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6 highlights of “The Rookie of the Police Academy”

6 highlights of “The Rookie of the Police Academy” (Kang Daniel’s acting debut)

The Korean drama “The Rookie of the Police Academy” will be broadcast tomorrow on 1/26~ This drama mainly describes a series of campus stories after a group of young people who have no fear of the future and are full of dreams, enter the Korean Police University and become freshmen. It is a drama with laughter and positive power. Now let’s take a look at the highlights of this drama~

  1. Kang Daniel’s first drama

Kang Daniel, who had previously performed very well in the former limited group Wanna One, stepped into the drama circle for the first time after more than 4 years of debut and challenged acting. He played the leading actor Wei Chengxian, who entered the police academy as the top student. He has a clear mind and a superior sense of justice. He is always full of enthusiasm in the face of things, and dreams of becoming a police officer as good as his father.

  1. The plot is close to the daily life of the police academy

Curious about what South Korean police academy students usually do? Then you must not miss this drama! “Police Academy Rookie” focuses on the daily life of first-year students in the police academy. Although they usually have to endure terrible newbie devil training, fitness classes, and all kinds of hard life rules, these naughty and energetic people will not hesitate when they get the chance. They will do some hilarious things such as secretly hiding in the dormitory in the middle of the night to eat instant noodles, or drinking broken pieces at a party.

3. Kang Daniel and Chae Soo Bin romantic chemistry

In “The Rookie of the Police Academy”, the male and female protagonists Wei Chengxian and Gao Enjiang (played by Cai Xiubin) often conflict because of disagreements, and even get involved in various troubles that affect their graduation career. However, the two will get to know each other better in the process of getting along, and some pink bubbles will burst out. For example, in the trailer, the male and female protagonists not only walk and ride bicycles together at night, but even squeeze into a small phone booth and stare at each other. It feels so romantic!

  1. Character Pictorial Has Everyone’s MBTI

The MBTI indicator used to analyze personality is very popular in Korea! In “The Rookie of Police Academy”, each person’s exclusive poster is marked with MBTI, which helps the audience to understand their respective character positioning before watching the play. For example, the MBTI indicator of the hero Wei Chengxian is ISTJ, which is an officer-type personality who sticks to his post and abides by discipline; the heroine Gao Enjiang’s ESFP is an energetic performer personality, which is also in line with her cheerful and always in trouble in the play. same.

  1. Outstanding supporting cast

In addition to the protagonists and heroines of “Police Academy Rookie”, all the supporting actors have acted in popular Korean dramas, and their strength should not be underestimated! Including “Crash Landing on Love” Li Xinying, “Goddess Arrival” Park Yoona, “Reply 1994” Min Duba, and others such as Park Sung Joon, Kim Woo Suk, Qian Young Min, etc., each of these freshmen has a personality and a personality Therefore, in addition to describing the emotional line of the protagonist, “The Rookie of the Police Academy” will also include side stories about the supporting characters.

  1. The core of the story is chasing dreams

In addition to the joyful daily life and romantic love line, in fact, “The Rookie of Police Academy” also wants to resonate with college students who are about to enter the society. The next goal is to work hard and work hard to enrich your own process. I believe that many friends will be unknowingly deeply attracted by the enthusiasm of the characters in the process of watching “The Rookie of the Police Academy”~

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