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10 types of foods that have no expiration date can be stored for a long time

Today we have a good story. There is a substance to leave with 10 types of food that have no expiration date. can be stored for a long time Just keep it in the right place. It can be said that you can buy these items to have at home with peace of mind without worrying about the expiration date. You just have to keep it at the right temperature for a long time.

Here are the 10 types of food that we have mentioned…

  1. Honey
    Honey is a food that can be stored forever without spoiling. but must not be exposed to air and absolute water Did you know that 2000-3000 years ago, archaeologists discovered honey jars in Egyptian pyramids? More importantly, it can still be eaten.
  2. Sugar
    whether it is brown sugar Or white sugar can be stored for a long time. If stored in suitable containers Even if the sugar has moisture, it can still be eaten.
  3. Vinegar
    Vinegar can be stored for a long time if it is kept at low temperatures, away from sunlight and away from heat.
  4. Some alcoholic beverages
    Alcoholic beverages such as vodka, whiskey, rum and cognac are drinks that do not expire. But must be kept in a cool and opaque place. The bottle must be completely sealed.
  5. Salt
    Salt is a mineral and therefore cannot be perishable. Even if it absorbs water, it retains its salinity as before.
  6. Dried red beans
    We can keep red beans dry. and other beans for at least 30 years, according to research from Brigham Young University, after 30 years of storage, red beans, although some shape changes, but still can be eaten.
  7. Maple Syrup
    According to the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association, once the maple syrup has been opened, it can be used for years in the freezer.
  8. Soy Sauce
    Soy sauce can be stored for at least 3 years after opening the bottle. The expiration date will depend on the brand, ingredients, quality and temperature in which the bottle is stored.
  9. Milk powder
    If the powdered milk is stored in the appropriate carton We can store them for a long time without losing their nutritional value.
  10. Rice
    The optimum temperature for long-term storage of rice is around 4.5°C. It must be stored in plastic boxes or large jars to prevent insects. which we can keep for at least 30 years

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