediately remembered that after the mine accident, Zheng Guangtian forced himself to do perjury, and before Deng Lijun’s accident, because of trust, he gave the mine accident investigation report to himself for safekeeping, which was later taken by Zheng Guangtian. In the experience of walking, Xiao Zhenbang could not be the master of many things at all, and could only be led by Zheng Guangtian. Thinking of this, Xiao Zhenbang smoked a cigarette and walked home slowly.

Zheng Guangtian clearly told Xiao Zhenbang that he came here because Cao Dalong was arrested, and no matter what method he used, he must help Cao Dalong survive the rest of the time.

Han Ya asked Zhao Pengchao about Tsuneishi, and Zhao Pengchao put all the responsibility on Zhao Pengzhan and Zhao Pengxiang. Knowing the seriousness of the matter, Han Ya offered to persuade Chang Zheng to give up the investigation of the Zhao family, and also asked Zhao Pengchao to persuade Zhao Pengzhan and Zhao Pengxiang to stop pestering Chang Shi.

Xiao Zhenbang rushed back to the bureau to stop the interrogation, but Ning Yu guarded the door of the interrogation room and did not let anyone in. Seeing that he had no choice, when he was about to leave, Chang Zheng suddenly came out to look for cigarettes. It turned out that after analysis, Cao Dalong believed that even if he went out, the Zhao family would not let him go, and he was ready to smoke a cigarette to strengthen his courage and explain everything.

It happened that Xiao Zhenbang had a cigarette with him, so he walked into the interrogation room, knocked a few times with the cigarette butt at the prohibition symbol on the cigarette case, and then handed the cigarette to Cao Dalong’s mouth. Cao Dalong saw that it was Xiao Zhenbang and immediately understood the intention of delivering the cigarette. .

After Xiao Zhenbang left, Cao Dalong immediately changed his attitude again, strongly stating that he had no relationship with the Deng family and his son.

When Qing Chenglin reported to Hana, he mentioned that if the Zhao family was involved in the old mining accident, it would have a great impact on the finances of Changwu City, implying that Hana ordered the termination of the investigation into the mining accident. Hana did not agree. Cheng Lin hurriedly told Zheng Guangtian that Zheng Guangtian was the old leader of Hana, so he called Hana immediately, but Hana was not easy to dismiss.

The Municipal Public Security Bureau quickly issued a decision to stop investigating the mining accident. Li Bodong conveyed the news to Xiao Zhenbang. Xiao Zhenbang asked Li Bodong to announce to the task force that Li Bodong faintly felt the change in Xiao Zhenbang’s attitude, but he was not sure whether he had already boarded a boat with him. , Inconvenient to ask more, and let Zhang Qiufeng convey the notice from the superior.

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