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My boyfriend has an IQ of 600

내 남자친구는 아이큐 600 – The main character in episode 1

has a really, really, really, really, really scary, a little ugly, and has a very stupid personality, and all the kids say that she is cute.
She says she’s not good at it, so she’s actually she. let’s say she is

Then she [I don’t know what she’s doing, but anyway, then] the main character’s BF (BF) Soon-i saw the boys in her arcade and screamed.
Frighteningly scary Iljin women were encamped around the boys. The main character was afraid and asked Soon-i not to go.

Soon-yi introduces the boys as the Five Great Heavenly Kings. Among them, Seven Perm’s one-haired girl is Gonggo Iljin-chan, and her name is Jonnase . His last name is John and his name is Nase. It is said that her name is as cool as her face. She is said to be the strongest kid in the world anyway. She said back then that she [I don’t know when] she fought 60-1 and she won without a single wound. Soon-i says she wants to date such an idiot, but the main character just hates that type.

However, as if they had heard all those words, the King of the Five Great Heavenly Kings and the Iljin women around him paid attention to the main character. And the damned three wrinkled his face and approached the main character and talked to him.

The main character was afraid of Jonas Upon closer inspection, I realized that he was really handsome. He appeared to be about 190 cm tall and his body was only 40 kg. His face was so transparent that he could see through his face, and his lips were as red as a mouse-eater. The uniform was shortened and it was a bit cool.

Anyway, for no reason, the main character becomes Jon Nasse’s girlfriend.

Episode 2, the main character transfers to his school, Gonggo, on the order of Jonasse. According to the cliché, the homeroom teacher asks the transfer student to introduce himself, and the name of the main character, which is not revealed in episode 1, is revealed. Last name is Soyo . First name is Nagi . shower. For some reason, the name comes to mind of a manga fanatic girl who has a butler who looks like a woman.

Anyway, when Sonagi introduces himself, Jonnase suddenly kicks his desk. Then the homeroom teacher got scared and left the classroom. Then Jonasseh kisses Sonagi for an hour . An hour later, Showers chokes her and tells Damn-Se not to do it, but she quits and announces that Sona-Gi is his woman. She even threatens to die if touched. Then, the shower was a joke at first, but I feel like my naughtiness is getting better and better.

Then, suddenly, Jonnase cries. As for the reason why we cry, in fact, John Nasse’s father was the number one in the world the group’s president. It’s a Hanhoe group, but I don’t know why I’m the president. Her mother, who is so damn old, died of cancer her last year, and her father didn’t even care about her. He didn’t like it, so he got into a fight and became number 0 in the world . He studied hard and got an IQ of 600 . Revealing her count, she asks Sonagi if she can love her, and after she says she doesn’t like it, she hits the typical naive cartoon heroine line that she’ll love her.

Anyway (I feel like I’m using too much anyway, but I can’t write anything else) John Nasé cried and kissed Sonagi for 2 hours , and Sonagi’s lips hurt a little , but I left it alone because he liked it.

However, when the female members of the public see her kissing, So Na-gi is dragged to the bathroom, and her hair is pulled out by Il-jin, a woman who exudes a monopoly on the motherfucker, and gets kicked and slapped by her (appreciating the body of So Na-gi) Got about 200 . As the shower vomited her blood, she nearly died, her eyes gradually closing.

Then her woman Iljin spit in her shower face. The shower smelled like saliva and she felt really sick. Perhaps the female iljin is an alien.

At that time (I don’t know what he’s done until now), John Nasse appeared and assaulted the women more than the rain did. Rain showers were the first time feel scary What felt scary in episode 1 wasn’t a shower, but a shower from a parallel world. Anyway, John Nasse brought a piece of wood and made a bunch of women. When the female gangs run away, John Nasse is hit by 200 and is lying on the floor (only then), hugging her, comforting her not to get sick , and kissing her for 5 hours ( to the person who was beaten up to death ) .

Perhaps the showers are mixed with troll blood. It is not human survival. Episode 3 (probably after some time) But Jin-Se (last name Jin and J-Sae), Jon-Nase’s friend , confesses her love to So-Na-Gi and forces her to kiss him for an hour and a half, telling him not to tell him. It was also actually going to be over 5 hours, but he failed due to the rebellion of the shower and just went to look after him. After being kissed for an hour and a half, Sona-gi finds Jonnase crying and finds out that Genji-se is forcibly kissing Sona-gi. Nasé got angry and hit Jjase more than 300 times .

He beat him with a stick. But since he was really strong , he was right. It was strong and I got hit twice . I hit 2 while I was hit 300. Anyway, Sonagi comforts him not to cry because he is sad. [I must have cried while being beaten over 300.]

Anyway, I don’t know what Real Sei understands, but she says she understands everything and tells Sonagi to come to her, but Sonagi refuses. Then the real Sei just cried and her runny nose came out a little bit, but he should come out anyway. Then So Na-gi realizes that Gen Se-se is really handsome. His skin was very white and he was 180 cm tall and weighed 50 kg. Her weight is fat, but she doesn’t look fat at all. She looked very slim. But she didn’t like the shower because she weighed 50 kilos. [For your reference, if she is 180cm and 50kg, she is underweight with a BMI of 15.43.]

Anyway, I ask the crying real-se to tell the reason for the shower. At that moment, the real-seated eyes fluttered. His real eyes are blue, but his original eyes are like that. It is said that Sonagi’s hair is originally a little red. [Anyway, it has absolutely nothing to do with the current situation.] In the end, Real Se tells us that Jon Na Se is cancer . So Na-gi doesn’t believe Gen-Se’s words, so she goes and asks Jon-Nase. And then, Johnny begins to cry. It is said that he likes showers because he doesn’t shed a single runny nose when he cries . She cries as she answers the question that she inherited it from her mother. After that, Jonnase’s body seemed to have gotten thinner. She is said to have lost more than 5 kilos. Sonagi’s real weight is 50kg, but Jonnase is only 35kg, so after the miraculous appearance evaluation that Jonnase is more handsome, she is hugged by Nase and weeps.

By the way, John Nasse says he is going to America the day after tomorrow . Because tomorrow there is a world battlefield. [Probably using the time paradox.] America, China, Japan, Africa, Bangladesh, France, Paris. I wonder why Bangladesh exists and why Paris is separate when there is France, but let’s ask the question now. Anyway, at that time [I don’t know when, but I think I’m talking about the world clash in the past] I fought 5 times, and I won all of them, so Jonnase is said to be ranked 0 in the world. But African-chan is a very mean human being, so he says he doesn’t know this time because he wants to win even by killing people . However, African-chan is a bit of a bummer, so he promises to the dastardly Sonagi that he will come back victorious.

Anyway , tomorrow John Nasse went to America.

Episode 4 starts from the point of John Nasse. Afro-chan wears a single leaf on his clothes, revealing his strong muscles and making him a little nervous, so he thinks he should do everything he can to prepare. It is because he has no choice but to inherit his father’s legacy . Hell, he only has an IQ of 600.Jonnasse’s father, oddly enough, tries to use him as his tool. Jonnasse resembles his father a lot, but Jonnasse’s father had an IQ of 1200 before, so it is said that he hates Jonnasse, who only has an IQ of 600. If you’re annoyed at what kind of sentence this is, you’re fine.

Anyway, Jonasseh flew to the United States on a private plane. In the United States, there is a world-class building that John Nasse ‘s father erased , but it is on the 100th to 99th floors . John Nasse thinks it will be a little difficult this time. When John Nase went to the 99th floor of the building, the world’s best people were there.

They look out for each other and fight, but he’s friendly with the world’s best because he’s ranked 0 in the world’s damned count . Jonnase swears at the world’s best people who greet them in their own language . He says he doesn’t like French-chan because he can’t learn French. Maybe it’s because I can’t swear.

Anyway, after spending time like that, the door opened and African-American came in. It is said that today it was covered with pumpkin leaves. The Bangladeshi girl who came in next to me covered it with corn leaves. It is said that Bangladeshi Chan looks a little cute. He has small eyes, a flat nose, a protruding mouth, and is 184 cm tall and weighs 47 kg. It’s lighter than the real thing, but Jonnase thinks that he hates Bangladeshi a little too much .

Afreeca-chan let out a mean laugh at Jonnase. She spilled so much that her clothes got wet. She flirted a bit with the damn three. The writer says that her friend Yuri Kim made this uninteresting gag. Anyway, Afreeca-chan and Jon-nase provoke each other and burn their fighting spirits. It’s understandable because Jonnasse had previously learned African language from an interpreter. However, John Nasse said that it was very dangerous because he got cancer and Africa could win .

A host from somewhere announced the start of the world head-to-head competition and the qualifiers began. Jonnase and U.S.-chan had a fight, and U.S.-chan was close to Ono (probably Anton Ono), so it is said that Jonase hated it. So, when fighting weak opponents, he doesn’t hit a lot, but he says he hits a lot to the American guy.

Anyway, the American guy rushed in, and John Nasse didn’t know that he was using his left fist, so he was so strong that he used his left hand, which he doesn’t use often, and the American guy vomited blood. John Nasse apologizes to the American-chan and says that the American-chan is okay. So, he thinks he has to do well from now on. He decides to give him a gift set of sweets containing yokan . But that’s it, and fighting is a fight, so John Nasse slapped the American chan over 2,000 times, and the American chan hit John Nasse one time.

And, who faced a lot of jjangs, Jonasse made it to the finals very easily. And the opponent he would face in the final was Afreeca-chan. John Nasse threw a punch, but Afreeca-Chan avoided and counterattacked. John Nasse falls and feels that Afreeca-chan is stronger than before. But every time African-chan kicks, the pumpkin leaves are about to fall.

Afro-chan’s girlfriend came to the battlefield to watch, and she was the second-placed woman in the world beauty pageant, known for being good at Lee Hyori’s dance. He keeps watching that damn count, and he thinks he’s going to get hit without even seeing a fight. I don’t know if he’s thinking of Afreeca-chan’s pumpkin leaves or African-chan’s girlfriend, but it’s not normal to think about such things during a fight.

Anyway, Jonnasse decides to put on an eyepatch and punch his fist in order Lee Sinto overcome this situation. However, as soon as he puts on the eyepatch, he gets a bodyblowing and vomits more blood than the American jjang did in the qualifying round. John Nasse tries to endure that he can’t die here, but his eyes slowly close. But then a rain shower came into his head.
Big eyes like chestnuts, a little blunt but sharp nose like a triangle, red lips like apples, white skin that isn’t her own , but the height of Adam…

At that time, Sonagi was trembling with anxiety, feeling the strange feeling that Jonnasse was going to lose the world head-to-head competition. However, because Genji Se calls So Na Gi and tells Jon Na Se that he likes So Na Gi. He asks for 10 million won , and Sona-gi asks Jin-se where they will meet.

Returning to the world head-to-head competition,
John Nasse realizes that if he dies, the real world is third only to African-Chan and the second richest person in the world. And when he really counts, his runny nose comes out only a little, but it is said that there are times when the damn count comes out a lot. It’s also lumpy mixed .

I don’t know why the strength is rising, but Jonnasse’s body is getting stronger, and Jonnasse is cowardly but takes off his eyepatch to defeat Afreeca-chan. If there is a world chant who makes fun of it later , I think it’s okay to introduce Jun Ji-hyun and Kim Hee-sun . When Jonasse took off his eyepatch, Afreeca-chan was trembling in fear, and Jonnasse hit Afreeca- chan 3,000 thousand times with the power that springed up for no reason . John Nasse, who won in that way, raised the African-chan, who was still alive even after being hit by 300,000, and bought him pants. However, African-chan said that he was more comfortable with pumpkin leaves. Counting the damn thing, he thought he’d have to get some bigger leaf flies next time.

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