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The villain is a marionette

The villain is a marionette (악녀는 마리오네트)

Genre: Romance Fantasy, Possessiveness
Writer: Han Lee Rim
Publisher: Yeon talk (緣談)
Serial number: Kakao Page
Serialization period: 2021. 02. 23.


Princess Kayena, who is praised for being the most beautiful in the Empire, but only knows about luxury and vice. She was supposed to end up being a villain when her tyrant brother was used as a shogun horse to gain her throne, and then was murdered by her maniac husband.

“I will make you emperor.”
“…You mean me?”
“Give me freedom instead.”

Until ‘me’ becomes that Kayena Princess.


  • Kayena Hill

The protagonist of this work. Lady of the Black Rose, the original novelA villain in [1] and a princess of the Eldim Empire. She has the most beautiful looks in the Empire, and she is extravagant and vicious. In her original novel, Lady of the Black Rose, she had a crush on Raphael, the villain who tormented her mistress, public figure Olivia. She, however, was only taken advantage of by her younger brother, Les Jeffs, and after he became emperor, she married as if sold to the scumbag Viscount Henburton Gillian, where she was imprisoned and beaten before she died miserably. Afterwards, she was reincarnated in Korea and lived as her office worker, but she was stabbed to death by a man who had bad feelings for her. Shortly after she did this she reverted to the point in time when Recep fell by feeding her Kayena her poison.

As soon as she wakes up, she is confused by the memories of her present life and her reincarnation that have returned to her, but soon recognizes that both memories are hers and grasps her situation. She stops this after she tells Les Jeff that she will catch the culprit who poisoned her while hiding her identity as her true culprit; Offers to make her emperor. She and she thinks of sorting out her feelings for Raphael, whom she has had a crush on for a while, and making an early connection with her original mistress, public figure Olivia, according to her novel’s content.

She also maneuvers her maids out of her de facto Res Jeffs, her vassals of Res Jeffs, or her own maids who are none other than her maids, except Vera, in order to escape her grasp of her Res Jeffs. She takes her Olivia as her new maid.

Because of the novel that had the same content as the life before the return and the life after the reincarnation, he fell in love with his family who were cynical or used to him. feel the Because of this guilt, he reforms the imperial palace, where corruption is rampant due to the strife over the succession between Recep and Heinrich, and protects Catherine, the emperor’s mistress, and her son Idel, who were held hostage by Heinrich, and is again favored by his father.

Recep had a strong feeling that he was his only real brother, so he tried to make him dogged. Instead of taking care of his own court reform, he rescued Emperor Esteban’s mistress Catherine and her son Idel, who had been held hostage by Yeister Heinrich, and enlisted Catherine to their maternal house, Count Hamel, as a means of oppressing the Emperor Esteban. Somehow, he comforts Recep by advising him. However, the relationship is broken when Recep indirectly murders his nanny, Claire Elivan, on her way back to the capital.

  • Recep Hill

Kayena’s younger brother. In the original novel, in order to become her emperor, she restrains her Kayena as her doll and her chess piece.[2] It was eaten and eventually killed. He is emotionally ups and downs and shows a considerable tyrant temperament. Although she appeared to be the only prince of the El Daim Empire, she was actually Empress Sun[3] He is an illegitimate child born to another man, and is desperate to gain recognition for his worth under the pressure and indifference of the emperor.[4] This is also reflected in Recep’s position as a member of the imperial family. The fact that Recep, a man, is in charge of the internal affairs of the palace, which were originally supposed to be taken by imperial women like the empress, proves that the emperor never acknowledges Recep.

Growing up in such an unhappy family environment, he is quite emotionally unstable, and has become a person who wields relentless violence if anyone offends him. Moreover, even if his entourage is corrupted in the imperial palace, he does not stop it at all. Even in the novel dealing with the content before the return, after Kayena’s death, he was tyrannical and eventually dethroned due to a rebellion that put Edel as the next emperor.

After her return, Kayena, who knew her Reseff’s nature, lost her arrogance, but because she was still her brother, she offered to make her emperor instead of giving her freedom. tries to rehabilitate her Resef somehow. However, Res Jeff is in fact breaking his promises with her, including secretly distributing portraits of her throughout her empire so that she can be corrected even after she leaves her imperial palace. . In the end, she commits her deeds, which she would never have done before. In the end, Kayena abandons her Res Jeff and she herself runs into the battle for the succession to her throne.

  • Emperor Esteban

Father of Kayena and Recep. He has a crush on Raphael and is pitiful for Kayena for her immature behavior, and he resents Les Jeff because he is not his own son. Due to Recep’s ruse, his body is getting weaker by eating a growing poison. In addition to her empress, she had a woman named Catherine Lindbergh as her mistress, and she had a son named Edel.

Like Empress Seon, who had an affair in the play, it is one of the sources of all evil. Although he knew that Recep was not his real son, he thought of the imperial prestige and left him at the imperial palace without thinking about it, but he brutally beaten Recep, giving him the opportunity to become a personality destroyer and ultimately a tyrant. In the end, Esteban also slowly became addicted to poison without knowing it and died. In the novel before the return, he was killed by Recep and usurped the throne.

  • Yeister Heinrich

Yeister Heinrich. The villain is Marie… Heinrich’s descendants. This Archduke Heinrich was of the government blood of the previous emperor, and was not a direct line recognized by the temple, and had an incurable genetic disease, so he had no right to the throne. However, the game changes when Yeister Heinrich, a local nobleman who has almost taken over the afterlife and led a force called a ‘gang group’, becomes the adopted son of the Archduke.

  • Raphael Kidrey

Nickname is Rafi. It is said that before his return, Kayena always called Raphael Rafi. His other eyes are black- haired and red eyes like the symbol of a peasant family . It is said that his father-in-law, Leo Francis, had an affair with someone since long ago, and because of this, his mother was firmly entrenched.

Although it may be because of such a poor family history, she has a congenital disorder that dislikes being touched by both men and women. Knowing this after her return, Kayena gives up her unrequited love for Raphael, and, according to her original novel, she tries to marry Raphael with her Olivia.

She then informed Raphael that all of the bridal candidates proposed by Duchess Kid Ray were flawed, so while investigating Raphael separately, she found out that each of the bridal candidates had their own problems. After that, he started meeting Kayena and building trust. Because of Kayena’s changed attitude before her, her insomnia gradually disappears due to her Kayena limitation, and her appearance of taking care of herself in a different way from her before is the trigger, and she tells Kayena her start to take an interest

Afterwards, he comes back to Kayna and asks what she wants. She hears Kayena’s answer and she becomes her political partner. However, unlike before her return and completely different from her novels, she obsessed over Kayna rather than Olivia, making it difficult for Kayna to let go of her unrequited love for Raphael. That doesn’t mean she’s no help at all for Kayena. For example, Henburton Gillian saved her from her cunt to her Kayena she stumbled upon. Afterwards, Henburton has a bad reputation other than that he is his vassal family, and he starts to investigate why Kayena is afraid of Henburton.

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