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Supreme Dragon Son-in-law Ye Chen Xiao Churan

Supreme Dragon Son-in-law Ye Chen Xiao Churan (Novel)
Other Name: 至尊龙婿叶辰萧初然

Genre: novel
Author: Ye Gongzi
Year: 20XX
Chapter: 40+
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The protagonists are Ye Chen and Xiao Churan. The story of the novel mainly tells that Ye Chen is despised by everyone. Door-to-door son-in-law, but no one knows his true identity is the eldest young master of the top family. Those who look down on him will eventually kneel in front of him and call him in fear!

Seeing that his parents had been targeting Ye Chen, Xiao Churan sighed and said, “Dad and Mom, this matter has nothing to do with Ye Chen. I don’t want them to look down on it anymore. Isn’t the grievances we have suffered enough over the years? “

Xiao Churan’s mother blurted out: “Then you can’t agree to this errand, don’t talk about you, even if your grandma is gone, it is impossible for people to take care of her!”

Ye Chen looked at the scene in front of him with a wry smile, his snobbish father-in-law and mother-in-law, even if he was killed, he couldn’t believe it. He is the boss of the Emgrand Group, right?

At this moment, there was a knock at the door.

“I’m coming”

The mother-in-law Ma Lan sighed and opened the door.

Ye Chen looked around and saw a young man in an Armani suit standing at the door. It could be said that he was a personable and talented person with a Patek Philippe watch, which seemed to be worth at least three to five million.

The mother-in-law said excitedly: “Oh, it’s Wenhao! Why are you here?”

This person is Zhang Wenhao, the son of Zhang Family who has been pursuing Xiao Churan.

Zhang Wenhao smiled and said: “Auntie, I heard that Chu Ran has taken over the cooperation of Emgrand Group, so I came here to give her an idea.”

“Oh! You are really the savior of our family!”

Ma Lan was very excited. The look in Zhang Wenhao’s eyes was like looking at his son-in-law. He greeted him quickly, and said as he walked: “Wenhao, do you have a way to help Chu Ran win the Emgrand Group contract?” “

Zhang Wenhao nodded with a smile, turning a blind eye to Ye Chen standing aside, as if looking at the ants on the side of the road, went straight to Xiao Churan, and smiled slightly: “Chuan, you don’t tell me about such a big thing. , But you can rest assured that the Emgrand Group and my company have a cooperation. I will ask my dad to say hello and I will do my best to help you.”

In fact, Zhang Wenhao’s father didn’t have that much energy at all. He said this just to pretend to be an x ​​in front of Xiao Churan.

Xiao Churan always knew that Zhang Wenhao was interesting to him, so he said coldly: “Zhang Wenhao, I understand your kindness, and I will find a way.”

Ma Lan exclaimed in disbelief: “Chu Ran, are you crazy? Young Master Zhang kindly came over to help you, how can you talk like that?”

Xiao Churan didn’t speak, but Ye Chen on the side asked Zhang Wenhao with interest: “Young Master Zhang, I’m very curious about what you can do to help Churan? The Emgrand Group is so big, it shouldn’t be controlled by you, right? Emgrand signed a contract with Chu Ran?”

Zhang Wenhao sneered contemptuously, and said: “What do you know? Our Zhang family and Emgrand Group have always been in-depth partners. This time the Emgrand Group’s 2 billion large project, our family can get at least one third of it! I will let My dad directly allocated tens of millions from this third to subcontract to Chu Ran. Wouldn’t this help her complete the task?”

Ye Chen said in surprise: “Oh! I didn’t expect Zhang Gongzi’s family to have such a deep relationship with the Emgrand Group!”

Zhang Wenhao snorted coldly and said, “Of course! In Jinling, who doesn’t know that our Zhang family works closely with Emgrand Group?”

After finishing talking, Zhang Wenhao stared at Ye Chen and said contemptuously: “Ye Chen, I advise you to leave Churan for a frog like you at the bottom of the well. A man like you can’t give her happiness and will only hinder her.”

Xiao Churan said coldly at this time: “I’m sorry Young Master Zhang, I don’t need your help, and please don’t speak harshly to my husband!”

Zhang Wenhao said dumbfounded: “Chu Ran, if I help you like this, you still have to face this trash? What is he worthy of your maintenance?”

Xiao Churan said seriously: “He is not a waste, he is my husband!”

Zhang Wenhao was full of gloom and anger, and said angrily: “Okay! Toast and not eat fine wine! I want to see what you can do to solve this trouble! If you can’t figure it out then, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance!”

After speaking, Zhang Wenhao turned around and slammed the door away.

Ma Lan wanted to catch up to explain, but Zhang Wenhao had already gone far.

She slapped her thigh with anger, and pointed at Ye Chen’s nose and cursed: “You are so mad at me! What else can you do except for your trash will drag your legs? Zhang Gongzi is so kind to help, but you are all Get angry and go!”

Ye Chen said indifferently: “Mom, he just talked about it. He couldn’t get the cooperation of Emgrand Group himself, so how could he be able to help Churan.”

“You fart!” Ma Lan said angrily: “The Zhang family can get one-third of the Emgrand Group’s projects, you know what a fart!”

Ye Chen sneered in his heart. I don’t know what Zhang Family can do. I only know that my Emgrand Group will never have any cooperation with Zhang Family! Even if the Emgrand Group and Zhangjia did have a lot of cooperation in the past, from now on, these cooperations will all stop!

Xiao Churan didn’t know what Ye Chen was thinking, and said to his mother: “Mom, don’t blame Ye Chen. Let’s talk about it when I come back from Emgrand Group!”

“Hey!” Ma Lan sighed long, only feeling that God was unfair. He married a trash husband, but the woman married a more trash man.

What a sin is this!


  1. I would like to help in adjusting the translation of one of the light novel under the name of supreme dragon son in law or amazing son in law or Ye Chen son in law .
    I have reach up to chapter 2132 I believe they are more than 4000 chapters published on different web


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