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Defying the Storm 凭栏一片风云起 Episode 1 Recap

Within 30 kilometers of the route, thick clouds covered the top, and the wind and rain were about to come. The combat officer Zeng Nianqiao performed an emergency transport mission and flew from Beiping to Hangzhou. The weather suddenly deteriorated on the way, causing radio and runway technical failures. The only way to immediately turn off irrelevant lighting at the airport, Guided landing.

At the base of Jianqiao, everyone started the ground guidance according to the time, and when they were preparing to navigate for 095, how could they know that Lu Ziyi and his subordinates suddenly appeared. And this person is the deputy director of the Political Training Department appointed by the Central Aviation Commission.

Zeng Nianqiao was reported to be suspected of smuggling cultural relics. Lu Ziyi led people to arrest him and ordered a thorough inspection of all aircraft. Squadron leader Zhang Qi recalled that he had found a mysterious package in the cabin of No. 019, and realized that it must have something to do with Zeng Nianqiao, so he blocked it in every possible way and did not allow the other party to enter the warehouse.

Seeing that the two sides were fighting with each other, Tang Shizhen, the director of the education department, came forward to deal with it. Zhang Qi took the lead in giving orders, and the group arranged the landing signal in time. Lu Ziyi has always believed that the pilots of the party-state are very poor, and it is difficult to compare with the Japanese pilots. Let’s see how capable the people they train are.

Zeng Nianqiao saw the fireball through the clouds and landed towards the place of fire. Fortunately, No. 095 landed successfully. However, just as he was about to get off the plane, he was surrounded by groups, and dozens of guns were aimed at him. According to the information, Zeng Nianqiao came out of the residence of Jin Zhilie, a professor at the university, carrying a black box, walking in a hurry and looking flustered.

In the face of Lu Ziyi’s questioning, Zeng Nianqiao calmly admitted that he went to Yunju Hutong to visit his teacher last night, and Yunju Hutong is also the residence of Fuhua University professors. As for the so-called box that the whistleblower witnessed, it was indeed found in cabin 095, but it contained many books, which could not prove Zeng Nianqiao’s general suspicion.

Although Jianqiao Aviation School should be managed by the Military Commission, the Aviation Commission has been investigating the hidden Communist Party, and the Political Training Office even suspects that Jianqiao has become a Communist. Before the national army dispatched the air force to suppress the bandits, it was the Communist Party in Jianqiao who leaked the secrets and let the Communist Party escape all the way to Yan’an.

Therefore, Zhang Qi’s interference in the arrest of Zeng Nianqiao by the Political Training Department has already caused Lu Ziyi’s dissatisfaction. He was about to order him to be taken away, but Tang Shizhen came forward to stop him. It turns out that Zhang Qi’s father is Zhang Buchun, the chairman of the Guangdong United Chamber of Commerce. In order to support the Central Air Force, he invested in the purchase of two renaissance aircraft. Not only will a ceremony be held this week, but there will even be an inscription by Chairman Jiang.

Due to Zhang Qi’s family background and identity, Lu Ziyi was inconvenient to offend, so he took Zeng Nianqiao away first. Before leaving, he warned the head of education Tang to give more discipline to the Hanguang squadron. That night, Zhang Qi checked the cause of the failure of No. 095, and without exception, it was caused by an oil leak. Although China had a large-scale air force in 1937, its weak industrial base had to cost the Nationalist government a huge amount of money. They bought imported aircraft from abroad, but they were all second-hand products.

Zhang Qi and Ding Huansheng thought about it again and again, and took the initiative to suggest to the college to go to Peiping to receive the Fuxing aircraft. Although Tang Shizhen approved the application, he asked them to recruit them at Fuhua and Yanxi University, and they must communicate with Secretary-General Meng Wuran. work, and if the task fails, you will be punished.

Meng Wuran and the Zhang family are family friends, and their children have been married since childhood, but their daughter Meng Haitang is very rebellious. Not only does she want to oppose arranged marriages, but she also has to pursue freedom and insist on applying for the archaeology major. On the other hand, Meng Wuran’s colleague Zeng Mu also had a rebellious son Zeng Poshan, and the father and son had different ideas and concepts.

His son Zeng Poshan was full of enthusiasm and insisted on taking to the streets to demonstrate and participate in the Anti-Japanese Revolution. This scene happened to be stared at by Meng Wuran, and he finally felt a little balance in his heart. How could he know that Zeng Mu felt ashamed of himself, so in a hurry, he satirized Meng Wuran’s goddaughter who had no way.

Before going to Peiping, Zhang Qi was entrusted by his teacher to come alone under the wall of Yue Temple and hide the box in a designated corner when no one was prepared. At the same time, Zeng Nianqiao was brutally tortured in the torture room, and refused to reveal the slightest information, letting Lu Ziyi ask questions, always clenching his teeth.

On the day of the announcement by the School of Chinese Studies at Fuhua University, Meng Haitang did not see her name, but found something on the normal list. She was so angry that she scolded her father for abusing his private power and revising her daughter’s application preferences and admission results. The ancestors of the Meng family had witnessed the three changes of the national flag in one day, and felt deeply about the way to save the country. Therefore, Meng Wuran carefully followed the instructions of his parents and hoped that the younger generation should study hard and focus on education, so as to save the country.

Meng Wuran told her daughter to meet Zhang Qi as soon as possible, but Meng Haitang felt that her father was pedantic, so she simply hid in the room and did not come out until Zhang Qi came to Peiping and visited Meng’s house as soon as possible. Although Meng Haitang stayed behind closed doors, she hid in the house and eavesdropped on the conversation, so as to know why her father refused to recruit.

In fact, Meng Wuran believed that defending the family and the country was worthy of admiration, but the whole nation should not be a soldier. Moreover, he opposed students becoming pilots, mainly because of sacrifice. After all, in an era when all industries need talents, it is impossible for a country to send all of them to the battlefield. Schools are places to train talents, not soldiers.

Due to a sudden incident at the school, Meng Wuran was in a hurry to leave first. Zhang Qi noticed the movement of the boudoir door, and when he went over, he found that Meng Haitang was picking the door lock. Zhang Qi is eloquent and talented, and soon attracted Meng Haitang’s curiosity, and she was about to climb the wall and slip away, and happened to meet Zhang Qi.

Zhang Qi raised the camera subconsciously, and a few delicate moments became photos. When Meng Haitang learned that he was his fiancé, he played a small temper. It was also Zhang Qi’s deliberate anger that forced Meng Haitang to jump down from the wall, and threw herself into Zhang Qi’s arms inadvertently.

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