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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 28 Recap

On the way back, Hei Fengxi was followed by an assassin, and when he entered the alley, he saw that the other party was actually the killer of Duanhunmen. Because of this, Hei Fengxi took the plan and fell into their ambush, eventually leading to no internal strength.

In the next stage of the competition, Bai Fengxi, on behalf of Hua Chunran, announced the content of the competition. The first stage is to ask the princes of the states to leap from the pavilion to the lotus-picking platform. On the way, they can step on the Huadu Lake, but they cannot use any objects. is disqualified.

Yu Wuyuan was certain that Hei Fengxi had no internal strength, and it was impossible to pass the test easily. He didn’t expect that Hei Fengxi would take the initiative to take the first test. That night, the dynasty took the initiative to confess to Bai Fengxi, promising that she would become the emperor in the future, and would make Bai Fengxi the queen.

Feng Ju had already managed the Heavenly Prison, and told everyone in the Broken Soul Sect that as long as they rescued the disciples of the Tianshuang Sect, someone would naturally come to meet them. At that time, you can pretend to be a person from Yongping Hou’s mansion and wait for the banned army to appear at the reception. Never let anyone from Tianshuangmen go. You must let the banned army see conclusive evidence to prove that Feng Lanxi sent people to rob the prison.

At this time, Hei Fengxi was playing against the Dynasty, and Mingli was a contest on the chessboard, but in fact it was the power to win the world. The dynasty believed that winning the world depended on fighting, not keeping, and when Hei Fengxi bluntly said that it was not over, he did not dare to say the victory or defeat lightly. After several days of careful consideration, Hei Fengxi mustered up the courage to confess to Bai Fengxi, and did not want to miss the opportunity again.

Bai Fengxi destroyed the fort with an arrow, how could he know that he was hit by an arrow from the dynasty and was seriously injured. Hei Fengxi desperately rescued Bai Fengxi and hid in the ruined temple in the suburbs, but when her life was dying, Bai Fengxi comforted Hei Fengxi, if she really died here. Nai He was interrupted by Hei Fengxi before he could finish his words. He emphasized that if the King of Hell didn’t open his eyes, he would have to take Bai Fengxi away. At that time, even if he killed Feng, he would be turned upside down, and he would also take Bai Fengxi with him. return.

It’s just that there is no doctor at all in this wilderness. In order to save Bai Fengxi, Hei Fengxi simply gave up his skills and passed all his inner strength to Bai Fengxi. In the early morning of the next day, Bai Fengxi woke up without seeing Hei Fengxi, and instantly realized that something was wrong. When she found Hei Fengxi, she found that the other party was full of white hair.

In order to test whether Hei Fengxi is really weak, Yu Ming personally gave Hei Fengxi supplements, and also presented it with the official seal of the general talisman. Hei Fengxi declined, he was just rushing to help Liangcheng this time, and Yu Ming was still the Jiedushi of Liangcheng. Yu Ming wanted to test Hei Fengxi by retreating this time.

Fortunately, Hei Fengxi didn’t reveal anything when he came back, so Zhongli must check Liangcheng’s defenses. Hei Fengxi did not dare to accept military talismans and official seals. He was so knowledgeable that it made Yu Ming suspicious. Either Hei Fengxi was really sick, or it was a wolf. The information sent before was not enough, so he ordered his subordinates to continue to investigate.

Wang Shuilong asked to see Bai Jiande and revealed that Zeng Jiuhai was killed. Bai Jiande didn’t expect that the person who forged the order was actually hidden in the guardian. Wang Shuilong also found Zeng Jiuhai’s luggage, and Bai Jiande found a piece of high-quality white marble in it. If he can use this kind of jade pendant, even if he is in the imperial capital, he is afraid that his identity is different. Low, decided to go to Dijing.

Yu missed the information that Mrs. Ran’s remaining party, led by Yan Ling, was preparing to seize the throne. The imperial capital urgently reported that the guardians discovered that Yu Wuyuan had already been resolved by Yu Wuyuan’s secret post in Yongjing. At that time, Yu Wuyuan offered a plan to His Majesty and used a fake order to disrupt the world.

Who would have thought of killing Bai Fengxi halfway to disrupt the plan, a fake token There are a total of three pieces, and now we can only speed up the plan. Although Yu Wuyuan temporarily suppressed the blood curse, he still needed the dynasty. After all, the dynasty had both strength and ambition, and was the most suitable candidate. This time, he helped the dynasty to unify Jizhou and conquer the world. No matter who came, he could not stop this war.

Yu Ming asked his subordinates about the situation of Hei Fengxi, but it is not a good thing to be too calm and too weak. Yu Ming received a letter from Yongcheng, which stated that although Hei Fengxi was a little smart, but his body was weak, the information was too consistent, which made people suspicious, so he decided to hold a banquet in the name of inspiring military spirits and then test Hei Fengxi. Yu Ming invited Hei Fengxi to the appointment, and Hei Fengxi told him that he must go to the appointment today, and Bai Fengxi offered to accompany Hei Fengxi to attend.

At the banquet, everyone persuaded Hei Fengxi to drink wine, but it was difficult to accept the kindness. Hei Fengxi tugged Bai Fengxi’s chin provocatively, took Bai Fengxi in his arms and sat down, asking Bai Fengxi to drink for him. Yu Ming toasted Hei Fengxi, and after drinking the wine, Hei Fengxi was a little dizzy.

It turned out that Yu Ming wanted to use the mandala flower to control Hei Fengxi, but fortunately, Hei Fengxi suppressed it with internal force. Yu Ming begged Hei Feng to spare his life, and Bai Fengxi scolded Yu Ming that the so-called familiar city is fish and meat people, and the management of a good city is to deceive the superior and the inferior. Bai Fengxi killed Yu Ming with one sword. In her opinion, Yu Ming’s death was not a pity.

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