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Buddha’s Biography History Story

“Buddhism” is our national religion. And how many people … who know the history of “Lord Buddha”, who is the “Master” of “Buddhism”. Today, the bowl is the story of Buddha’s history or history of the Lord Buddha.

The Lord Buddha had the original name “Siddhattha”, meaning a person who has achieved his purpose Or who wishes anything Naturally receives that He is the son of King Sutodthana. The King who occupies the city of Kapilpastak, Sakkasa and “Queen Sirikit Maya”, the daughter of the king of the Goliath family, the family of the city of Tewathah

On the night that the Lord Buddha was conceived in the womb of Queen Sirikit She dreamed that the vision. There were three pairs of tusks coming into the womb at the bed before she was born. Under the Sala tree at Lumpini Park On friday Up the fifteenth lunar month of Visakha, the screen year of 80 years before the Buddhist era. (Currently Lumpini Park is in Nepal)

Immediately after birth Prince Siddhartha walked with 7 steps of his foot and a lotus rose to support his feet. Ready to utter the words that “We are the best in the world. The most sublime in the world This birth is our last. “But after Prince Siddhartha was born 7 days ago, Her Majesty the King passed away. Prince Siddhartha was in the care of the Lord Pracha Khodmi. Which is the younger brother of her Majesty

In this regard, all 8 brahmins predicted that Prince Siddhattha had the characteristics of a great man: that if he lived in a layman he would become Emperor. If ordained, will become the world’s Master. But the youngest of the Brahmins Confirm firmly that His Highness the Princess Mother would be ordained. And would definitely attain enlightenment.

The Biography of Buddha: Childhood Life
Prince Siddhartha studied at the end of 18 studies in liberal arts in the school of Wisawit Mit. And because the Father did not want Prince Siddhartha to be the Master of the world Therefore tried to make Prince Siddhartha see only happiness By creating 3 seasons castles to stay And prepare for the coronation for the prince to reign

At the age of 16, she married her Phimpha or Yasothara, the daughter of God of Deva, who was a relative of his mother. Until the age of 29 years old, she gave birth to a son, whose name is “Rahul” which means “snare”

History of the Lord Buddha: entered the Buddhist priesthood

One day, Prince Siddhartha got bored with the monotony of the castle in 3 seasons, so invited Samarti to travel in the park. At that time he saw the elderly, the sick, the dead, and the monks by the transformed angel (angels). This is normal in the world. Everyone’s life must be in that condition. No one can avoid birth, death, and suffering, so he sees that worldly happiness is just an illusion. And the way to be free from suffering Meaning having to reign as a monk Therefore he would like to start ordination. While living 29 years

On that occasion he went with Mr Chantha Athi, who prepared a throne named Kantaka, headed straight to the Anoma River. Before sitting on the sand pile He cut off Meli with Khan. And changing the clothes of Ka Put Put (The fabric dyed with the astringent taste of the tree) and gave Mr. Chan Take the jewelry back to Bangkok Before he entered the coronation (The Great Departure) went alone In order to head to the Bihar region

History of Buddha: Asceticism

After the priest entered He headed to the Kaya River in Bihar, trying to find a way to escape suffering. By studying and experimenting in the Dala Kala Kalamkhorat and Hydro Dabramarabut schools, but after graduating from these 2 schools, he saw that this was not the way to be free from suffering

After that he went to the Neran River. In the Uruwan Senanikom district And ascetic By gnashing with teeth Hold your breath and fast Until the body is skinny But after testing for 6 years, he saw that this was not the way to be free from suffering Therefore abolished asceticism And turned to me as before With the royal initiative, as Thak Sak Devaraj came down to stray the lute for 3 times, which is the 1st string harp strung too tight when the strum would be torn Strumming the harp, session 2, which was slacked The sound lasts for melodiousness. And Agenda 3, the last harp strung. Therefore had a beautiful voice Therefore considered that The middle way is not too tense. And not too slack That is the way to be free from suffering.

After His Majesty stopped practicing asceticism Causing all 5 panjawaksi, namely Kondanya Ya Waphapaphathi Mahanama Assisshi, who came to serve him with the expectation that when he found the way to free from suffering In order to teach them to achieve Caused his faith to abandon his intention Therefore traveled back to the forest of Hispanic Maruekhathayawan, Saranat sub-district, Varanasi city.

History of Buddha: Enlightenment

At that moment he sat on his knees. Under the Sri Maha Photophora tree at Uru Sen Senanikom, in Varanasi, facing his face to the east And prayed with the determination that as long as he had not attained absolute fulfillment Will not rise from the throne of concentration Even though a demon group intervenes But was defeated by His Majesty’s return In time he finally achieved the form of the serpent. That moment he sat in a cross-legged position. Under the Sri Maha Photophora tree at Uru Sen Senanikom, in Varanasi, facing his face to the east And prayed with the determination that as long as he had not attained absolute fulfillment Will not rise from the throne of concentration Even though a demon group intervenes But was defeated by His Majesty’s return Until time passed, in the end he achieved the form of the King.

  1. At the beginning or the beginning of the fulfillment of the Pupeniwan, the mind was able to recall the nation.
  2. Two-way guards achieve unexpectedly. (Omniscient) is to know about the birth and death of all animals that are in accordance with the defined karma.
  3. The third time he attained Ashwagaya was the knowledge that gave rise to light or lust by the Four Noble Truths, namely suffering, Somuthai, Niroth, and Mak, and enlightened himself as Lord Buddha. And is the Master of the world Which the Lord Buddha’s Enlightenment Falls on the full moon of the 6th month while living 35 years

History of the Lord Buddha: Show orientation

After the Enlightenment Buddha He considered the Dharma that he had enlightenment for 7 weeks and saw that it was difficult for the general public to understand and act. His Highness therefore considered that There are many different kinds of people in this world such as the Boa 4, who are both easy to teach. And those who can teach hard He therefore remembered the sword swath and the swath of the sword. Who is the Master Therefore hoped to go please But both of you have passed away His Highness therefore remembers all 5 penthouses that had previously been served. Therefore proceeded to please the Bhagwati.

The first sermon that His Majesty taught was “Dhammachakapavatana Sutra” means “The formula for turning the wheel of dharma. Which is considered the first sermon on the full moon day of the 15th lunar month, which is the day of Asanha Puja.

In this regard, Kondanja received dharma. Meaning that the eyes first saw justice The Lord Buddha therefore uttered the words “Anya Siyadhikanyano”, meaning that Konyanya knew, and Konthinya got the nickname that Anyaya Konthanya And was ordained as the first monk in Buddhism By calling the ordination of the Lord Buddha as “Aha Bhikkhu Vadhana”

After all laying downs The Lord Buddha therefore preached Anatlakkhanasutra. Thus Panjakani became a saint at a later time.

History of Buddha: Buddhism propagation

Later, the Lord Buddha preached a sermon to Yonsakutabutra. Including friends of Yongsakul’s children Until becoming a total of 60 Arhat Buddha images

The Lord Buddha wanted His Majesty to allow the world to be free from suffering. Passion therefore called all 60 disciples to meet and said that the 60 disciples would travel separately to preach 60 religions on a unique path. In order to be able to spread Buddhism in many areas extensively He himself went to do dhamma in Senanikhom district.

After the disciples traveled to propagate Buddhism in various areas Resulting in a large number of followers of Buddhism He therefore allowed his disciples to perform ordination. Using methods “Tisornkan Manuphasampa” is a vow to be a reference to the Triple Gem. Buddhism is so deeply rooted and spread in that land.

History of the Lord Buddha: His Highness passed away on death

The Lord Buddha had graciously taught and taught the sermons throughout the 45 years. Hearing that the next 3 months will pass away. Therefore His Majesty expired At that time he entered the rainy season at Velu Kham, near the town of Siwatchi region. One day before the end of the nirvana But he fell ill Makes Ananda angry But he said “The two most virtuous alms are: When the Buddha attends alms And nirvana “and said” Yvo Anon, Thammajawin Yothaya, Tessoto Panyotosovo, Yen Satavatha “which means” Look Anon. The Dharma and discipline that we have shown Already commanded to you That discipline Will be your Master When we passed away “

The Lord Buddha is sick. But repressed to head to Kusinara, at the Sal forest, to die in the end In which, before departing for the death He was ordained to Phra Suphatthapraparak Which can be considered “Suphaphattha” is the last disciple given by the Lord Buddha. In the midst of the clergy, despite being the saint And mortals from different regions, including angels that come together today

At that time he had a speech saying “Look, all the monks I would like to tell you All sankhara has deteriorated naturally. So they all benefit themselves. And the benefit of others to the fullest. Don’t be careless “(Popmaten Sompatet)

After that, His Highness passed away under the Sala tree at the park of the Mallan king. Kusinara city, Mallas region, on the 15th day of the waxing moon in the 6th lunar month, including the 80th birthday of the Buddha and today is the beginning of the Buddhist era.

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