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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 12 Recap

Meng Ziyun was dismissed as a handyman, and was responsible for delivering vegetables to the Shangshi Bureau every day. She came a little late that day. Wen Dianshan deliberately said harsh words and punished her for pulling a new cart of fresh vegetables.

Fang Dianshan When I came, I saw that it was the former Master Shangshi who came to deliver the food, and I felt very uncomfortable. At this time, Yuehua and Wang Sishan came in and saw that Meng Ziyun did not salute Wang Sishan. Yuehua criticized Meng Ziyun in public for not being superior and inferior, and Wang Sishan reminded Yuehua not to be unreasonable.

Zhu Zhanji had been handling government affairs in the study, but when he was done, he saw that Yao Zijin had fallen asleep by the door. Zhu Zhanji gently picked her up and put her on the soft couch in the room. Yao Zijin was already asleep, Zhu Zhan Ji squatted down and couldn’t help but scrutinized it carefully.

Yao Zijin woke up, Zhu Zhanji asked her if she was pretending to be asleep, Yao Zijin admitted frankly that in order to prepare for the New Year’s Eve palace banquet, all the cooks had not slept for four days and nights. Zhu Zhanji wanted to transfer her to her side to do some easy work, but Yao Zijin politely declined. She wanted to have a good development. When she was a child, her mother had high expectations for her and her family education was very strict.

In order to meet Yao Zijin’s mother’s requirements, Mr. He often used rattan to punish her physically. The reason why she liked to be a cook was because her kitchen was too small when she was a child, so Mr. Mu couldn’t beat her with thorns, and she could get her mother’s approval for cooking, so she felt a sense of accomplishment.

The moonlight was very good, and the beautiful woman was nearby. Zhu Zhanji was interested. He picked up the xiao and asked Yao Zijin to play the piano for it immediately. She noticed that Zhu Zhanji had a new love. The guqin was playing a piece of music composed by Zhu Zhanji. There used to be only half of the score. On the other hand, he said that he would wait until he had inspiration. The person who plays the piano.

A few days later, Concubine Taisun asked Yao Zijin to deliver some snacks. She tasted the strawberry soup made by Yao Zijin herself, and felt how a girl with ingenuity could make such a delicious meal. Yu An asked her to play chess with her. After Yao Zijin left, , Yu An looked at her back, and realized that Yao Zijin was knowledgeable and kind, so it was no wonder that Zhu Zhanji liked her very much.

Hu Sishan had already taken Meng Ziyuan’s previous position, and the chef of the Shang Food Bureau began to alienate Yuehua intentionally or unintentionally. Yuehua used to hate Meng Ziyuan, she hated her for not recognizing this daughter, and she hated her for abandoning it very early. When the biological child ran away from home, seeing that his mother was now forced into such a situation, he naturally regretted it.

On the Shangyuan Festival, Wu Cairen played Cuju with a few maids. Yin Ziping’s ball skills were also very good, so he was immediately pulled by Wu Cairen to play together. Yao Zijin quietly reminded Yin Ziping that Wu Cairen had a domineering temper and should not be too competitive when playing. . Concubine Zhuang’s entourage couldn’t find the master, Yin Ziping kindly helped to find her, but saw Concubine Zhuang crying hiding in a corner. The princess’ mother also came. She saw Yu Anli who came to serve tea and ignored her. After Yu An left, the old lady complained that Yu An could not give birth to an imperial heir as soon as possible.

Zhu Zhanji rushed to the study after handling government affairs. Yao Zijin was not here, so he looked around and finally found it under a pavilion. Yao Zijin was painting lanterns by candlelight, concentrating on each stroke. You Yifan has been staring at Yao Zijin in the dark for a long time. He originally wanted to go forward and give Yao Zijin a hairpin. Seeing Zhu Zhanji walking forward, You Yifan threw away the hairpin and turned away.

Zhu Zhanji was about to go to the front line to lead his troops to fight. He asked Yao Zijin if he would like to go with him. Yao Zijin smiled and said with a painted lantern that he would be here waiting for his triumphant return. Back at the Shang Food Bureau, Yao Zijin saw Yin Ziping sitting on the ground with her head down and motionless. She looked at Yin Ziping’s red and swollen face with distress. It turned out that Yin Ziping won the Cuju arena. Crying, there is no reason under the powerful, Yao Zijin immediately stepped on the lantern in his hand and smashed it.

Zhu Zhanji was out on an expedition and accidentally caught a little rabbit. He was thinking about Yao Zijin, so he ordered his men to travel thousands of miles to deliver the little rabbit to Yao Zijin. When the emperor heard that Xia Yuanji was taking bribes privately and was corrupt, he decided to kill him. Not only that, he also had to sit in several groups. The prince asked Xia Yuanji to intercede. The emperor insisted on killing him. Zhu Zhanji entered the palace to try to save the situation.

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