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Five ailments in the Scriptures

Five diseases, namely wind sprue, monkey stump, dog stump, stone stump, and water stump, appeared in one of the ancient Thai traditional medicine scriptures called “Atisarn Scriptures”.

The Atishan scriptures are written on diseases related to pregnancy. By the word Atisan in Pali language means dysentery, dysentery means diarrhea by stool. Each time there will be no more exits. along with bloody mucus in the stool and often accompanied by pain, dysentery, strain when defecation, dysentery is a contagious disease caused by eating/drinking contaminated food/water.these pathogens which, when entering the stomach, will pass into the intestines to cause inflammation of the intestinal wall, especially the colon Subsequently, the intestinal wall becomes swollen, inflamed, poor absorption of food and water. And bacteria may also create substances that stimulate the water in the body to seep into the intestines. therefore causing diarrhea especially diarrhea in which the stool is mucus and when inflammation Often cause intestinal ulcers along with So there is blood in the stool as well.

At the beginning of the bible it is said that The author has extracted the subject matter from the Scriptures, I Navuti Roke. Chan Navuti Rok means “96 types of diseases”. It is a disease that arises on this human disease. The word “Navatika” or “96 types of diseases” appears. At the beginning of the Book of Muchapak Khandika and other Buddhist related scriptures such as Milinthaphana, etc.

Natthu namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammasambuddhassa wanditwa budthonca sangkhanca ariyayupachanaํ jevakakoma Ram nam Apivanthiasisam ah vajanam akasi atisara pakaram nam chanavutirokaya sangkhaํ sakhapan veditbhavanti (ah), which I (Vanthitwa) I have paid homage (Buddhakunam) to which the Lord Buddha is the world’s favorite (e) I am single (ah) that I (Vanthidwa) I have paid homage ( Dhammakhunam), which the Buddha’s true Dharma, 8,000 and four thousand Dhammakhan, yes, but only (Sanghakhun).

I will also pay homage to the Sangha, who are disciples of the Lord Buddha, both right and left (ah) That I (Jivakakoma nam), whose name is Chivakakomara (Apiwandiya), raised my right and left hand to worship above my head. (Ajāriyapajha) which all the preceptors and teachers (Siddikammam) What will I do? May it be pure in all respects. (Chanavut Rokeyam) You culled from the scriptures I Navuti Roke.

And what part of the scriptures are these five ailments in?

Atisara Scripture mentions the punishment of Atisara that there are 33 types, divided into 11 paragraphs, 3 each paragraph, which can be divided into 2 main types: Atisarn 5 and Atisharn 6.

Atisara V is a disease caused by the recurrence of the elements in the body and its imbalance, causing 5 different discomforts that cannot be cured. If it happens to anyone, it is considered that person’s karma.

1. Amuthat Attisarn caused by techo element or fire element aggravated

2. Enter Attisarn Elemental caused by the wind element or the element of the wind coming out of the body

3. Rattanathat Attisarn caused by the earth element or the earth element from the body

4. The Amu Sky Element is caused by the Apothat or the recurrent Water Element. or the water element out of the body

5. Periodic Elements It was caused by the adhisara to be mixed with the five elements above, causing the kan sprout, namely, Kalapiphat, Kalsingkli, Kalsut, and Kalmutta.

Atisara 6 is less violent than Atisara 5, presently enough karma. It can be cured by these 6 Atisaras. This is caused by abnormal walking of the “wind” in the body, namely:

1. Uttarakhand Caused by the wind named “Utarawat”, there is abdominal pain, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, feeling tight as if you will die, hand and foot convulsions, green face. If you don’t know how to cure it, you may die. This kind of wind will stay with you until the age of 40 years.

2. Sunthorn Vatotisarn caused by the wind named “Sunthornwat” having diarrhea and then transformed into bloody mucus In addition, it has transformed into 5 devil diseases, namely blood devils, water devils, stone devils, wind devils, and devils.

3. Passover Caused by the wind named “Passavat” with symptoms similar to taking Yaru, that is, suddenly diarrhea. Did not eat much vomiting. Both green vomiting and residual vomiting are the five wind ailments.

4. Kucchisaya Wattisarn born of the name wind Kucchisayavat, which is the wind outside the intestines, making it Kasai wind, Kasaikan, and Kasai Mara.

5. Kottasaya Vatotisarn born of the name wind “Kotthasayawat” that blows in our intestines walking abnormally cause severe diarrhea Whatever you eat, it will come out like that.

6. Uttarakhand caused by the wind called “Uttarawat”, which is a public wind Can flow doped everywhere. if any disease occurs There must be this Uttaravat wind mixed with it.

It is this wind that causes the disease “sprue”, which is sometimes referred to as “neuralgia” because it is a disease caused by the wind in the body itself. There are five types of wind sprue which are wind stump, monkey stump, dog stump, stone stump, and water stump, as in the Atisara scriptures as follows:

to say the birth of a passover to anyone As if eating Yaru, suddenly went down, unable to eat. went down and was not in the stomach and the roots are green, the remaining roots are the five winds, the monkeys, the dog, the stone, and the water.

Sprue the water down until the roots want water to be strength. Let the body be hot in the chest like eating chili peppers. End of the sprue

Let the wind yawn, let it go down, let the stomach grow, but not root, no matter how you tuck it up. No matter how much medicine you take, you won’t listen. Continue rooting from morning until noon. End of the wind.

Sprue the monkey, go down 8 times, 9 times, but don’t root. Let it pop into blister tablets like a wasp, causing a burning pain in the stomach as it will suffocate and die. Let it rise like a monkey. If the drug survives, if the drug is bad, it dies.

Spruce the dog, give the root to the cork until the throat. Let him pant like a dog panting in the sun, cure the good, survive, cure the bad, die, end the dog’s sorrow.

The sprue of the stone gave the roots down, and let it cool as a suppository. Let the sweat fall, wipe it uninterrupted, let it swing, the kindness that a person takes away, takes the heart away. If you solve it before you die, end the stone snare.

Solve all 5 sorrows in this Atisara.

Compared with the 5 diseases and the 8 diseases in the textbook Then found that there are 4 types of sprue names that match, namely wind stump, monkey stump, rock stump, and water stump, and the difference is dog stump.

At the end of the Atisarn Scriptures, there is a mention of a medicinal formula that is used to treat the symptoms of Atisarn. as mentioned in many recipes, such as the antidote for all antihistamine Little Ocean Medicine Brahma face drug Ocean Drugs Atisarn Crystal Remedy Life-giving medicine, etc., as an example of all antidote drugs. and medicines to cure the gemstones at Atisarn as follows

Sitthikariya will further describe the properties of antihypertensive drugs as follows: 1 salung borneol, wormwood, 1 salung, chard, 2 salung, opium, 2 salung, 1 salung of garlic, 1 salung of white lang, 1 salung, 1 salung, 1 salung, 1 luk, nutmeg, nutmeg. Baht 2 pieces of sandalwood, 1 baht each, dissolved in water from fig bark or bark, if the head is broken, dissolve the liquor. If fixing the water-soluble trough, crushing the lime water sag Fever solution, pomegranate juice, weak lime juice Solve all the apocalypse and

Antidepressant drug named Rattanathat Put it in fresh blood and come out on 1, 2, a day to stink like the smell of a corpse. If you want to cure it, take 2 nutmeg, 1 bengana, 1 sandalwood, 2 scorch, 2 frankincense, 1 chan, 1 chili, 1 ginger. 1 yellow masala, crushed, dissolved in lac water, Fang juice, eaten to cure blood and

There is also a recipe for herbal medicine, which has the name of the royal medical team. that he was the one who thought of making this herbal medicine recipe as an offering By giving this amulet the name “Maha Ganga” to cure dysentery, rotten blood, rotten sputum, rotten lymph. This book of medicine has been valued for 2 gold weighs.

I Luang Phrom Borirak, lost the Great Physician, Luang Askantorn, sitting together, contemplating making an amulet offering to His Majesty the King, solving the twisted form of sputum phlegm, fading blood, the medicinal amulet named Maha Ganga took 1 baht of Benkani, Seraphu Sithet. 2 salungs, 2 salungs of Thai nerphusi, 2 salungs of rhinoceros hoof, 2 salungs of aloe vera, 2 salungs of sandalwood, 1 nutmeg, 1 salung, 2 salungs of tabun balls, 3 baht each, sakae seeds, 1 baht, pomegranate rinds, 1 tamarind peel, 1 color of sage seeds. Both items are 1 baht each. Krang 1 Tumka. Both items are 3 salungs. Phraya Hand Lek 2 Salung. Boa dna. 1 Feung. Crushed to make sticks to dissolve in water, astringent coconut husks. You can get figs, you can get red clover, you can get lime juice, you can stop eating. You set a price for 2 weighs and gold.

All diarrheal diseases have the main symptom of the disease, “constipation,” or diarrhea. If the symptoms are more severe, they will be accompanied by “root” symptoms, or vomiting. sometimes it is called “Sannibat Song Klong” is having symptoms of both stomach and vomiting. The cause is caused by germs that cause the 4 elements to fluctuate or relapse, not normal. Severe diarrhea makes the body severely dehydrated. Sometimes they die from dehydration. Therefore, herbal medicine recipes used to cure this disease are usually decoctions or pills that are crushed to make sticks. Then dissolved with liquid medicines such as bark juice, lactate, Fang juice, squash juice, liquor, etc. However, the water contained in this herbal medicine will help compensate for the patient’s body from being in a state of excessive dehydration. Until the shock and death can occur.

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