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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 11 Recap

Zhang Wu and Zhu Di competed together. Zhang Wu was so powerful that he fell to the ground twice in a row. In the end, he and Zhang Wu conceded defeat. Zhang Wu was very proud, and was asking the boss to get a good wine in the restaurant. Zhang Yu and Zhu Neng deliberately spoke to Zhang Wu behind them, saying that Zhu Di’s loss to him was intentional, but Zhang Wu did not see that Zhu Di was letting him. Zhang Wu couldn’t take it anymore, and took some of the money left from the jade pendant to return it to Zhu Di, saying that he would rather not marry a daughter-in-law than Zhu Di’s alms. Zhu Di did not deny that he was helping him, but he also returned the money.

Throw it back to him. The reason why Zhu Di helped him was because Zhang Wu was his general banner. If he regarded himself as a brother, he would take the money back. Hearing this, Zhang Wu was stunned.

Officials came to collect the tax and grain, and brought a private fight to collect. Zhang Wu was an honest man. He was beaten without saying a word. His mother and wife were also bullied and beaten. on the column. Zhang Yu went to see Miaoyun as a hundred households guarding the army of the Prince of Qin, hoping that she would know about this.

Zhang Wu knew that the people didn’t fight with the officials, but he didn’t expect that they would actually molest his wife. Zhu Di brought people to rescue Zhang Wu, and Haohao Tangtang was going to bring people and Dou to the yamen to seek justice. Miaoyun came to dissuade him in time and said that Zhu Di could not go to the yamen.

Here officials and officials protect each other. If the county magistrate punishes the officials, then the county magistrate’s performance appraisal for this year is over, and it is more likely to lose the county magistrate’s office. And Zhu Di is just a small hundred households here, not the prince in the capital. What Miaoyun said was reasonable, but Zhu Di still took people to the county office, and Miaoyun quickly asked Zhang Yu to find Tie Xuan for help.

Sure enough, Zhu Di and others were quickly arrested on charges of gathering a crowd to make trouble and beating officials. The magistrate Su only punished those who took the lead. Unexpectedly, the people under Zhu Di were afraid of being punished and immediately betrayed Zhu Di. Except for Zhang Wu, the others It is said that Zhu Di brought them into trouble.

Tie Xuan came to plead for mercy, but Master Su ignored it, and the adults one level higher than them also expressed that they would be severely punished. The situation was very thrilling for a time, and it was not until the arrival of King Qin and King Jin that things took a turn for the better. They said that Zhang Yu was the guard of Prince Qin’s mansion, and he was from the family of the second sister-in-law, and was an old acquaintance with Zhu Di, so the county magistrate wanted to give him this face and let them release Zhu Di and Zhang Wu.

The county magistrate had to release Zhu Di. King Qin and King Jin were about to leave on horseback. Tie Xuan reminded King Jin that King Qin was the elder brother and should wait for him to get on the horse before the King of Jin got on the horse again. Tie Xuan said in a humble and humble manner that breaking the law with personal love will bring disaster to Ming sooner or later.

King Qin applied medicine for Zhu Di to treat the bruise. From the conversation between King Jin and his fourth brother, he learned that he was not punished to come to Fengyang, but had another mission. They were hiding it from themselves, and King Qin was a little angry. Before the King of Yan left, the King of Jin threw him a token of the royal guard’s pro-military guard.

At the same time, Master Su also learned of Zhu Di’s true identity, and he almost stumbled and fell. Zhang Yu changed his view of Zhu Di a lot. He told Zhu Di that the reason why King Qi remained standing was because he never kidnapped herdsmen and caressed his soldiers. Zhang Yu’s words made Zhu Di ponder. Today’s soldiers betrayed him because they had no choice, but Zhu Di still had many choices.

Afterwards, Miao Yun also told Zhu Di the story of Zeng’s mother over the wall, intending to remind him that this is not the capital, and he should think twice about doing things to avoid disaster. Zhu Di was very fortunate that he had married such a capable and shrewd wife as her, and was more accepting of her. Zhu Di took his men to the school grounds to train troops.

Zhang Yu and Zhu Neng felt that he had the style of a general. The prince received a secret report from Zhu Di and Tie Xuan, and went to tell Zhu Yuanzhang, but Zhu Yuanzhang had planned to let go of state affairs and did not want to pay attention. Su Bin encroached on the unowned land allocated to the military household, and when he learned that Zhu Di came to Fengyang to investigate, he committed suicide.

Tie Xuan said that this official management is a big article, why some people dare to violate the law and commit illegal and corrupt things, the reason may not be so simple. Hu Weiyong also told the prince that now there are wars in the north and west, and the court cannot separate its energy to govern officials. He would come up with a long-term solution, but after reading Hu Weiyong’s strategy, the prince suddenly remembered that Liu Ji once said that scholar-bureaucrats and scholars are the foundation of the country.

Therefore, the crown prince and Zhu Yuanzhang suggested to open a department to select scholars, but Zhu Yuanzhang said that he would not open a department to select scholars until the culture and education were not prosperous.

The good news from the north came back, Xu Da won the victory on the northern line, and Zhu Yuanzhang led his ministers to worship. When returning to the palace, the prince proposed that Hu Weiyong be promoted to the right minister and recalled Liu Ji to be the left minister. Zhu Yuanzhang did not agree, because he still couldn’t trust Hu Weiyong, so he asked Hu Weiyong to be the only minister to see how smart he could be.

Many officials wanted to come to the door to celebrate, but they were blocked by Hu Weiyong’s police. Zhu Biao concealed his identity and sat in the carriage, listening clearly to what the steward said to the officials. Zhu Liangzu thanked Hu Weiyong, he really fulfilled his promise, Hu Weiyong reminded him that the partition has ears.

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