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My Sassy Princess 祝卿好 Episode 4 Recap

Lingbi brought Shen Yan’s words to Luo Fan, and told him to be optimistic about Yun Yi. At this time, a man in black was eavesdropping on their words outside the inn. The man in black reported the matter to Lu Mingshan, and Lu Mingshan asked him to follow them all the way to see how the relationship between Liu Ling and Shen Yan was.

The crowds in Yunlai Town were very lively. Liu Ling walked aimlessly among them. A thief took advantage of the collision and stole Liu Ling’s wallet. Liu Ling didn’t notice it. The thief hid in the alley and snickered, and was caught by Shen Yan who changed into casual clothes. Shen Yan took back his wallet and continued to observe Liu Ling secretly. Liu Ling walked to the lake and was attracted by a stall selling lotus root. The little boy selling lotus root asked her to try it first.

Liu Ling remembered that when he was young, his mother had hidden from everyone to touch lotus root for him, and Liu Ling couldn’t help it for a while. , could not help but burst into tears. Liu Ling wanted to buy all the lotus roots, when she realized that she had lost her wallet. Not far away, someone opened a crossbow shooting booth. The little boy saw that the earrings of the first prize were the same as those lost by his mother, and he wanted to win the prize.

The black-hearted stall owner and his buddies worked in secret, and the little boy missed two shots. Liu Ling wanted to persuade him to leave, but when Liu Ling learned the reason, she took the initiative to take off the bracelet and exchanged it for the opportunity to shoot arrows. The stall owner said that only one arrow can be exchanged. The little boy missed the shot again, Liu Ling saw that something was wrong, and took off his earrings to shoot again, and bluntly told the stall owner not to cheat, otherwise he would not be polite.

The stall owner knew that he was in trouble, so he fanned the flames and said that Liu Ling was a bully, and the people who were watching for a while accused Liu Ling, which made Liu Ling think of the past, the groundless accusations of those people, and did not know the truth at all. Seeing all this, Shen Yan took the initiative to help. Not only did he accompany Liu Ling to hit the bullseye, but he also broke the active hands and feet.

Liu Ling fled during the chaos, but was eventually caught by Shen Yan on the bridge. Liu Ling felt that the situation between the two of them at the moment was very similar to Xu Xian and Bai Niangzi meeting on the broken bridge, while Shen Yan grabbed Liu Ling and left. In order to get out of here, Liu Ling immediately walked up to the people and performed a scene of being hurt by a heartless man. The people accused Shen Yan of being a heartless man. Liu Ling not only got his wallet back, but also escaped smoothly.

Prince Liu Wang played chess with Xu Shijin to imply to her that the Lu family would not be defeated by Yun Yi. Xu Shijin used the chess game as a metaphor for the situation, saying that the Lu family’s forces were intertwined and could not be shaken yet, so it was necessary to act still. Liu Wang knew about the relationship between Xu Shijin and Liu Ling, and asked her if she needed to send someone to pick up Liu Ling first. Xu Shijin was worried that she would be shocked. Shen Yan is a chess piece in Liu Wang’s hands, and he hopes that Shen Yan can grow into his own use as soon as possible.

Liu Ling packed a tavern, but Shen Yan still found her and entered through the window. Shen Yan tried to persuade Liu Ling to go back with him, but he found that he was a little dizzy. It turned out that Liu Ling had long believed that he would find him, so he put medicine in the tea first. Liu Ling put Shen Yan on the bed, while he fell asleep beside the table. Shen Yan woke up in the middle of the night and hugged Liu Ling to the bed. The next morning when Liu Ling woke up, Shen Yan was waiting outside the door.

Liu Ling and Shen Yan met a butcher chasing the pig on the road. Liu Ling took pity on the pig and tried to save it, but he was in danger. Shen Yan hugged Liu Ling and paid for the pig. When the two were having breakfast, Liu Ling named the piglet Shen Aoao, and Shen Yan felt a little helpless.

The two brought the pig back to the inn, but heard the sound of fighting coming from the inn. Shen Yan came forward to stop it. The visitor was in a ghost face. He handed the letter to Shen Yan, and everyone learned that Hu Xiao was about to arrive. The tiger’s roar was fierce and fierce, and Shen Yan didn’t dare to despise it, but the weapons in the inn were so shabby that Shen Yan could only be on guard. Everyone’s emotions were highly tense, and Liu Ling led everyone to make clothes for Shen Aoao, and the atmosphere eased a little.

Hu Xiao had already met Lu Mingshan, and Lu Mingshan showed a smile, as if he had made up his mind.

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