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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 1 Recap

In contemporary cities, there are some people who accept the company’s entrustment, catch the hidden bugs in the company, search for the hidden traps in business transactions, dig the black hands behind the scenes, and maintain the fairness of business. They are called – business investigators.

The Japanese-style dairy industry investigation project led by the Shanghai branch of the business investigation company was assisted by the Tokyo Department to follow up, but the Shanghai Department did not show up throughout the process, and it was all completed by the Tokyo Department female investigator Jian Yan. As a result, the Shanghai Department submitted the report without saying a word. Jian Yan was very annoyed, but her boss, Matthew, didn’t care. During the conversation, Jian Yan discovered that Matthew had hacked his account and conspired with the largest gang in Tokyo, Hamura Group, to steal the evaluation report of Hefeng Dairy, just to make a fortune in the stock market when the acquisition was successful. Jian Yan was shocked and annoyed, but Matthew said he had been due diligence.

The person investigating him was Xia Dong, a senior investigator from the Shanghai Department of Ou Xun. He had already come to Tokyo. Matthew asked Jian Yan to get Xia Dong’s specially designed encrypted laptop, log in to his account, and then use his name to send to the Hamura team. Send the assessment report materials, so that the leaker becomes Xia Dong. Jian Yan not only didn’t do this, but when he passed Xia Dong, he gently reminded him that the box had been dropped. The head of the Yumura group, Yumura, and the general manager of the Lin Group, Guan Hailin, and Matthew met together, conspiring to make a lot of money from the Hefeng Dairy acquisition project.

Jian Yan talked with Xia Dong at the hotel, and reminded him that he was already in danger, but was reminded by Xia Dong that she was also being monitored. Jason, a partner of Ouxun, called Susan, the general manager of Ouxun’s Shanghai department, hoping that in the due diligence against Matthew, the Shanghai department could not provide any information that was unfavorable to Matthew. The subordinate Xia Dong was nowhere to be seen, and Susan had already noticed something. The Tokyo Department held a dinner party for Xia Dong’s arrival, and Matthew still let Jian Yan try to get close to Matthew’s computer.

Xia Dong called Susan in the dressing room. Susan hoped that he could close Hefeng Dairy as soon as possible and did not want him to fall into an office conspiracy. Jian Yan had already put a camera in the men’s locker room and could hear the conversation between him and Susan clearly.

Later, Jian Yan took the opportunity to go to the men’s locker room and was discovered by Xia Dong before she started working on Xia Dong’s computer. In other words, Xia Dong deliberately made a big circle, just to pull Jian Yan into his own camp. Matthew’s people quickly came to Jian Yan and Xia Dong, and the two immediately hid in the box. Jian Yan’s move was self-evident. She had chosen to turn away from Matthew and cooperate with Xia Dong, so she called after Matthew. On the phone, Jian Yan told a perfect lie. She did it for the Tokyo Department, not anything else.

Xia Dong knew that the Hamura group was a wolf’s den, so he kept his mind early and booked another hotel. Jian Yan and he both wore bathrobes and strode into the hotel regardless of what others said. Lin Junwen, manager of the information department of Lin’s Group, found that Matthew was an employee of Ou Xun, but he needed to crack Ou Xun’s security program USB flash drive. Obviously, he was suspected of stealing. Lin Jun reminded Guan Hailin that if Matthew is really guarding himself, then this is a commercial crime, and once the Lin Group uses the information he provides, it is also an indirect crime. Guan Hailin said, however, that this was the decision of the chairman, and it was a desperate attempt to sink the boat.

Lin Junwen suggested again that it would be better to put the blame on Matthew’s subordinate Jianyan, but Matthews resolutely opposed it. Xia Dong had long known that the person who revealed to Jos that there was a major problem in the Tokyo Department was Jian Yan, so he deliberately let Jian Yan see the password of his computer box and tried to get her to come to the hotel to get close to him.

To put it bluntly, Xia Dong can’t beat Matthew. She saw Mrs. Matthew’s resume in Xia Dong’s box and found that she was Jason’s illegitimate daughter, so the investigation against Matthew was false, and the real object of the investigation was Jason. And even Jason, Xia Dong didn’t care, because it was impossible to bring Jason down.

Xia Dong handed over the choice to Jian Yan, and Jian Yan finally decided to cooperate with Xia Dong and sent two emails to Matthew’s computer. Matthew and Hamura here were ecstatic to open the attachment, and the computer was hacked. Xia Dong quickly copied Matthew’s mailbox and data, and the transaction records between him and Hamura were reflected in the mailbox. Before Jian Yan left, he had already discovered the trick of stealing Xia Dong’s USB flash drive, and Jian Yan had to return the USB flash drive to him. Later, Jian Yan lied to Matthew again, and Matthew didn’t realize that something was wrong.

Jian Yan returned to the office and was printing materials when Matthew came back. Jane stayed calm and lied to Matthew. The transaction between Matthew and Hamura has always been very secret, so for Xia Dong to know that he colluded with Hamura, he only thought of one possibility, that is, there is a ghost in Tokyo.

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