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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 23 Recap

Guanji is affiliated to the Jiaofang Division. It seems to be infinitely beautiful on weekdays, and it is also favored by nobles. Zhang Haohao was used to waiting outside the door for a long time, but Song Yinzhang encountered this at the beginning. Just when she was feeling a little tired, Gu Qianfan suddenly appeared and told her to cheer up. Only by using the pipa as a sword can she live up to the recent past. hard work.

Seeing that Gu Qianfan walked to the banquet, everyone present had different thoughts, Xiao Wei was extremely upset, and went to the courtyard to lose his temper. After calming down, he turned back. After the performance was over, the old chancellor Ke Zheng felt that the singing was not good enough, but the pipa was still complacent, and everyone asked Song Yinzhang to sing another song.

Zhang Hao stepped back without changing his face, his hands in his sleeves were already clenched, how could Xiao Wei suddenly open his mouth, saying that the pipa seemed monotonous and he needed someone to cheer him up. Together, they imitated Aunt Gongsun and Lei Haiqing of the previous dynasty, and danced a sword for his father Xiao Qinyan to celebrate his birthday.

When everyone heard the words, they observed Xiao Qinyan calmly, only to see that he pretended to be indifferent on the surface, and Song Yinzhang used the incident of the previous dynasty to insult Xiao Wei, so that Xiao Wei had nothing to say. Song Yinzhang’s disrespectful remarks naturally made the Xiao family lose face. Gu Qianfan immediately opened his mouth to ask for the Yellow River carp, and performed a live performance of sword cutting fish for others to taste.

The superb swordsmanship amazed everyone, Ke Zheng rarely admired Gu Qianfan, and others agreed. Song Yinzhang played Liangzhou Dabian. After a period of hard practice, she had figured out the meaning of the song, and all the hatred and injustice appeared in her mind, fully showing the composer’s true state of mind.

After the song was over, applause rang out in his ears, and Ke Zheng praised him repeatedly, and wrote an inscription on the pipa himself, advising all the ministers to remember the word “character”, not to be extravagant and fortunate to be good, but to be honest and upright. for the law. As soon as these words came out, Xiao Qinyan took the lead in toasting Ke Zheng, how could he know that he didn’t appreciate it, and walked away directly.

Xiao Qin said goodbye to the ceremony, but he still received a cold response. Before the old minister Ke Zheng left, he showed that he was not afraid of ghosts and gods, and he was not afraid of diseases. When the official family woke up, he was no longer flattered by traitors, and left the demon as soon as possible. After the establishment of another prince, he naturally returned to Tokyo to serve the official family.

It is also because of Song Yinzhang’s rise to fame, that other musicians from the Jiaofang Division are envious, and the stars surround Song Yinzhang like the moon. However, Zhang Haohao felt that Song Yinzhang had stole the limelight and returned to Shuangxi Lou with a stomach full of anger.

Chen Lian was ordered to inform Zhao Paner that he would go to Xiao Mansion to pick up Song Yinzhang as soon as possible, otherwise he would have to stay overnight in the mansion. Zhao Pan’er learned that Song Yinzhang had a big prize tonight, and she was also happy, and hurried to Xiao’s house. How could she know that the carriage broke halfway, but luckily she met Gao Hui and rode with her.

Since the last goodbye, Gao Hui gradually recognized Ouyang Xu’s true face and took the initiative to apologize to Zhao Pan’er. After all, Jiang Shi used his own name to do evil everywhere. Even Ouyang Xu was ruthless. On the surface, he was infatuated with his husband and made all kinds of oaths. In fact, he wanted to coax her into elopement, and when it was done, he forced his father to admit his marriage. , of course you can return to Tokyo in an open and aboveboard manner.

Gu Qianfan brought Song Yinzhang to the west gate, just waiting for Zhao Paner to come and pick her up. However, when Song Yinzhang went out, he encountered a frivolous and frivolous person. Fortunately, Shen Ruzhuo appeared in time to relieve the siege, and took this opportunity to let Song Yinzhang follow him on the painting boat to express his love.

The housekeeper was ordered to stay in the garden and wanted Gu Qianfan to accompany Xiao Qinyan for a few drinks, but Gu Qianfan refused, and revealed to him that Song Yinzhang was Zhao Paner’s sister, so Xiao Qinyan did not need to investigate this woman. After leaving Xiao Mansion, Gu Qianfan went to see Qi Mu alone, and learned from the other party that the mastermind behind the hat demon case was An Guogong.

Therefore, Qi Mu appointed the Dianqian Division to take the prisoner away, intending to close the case and ensure the safety of Gu Qianfan. Gu Qianfan promised to hand over the prisoner, announced that the prisoner was dead, and then revealed that he was planning to get married, hoping that Qi Mu could act as a matchmaker and preside over the wedding.

Qi Mu didn’t respond directly, but mentioned Gu Qianfan’s original intention. In fact, he didn’t like the career of wielding swords and swords. Instead, he waited for the fifth-grade seal and then became a civil official of the Qing Dynasty. In his spare time, he sorted out the century-old collection of Gu’s family. It is exactly what he wanted in this life, and I am afraid that it is impossible to achieve now, because if Gu Qianfan insisted on marrying Zhao Pan’er as his wife, he would definitely fall into disrepute.

Although the DPRK did not expressly prohibit the marriage between officials and businessmen, but Zhao Pan’er was once a maid, which would definitely affect Gu Qianfan’s career, and the officials would never give up easily. Therefore, Gu Qianfan still wanted to pursue the official life for his deceased mother, but Qi Mu persuaded him to think carefully and not ignore the facts for his own selfish desires.

After Qi Mu left, Gu Qianfan informed Chen Lian to report the violent death later, and then handed over the prisoner to the front office. Originally, Gu Qianfan really couldn’t figure out why the former Secretary of the Palace took over the hat demon case, but Chen Lian’s inadvertent words made him suddenly realize that Qi Mu was the real mastermind of the hat demon case.

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