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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 17 Recap

Through the dim light of the moonlit night, Gu Qianfan saw Zhao Pan’er dancing gracefully in the pavilion at a glance, and Zhao Pan’er didn’t notice Gu Qianfan until the dance was over. Because of the day-to-day tea fight, Zhao Paner is still brooding about Le Ji’s identity, but Gu Qianfan doesn’t take it seriously, indicating that he has already thought about it, and finally understands that he has fallen in love with her unknowingly recently and decided to marry her as his wife. Six ceremony, Ming media is getting married.

Zhao Pan’er once again emphasized the disparity of identities. If Gu Qianfan insisted on doing this, after tonight, rumors about her will appear in Tokyo. I hope Gu Qianfan will not make a decision on impulse. In order to appease Zhao Pan’er’s anxiety, Gu Qianfan folded a flower branch and handed it over, and bluntly said that he didn’t care about those rumors at all. Compared with Zhao Pan’er, who was born in Le Ji, the living Yan Luo who wanted to come to the Imperial City Division was infamous. It was also Gu Qianfan’s sincere confession that gradually moved Zhao Pan’er, and finally accepted the flower branch and the two embraced tightly.

Shen Ruzhuo was still entangled with Song Yinzhang, which made her unbearable. However, Shen Ruzhuo already knew about this matter, especially that Song Yinzhang was not a little lady who didn’t care about the world, but was actually a strange woman who was weak on the outside and strong on the inside.

At first, Shen Ruzhuo really admired Song Yinzhang’s pipa skills, but when she learned of her past experience, she couldn’t help feeling pity and respect. In Shen Ruzhuo’s opinion, Song Yinzhanggui is the No. 1 Pipa in the south of the Yangtze River, with both talent and beauty. Even if she is notorious because of her small age, there is a certain way of being the master of things and melody like a person. Why should you care about the dust and mud on the Lingtai.

Therefore, Shen Ruzhuo wished to be a whisk on the Lingtai, and won the favor of the beauties, and Song Yinzhang almost took it seriously. Fortunately, when Sun Sanniang’s voice came, she immediately woke up like a dream, urged Shen Ruzhuo to leave quickly, and promised to play music for him. Shen Ruzhuo agreed to meet at Jin Mingchi outside Shuntianmen in three days. In order to avoid Song Yinzhang’s remorse, he directly took off her hairpin as a proof.

Since Chi Pan couldn’t bear this bad breath, he took people to half-masked, ready to make a scene. How could they know that there were other people outside the door, both of them thought it was the nursing home invited by Zhao Pan’er. After a stalemate, Chi Pan fled in a hurry, and the disturbance was subsided. Zhang Hao warned Chi Pan not to trouble Zhao Pan’er again, and the backing behind her was definitely not an ordinary person, so as not to cause trouble.

Gu Qianfan and Zhao Pan’er were eating at a nearby restaurant, and they happened to meet Lei Jing from the Imperial City Division, and he watched every move in his eyes. But it was Lei Jing’s remarks that caused Gu Qianfan’s vigilance, and he simply said that he and Zhao Pan’er did have some true feelings, but most of them were just acting out, not deep-rooted feelings, and I hope he doesn’t need to take it seriously.

Zhao Pan’er was deeply saddened to hear that, especially Lei Jing’s words, like a poisonous bee’s tail needle, pierced into his heart. Lei Jing felt that Zhao Pan’er, a well-behaved daughter of a prostitute, was completely unworthy of Gu Qianfan. She could at most be an outsider, and she couldn’t follow Ouyang Xu’s footsteps. .

Not only did Lei Jing eat tea here, but Xiao Wei also discovered his half-brother. Although Gu Qianfan did not look like Xiao Qinyan, his taste habits were surprisingly consistent with his own, so he asked people to investigate carefully. Just when Zhao Pan’er was about to question Gu Qianfan about the matter just now, Xiao Wei suddenly came out. Gu Qianfan concealed his relationship with the Xiao family and did not want Zhao Pan’er to be involved, so she asked her to cover her face first.

After Zhao Paner left, Xiao Wei revealed his intention to compete for the eldest son of the Xiao family, but Gu Qianfan said that he had nothing to do with the Xiao family and warned him not to provoke him again, otherwise he would be polite. Qi Mu saw this scene not far away, and then told Gu Qianfan not to rush to deal with Lei Jing, because the meaning of his existence was to deal with Xiao Qinyan for Qingliu.

In the half-masked teahouse, there were two suspicious-looking people sitting. While Zhao Paner was not paying attention, Sun Daqiang pretended to be poisoned and died. Ge Zhaodi, who was with her, rushed over and cried, causing many onlookers. She slandered the poison in the half-covered tea in public, and insisted on reporting to the officials.

Seeing that Ge Zhaodi was unrelenting, all the gentlemen present felt that their lives were at stake. They wanted to go to the yamen to report to the officials to investigate, but they were blocked by Zhao Paner. At this critical moment, Zhao Paner suddenly noticed Sun Daqiang’s strangeness, and instantly became suspicious. He went directly into the inner room to make two bowls of red fruit drink, and poured them into the mouths of Ge Zhaodi and Sun Daqiang respectively.

Sure enough, Sun Daqiang’s suspended animation was exposed, and he immediately got up and wanted to run, but Sun Sanniang avoided the door. Zhao Paner closed the door of the teahouse, leaving only a few gentlemen here. She emphasized that she had given Sun Daqiang and Ge Zhaodi a dumb medicine. If she didn’t tell the truth, she would never be able to speak after half an hour.

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