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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 57 Recap

Huan Qin admitted that he had seen Tao Ziqi as a useful person for a long time. Unrepentant, unrepentant. Back then, Huan Qin asked Tao Ziqi to seduce Liu Weiyang, and promised to accompany Tao Ziqi for the rest of his life.

Tao Ziqi gradually became exhausted, and finally fainted in Huan Qin’s arms. Liu Weiyang didn’t want to watch Tao Ziqi die for Huan Qin, desperately trying to save Tao Ziqi, but was blocked by the barrier set up by Huan Qin. Tao Ziqi woke up in a daze. She knew that Huanqin loved power more than her, but she still loved Huanqin deeply and would rather die in his arms. Tao Ziqi died in Huanqin’s arms. Liu Weiyang was heartbroken and sat down on the ground.

Huan Qin threatened to let everyone bury Tao Ziqi with him. He used Qiankun to lead Yan Dan, Yu Mo and Ying Yuan pressed step by step. The three of them joined forces to fight Huan Qin. Yu Mo and Yan Dan were quickly defeated. When the battle came down, Ying Yuan and Huan Qin fought alone, and they were indistinguishable. Yan Dan and Yu Mo attacked Huanqin one after another.

Huanqin was caught by surprise and his arm was cut off. He struggled to continue the fight. Liu Weiyang gradually came to his senses. Not Huan Qin’s opponent, he can win only by cutting off his immortal power from the root. Liu Weiyang ignored Yan Dan, Ying Yuan and Yu Mo’s dissuasion, he jumped up to stop Huan Qin, and fought him to the death. Yuan Li turned the tide.

Marshal Huo De ordered to arrest all of Huan Qin’s henchmen. He elected Ying Yuan as the emperor to preside over the overall situation. All the immortals responded unanimously. Ying Yuan promised to temporarily take charge of the heavens, and he would leave when Huan Qin was arrested and the dust settled. And the attitude is firm, and Marshal Huo De is no longer reluctant.

Ying Yuan knew that Si Mu was a descendant of the Sanyi clan, and he hated Di Zun’s practice of exterminating the Sanyi clan, so he took refuge in Huan Qin. Why didn’t Yuan hate Emperor Zun, Emperor Zun forced Ying Yuan to cut off his love and love, Ying Yuan could only hide Yan Dan in his heart, Ying Yuan didn’t want to explain too much, and Si Mu was not allowed to slander Emperor Zun.

Ying Yuan brought the immortals to the funeral of Emperor Zun and Zhixi, ordered the relocation of the victims of the Jiu-Qin clan to the imperial mausoleum, restored the Jiu-Qin ancestral hall, re-compiled the history of the sky, and also let the Shui clan and the dragon clan come to worship together to establish a memorial for the Jiu-Qin clan. A piece of white jade hero’s tomb was engraved on the martyr’s name, so that the descendants of Dezhao will be blessed forever.

Yan Dan came to Zhixi’s room and saw the relics she left behind. Ying Yuan poured his own blood into the silver needle and asked the immortal servant to take it to save the immortals, Yan Dan could see clearly from the side. Ying Yuan sneaked out a brush and attacked Yan Dan, but Yan Dan cleverly avoided it. She saw that Liu Weiyang was unwilling to face Tao Ziqi’s betrayal until she died, so she decided to forgive Tang Zhou and let Ying Yuan repair her hard work. She turned around and was about to leave, Ying Yuan quietly stood behind her, the two looked at each other with affection.

Ying Yuan took Yan Dan to fly to the heavenly beasts to roam the starry sky. There were countless wishing lamps in the sky. Yan Dan touched the scene and made love. He couldn’t help thinking of Tao Ziqi, Liu Weiyang and Huan Qin’s emotional entanglement. People will definitely think it’s wonderful, but I don’t know what kind of heartbreak the three of them have experienced. Ying Yuan advised her not to worry too much. Yan Dan asked Ying Yuan to help two mortals realize their wishes, and Ying Yuan promised to help her realize what she wanted. think.

When Huan Qin saw the broken love line on his wrist, he couldn’t help thinking of Tao Ziqi. Back then, Tao Ziqi secretly used the broken love line to test and found out that Huan Qin also really loved her. Tao Ziqi was so happy that he swore to help him. Realize your dreams. Huan Qin remembered the past and found that Tao Ziqi was the most loyal to him. He vowed to avenge Tao Ziqi, and Huan Qin used golden wings to restore the destroyed fairy.

Xianjun Yueyao was worried that Huan Qin would come back to kill the upper realm. Marshal Huo De took the initiative to ask Ying to find Huan Qin in the lower realm. Only after finding the three major artifacts can you reshape the fairy, Yan Dan suggests a two-pronged approach.

Si Mu was banished to the mortal world, and he overheard that Huan Qin’s power of ten thousand demons was lost, and Ying Yuan could completely defeat Huan Qin as long as he gathered the three great artifacts to reshape the fairy spirit.

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