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My Sassy Princess 祝卿好 Episode 11 Recap

Liu Ling endured not to meet Shen Yan, but sent Lingbi to deliver meals to Shen Yan every day. She hoped that Shen Yan could take care of her health. Shen Yan was angry because of Liu Ling’s attitude and refused to eat the food that Liu Ling sent.

Lu Mingshan persuaded Mr. Liu of the Ministry of Punishment to take the lead, and led a group of officials to sue Shen Yan for excessive behavior in front of the prince, and Duke Lu also participated. Afterwards, Duke Lu complained that Lu Qian was soft-hearted and left Liu Ling’s life, which led to Shen Yan’s repeated attacks on the Lu family today.

Lu Qian said that he did not expect this to happen, and praised Lu Mingshan’s strategy this time. Duke Lu was going to go to court to sue Shen Yan, while Lu Mansion set up traps, waiting for Shen Yan to come back to Lu Mansion to search.

Shen Yan entered the Lu Mansion at night, and Lu Mingshan, who was always vigilant, discovered his existence. Shen Yan’s trick of knocking the mountain and shaking the tiger has worked.

Xu Shijin went to Nandian Zhengsi to ask Shen Yu for help. Shen Yu prepared the petal rain to win Xu Shijin a smile. Shen Yu wanted to chat with Xu Shijin, but Xu Shijin stopped smiling in a blink of an eye. The two searched for information about Yu Jue in the files and documents, which reminded Xu Shijin of how they looked when they were studying together when they were young. Xu Shijin found clues in a book, and Shen Yu accompanied her to reason.

In the north, Lu He, a descendant of Gongshu’s lineage, is good at making things for organs. The Qiankun Jade Jue Treasure Box he made can contain gunpowder, which is very delicate, and the two jade boxes are the keys to open the Qiankun Jade Jue Treasure Box. The name on the cloth strip in Yunyi’s mouth – Lu Lianshan, is the only disciple of Lu He.

Many years ago, the Lu family recruited Lu Lianshan as a guest. After the emperor learned about it, he intended to let Lu Lianshan enter the palace to serve, but the imperial edict was just issued. , Lu Lianshan died of illness, about four years before the Jiangzhou incident.

Seeing that the clues were interrupted, Xu Shijin got up to leave, Shen Yu didn’t want to let her go lightly, but Xu Shijin’s evasive attitude made Shen Yu helpless.

Shen Yu informed Shen Yan about Lu Lianshan, and asked Shen Yan to wait for the opportunity to enter Lu Mansion to steal the jade. Shen Yan asked Luo Fan to urge Shen Yu to investigate quickly.

Lingbi came to deliver the soup, but Shen Yan’s attitude was indifferent. Lingbi bluntly said that Liu Ling had been unable to eat for a few days, and it was actually very sad. Shen Yan’s expression did not change after hearing this, but she was a little worried.

Duke Lu led a group of officials to sue Shen Yan and Jin Linwei for being arrogant and overbearing, forcing the prince to commit the crime to Shen Yan, otherwise he would go to the palace to face the Holy Spirit. The prince ordered Shen Yan to be punished and then left. The feeling of being persecuted was uncomfortable, the prince was very angry, Xu Shijin expressed his relief, and the prince said that he was interested in Xu Shijin.

Shen Yan was demoted to an ordinary little official, and Mr. Liu of the Criminal Department took the opportunity to humiliate him and asked Shen Yan to help investigate the old cases of the Criminal Department, which Shen Yan readily accepted. Liu Ling’s love meal hint was served. Shen Yu drank the soup and asked Liu Ling’s whereabouts. Luo Fan said that Liu Ling was investigating clues for Shen Yan.

The old marquis was worried that Liu Ling would be hurt because of love, and Liu Ling said that he wanted to think about it before going to see Shen Yan. Uncle brought back the news that Shen Yan was convicted, and Liu Ling hurriedly went to Xu Shijin to discuss. Xu Shijin brought Liu Ling to Nandian Zhengsi, and Shen Yu felt that Liu Ling was a light bulb. The three checked the archives together, and Liu Ling’s inadvertent words opened up a new clue.

Shen Yu guessed that Lu Lianshan was probably Yun Yi. Back then, the Lu family instructed Lu Lianshan to fake death, and then entered the Xu family under the pseudonym Yun Yi. Four years later, the Xu family had a case in Jiangzhou, but Yun Yi escaped. Xu Shijin guessed that the Qiankun Jade Treasure Box containing the criminal evidence was probably in Xuanwu Town, because Lu He, the master of Lu Lianshan, was there.

In order to verify his identity, Shen Yu, Xu Shijin and Liu Ling came to Lu Lianshan’s tomb together. After opening the coffin, Xu Shijin found that the body in the coffin did not belong to Lu Lianshan, so it was determined that Yun Yi was Lu Lianshan.

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