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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 11 Recap

Chen Zhihao covered Ji Jiang’s smooth escape. Ji Jiang saw that the enthusiastic fans refused to disperse for a long time and felt sorry for him. He had to return to face the fans and clarified in public that he had no girlfriend. If he fell in love in the future, he would immediately Tell everyone that Ji Jiang and Shen Shen bowed to thank the fans. The fans cheered for Ji Jiang together, and Chen Zhihao took the opportunity to pull Ji Jiang away.

Chen Zhihao picked up a new script for Ji Jiang. The crew was going to Yinchuan for filming. He wanted Ji Jiang to take the opportunity to stay out of the limelight for a while. Ji Jiang refused to go. Persuade him to think twice about doing things in the future and think about the company’s employees and fans.

Ji Jiang came to the gym to find Pei Zhi to inquire about the truth. Pei Zhi guessed his intention long ago. Ji Jiang struggled to ask whether Pei Zhi had feelings for Lin Zhaoxi. Considering Lin Chaoxi’s thoughts, Pei Zhi did not allow Ji Jiang to meddle in his own business. Ji Jiang did not want Lin Chaoxi to be hurt, and also revealed that Lin Zhaosheng suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

Lin Chaoxi took Lin Zhaosheng to the hospital for a re-examination, and told Dr. Jiang about her inner contradictions. She concealed her true condition from Lin Zhaosheng and lied that he had come from the past. Lin Chaoxi was worried that it would be impossible to deal with this situation. Dr. Jiang understood Lin Chaoxi’s good She worked hard to persuade her not to have a psychological burden. As long as Lin Zhaosheng was in a happy mood, this was a good idea, and Lin Zhaoxi was relieved a little.

Ji Jiang persuaded Pei Zhi to visit Lin Zhaosheng, and gave Pei Zhi a bank card of 1.4 million yuan. When Pei Zhi’s mother Luo Jing came back from shopping, Ji Jiang excused himself to leave in a hurry, and Pei Zhi returned the bank card to Ji Jiang. That night, Pei Zhiye couldn’t sleep. He pulled out the photos of Lin Chaoxi when he was a child, and he couldn’t help thinking of the past in the third year of high school. Pei Zhi followed Lin Zhaosheng to learn mathematics. He and Lin Chaoxi got along day and night. .

Pei Zhi came to see Lin Zhaosheng, and saw him and Lin Zhaoxi talking and laughing and running home from a distance, Lin Zhaosheng was anxious to go home to watch “Slam Dunk”, Lin Zhaoxi chased him to give him a spoiler, Lin Zhaosheng blocked his ears and didn’t listen , running and laughing, happy like a child, Pei Zhi lied that he came to see Lin Zhaosheng who came from the past, Lin Zhaosheng warmly greeted Pei Zhi to play at home. Lin Chaoxi went to the kitchen to cook, Lin Zhaosheng was sitting in front of the computer watching the drama, and Pei Zhi chatted with him.

After dinner, Pei Zhi accompanied Lin Zhaosheng to play basketball. Lin Zhaosheng gradually became exhausted, so he sent Lin Zhaoxi to buy water. Pei Zhi invited Lin Zhaosheng to come to the boxing gym for boxing. Lin Zhaosheng found that Lin Zhaoxi did not bring a mobile phone and was worried that she would not be able to pay, so he let Pei Give her a cell phone. When Lin Zhaosheng saw a little boy playing with a balance bike, he followed him curiously. Lin Chaoxi came back to pick up the phone, and met Pei Zhi head-on. When he learned that Lin Zhaosheng was alone on the court, Lin Chaoxi was worried and hurried back to find someone. From a distance, he saw Lin Zhaosheng riding a balance bike in circles on the court, and he happily sang Xiao Qu, Lin Chaoxi finally felt relieved.

Lin Zhaosheng was sweating, Lin Zhaoxi urged him to take a bath, Lin Zhaosheng asked her to take Pei Zhi off, Lin Zhaoxi and Pei Zhi reminisced, casually talking about wanting to change his name when he was a child, Pei Zhi persuaded Lin Chaoxi to forget him, they The two were not suitable, Lin Chaoxi resolutely quit, and tried hard to ask the reason. Pei Zhi claimed that he still had some things to deal with, and he would tell Lin Chaoxi when everything was settled. Lin Chaoxi was willing to wait, he looked at Pei Zhiyuan’s back, and he had mixed feelings in his heart.

Lin Zhaosheng remembered that Pei Zhi was his graduate student, and he also remembered that he was a professor at Sanwei University. He was resting at home because of school holidays, and Lin Zhaoxi made excuses to deal with it. Ji Jiang came to see Lin Zhaosheng early in the morning and brought him fresh lobsters to replenish his body. Before Lin Zhaosheng got up, Ji Jiang forcibly pulled him up.

Lin Chaoxi quietly asked Ji Jiang for help, worried that Lin Zhaosheng would go back to work, and the matter would be interrupted. Ji Jiang couldn’t think of a better way for a while. Lin Zhaosheng came to them to discuss how to eat lobster, and they quickly changed the subject. Pei Zhi has been investigating the cause of his father Pei Donglai’s death. He collected evidence everywhere, and also asked Pei Donglai’s former colleague Officer Cao for help. Officer Cao found a recording device identical to Pei’s from the scrap warehouse.

Lin Zhaosheng, Lin Zhaoxi and Ji Jiang ate lobster together. Ji Jiang couldn’t wait to know the result of the negotiation between Lin Chaoxi and Pei Zhi. Lin Zhaoxi told the truth that Ji Jiang was very disappointed. Lin Zhaosheng could see at a glance that Ji Jiang liked Lin Chaoxi. . Lin Zhaoxi wanted to apply for the postgraduate remedial class, and then take the postgraduate entrance examination of the Department of Mathematics of Sanwei University. Lin Zhaosheng fully supported her.

Pei Zhi turned on the recording device and heard the voice of his father, Pei Donglai. Pei Donglai died in 2009. This recording device was left over from a hit-and-run in 2013. Officer Cao advised Pei Zhi not to worry about it all the time. Ji Jiang drove Lin Chaoxi to the postgraduate entrance examination class. Lu Zhihao called and urged Ji Jiang to come back as soon as possible. Ji Jiang asked him to check which postgraduate entrance examination class was the best.

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