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Longyangxia Hongliu Manor Camp: Trace the beauty of the Yellow River

Fun Camp | Longyangxia Hongliu Manor Camp: Trace the beauty of the Yellow River

Relying on the national 4A-level tourist attractions , the Qinghai Longyangxia Eco-tourism Resort Scenic Spot is a plateau leisure and health resort scenic spot integrating canyon sightseeing, cultural experience, water entertainment, desert adventure, extreme challenge, waterfront vacation, hot spring health preservation, etc. Tourists from all over the country come by car.

In 2021, the China Association of Tourist Vehicles and Boats will carry out the second batch of self-driving car camp grade identification work nationwide. The Qinghai Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism attaches great importance to it, strictly in accordance with the “Self-driving car camp quality classification” (LB/T078- 2019) industry standards and identification rules, coordinated promotion, check one by one, and earnestly implement, the recommended Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Longyangxia Hongliu Manor Camp is on the list, becoming the second batch of 4C-level self-driving car camps in the country.

On January 10, 2022, the China Tourist Vehicle and Boat Association announced the second batch of 5C and 4C class self-driving car camps, including 7 5C class camps and 13 4C class camps. So far, the number of high-grade self-driving caravan camps nationwide has expanded to 35.

Hongliu Manor RV Camp is located in Hongliu Manor, Longyang Lake Scenic Area, covering an area of ​​200 acres and a building area of ​​13,304 square meters. It will be put into operation in 2020 with a total investment of 8 million yuan. There are 56 lake view homestays, 30 RV camping places, and more than 100 tent camping places.

The camp mainly includes lake view homestay, fitness equipment, tourist reception center, parking lot, catering, viewing plank road, barbecue camping area, parent-child tourist area, water play area, tent camping area, bonfire square, lake view swing, commercial pavilion, night time Lighting and other supporting services. Among them, Lake View B&B is aimed at mid-to-high-end customers to meet the individual needs of living experience, leisure and vacation.

There are a 12-kilometer bicycle track around the lake, an 8-kilometer canyon hiking track, a million-mu desert unmanned extreme sports area , a 2,000-square-meter national fitness center, kayaking, fishing areas, etc., which have been held and undertaken many times. All kinds of large-scale hiking events, cross-country rally races, bicycle races, fishing competitions, etc.

The camp relies on the Longyangxia Eco-tourism Resort. At present, five sub-scenic spots have been built, each with its own characteristics:

The first dam of the Yellow River in Wanli—the first large-scale cascade power station in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, has the reputation of “leading” power station. It is famous in the world for the highest and largest storage capacity of the dam and the largest single machine capacity, and it is also a bright pearl on the Yellow River.

Longyang Lake – The dam locks the Yellow River, and the high gorge exits the Pinghu Lake. The largest artificial freshwater lake in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, with excellent water quality, it belongs to the national first-class surface water, and the lake is rich and diverse in biological species. Such rare animals can be seen everywhere, interpreting the harmonious picture of the harmony between man and nature.

The Yellow River Grand Canyon – the ancient waterway of the plateau, the first gorge of the river. It is the most majestic canyon group on the Yellow River. The ravines in the valley are vertical and horizontal, with strange peaks and dangerous rocks, forming the landscape characteristics of “odd, secluded, deep, strange, dangerous and dense”. It is also the longest and most spectacular canyon spectacle on the Yellow River.

Longyang Grand Canyon – Meet the original color of the mother river. Walking on the cliff path, looking up at the golden eagle soaring in the sky, overlooking the river and indulging in the Emerald Sky Gorge.

Earth Forest National Geopark, a National Geographic Relic, has been featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine many times. The erosion of the Yellow River for thousands of years has created the strange and blurred landform of Earth Forest. Primitive, desolate, rough, and secluded valleys constitute a wild and ancient world, and being in it is like receiving an artistic baptism of senses and soul.

Among them, the red water conservancy culture relies on the first dam of the Yellow River in Wanli, and promotes and inherits the spirit of Longyang’s hard work, science and pragmatism, striving for first-class, and advancing with the times. It is also a provincial-level patriotism education base.

As an intangible cultural heritage here, Rai is a Tibetan folk song with a deep and melodious melody, forming a free and tactful long folk song style. It has a long history and is synchronized with the growth process of the Tibetan nation. It carries the creativity and inspiration of the nation, and is of great value in anthropology, ethnology, folklore and other studies.

The special delicacies of the camp are unique, including the largest salmon production base in China, and the unique plateau cold-water fish “golden trout, rainbow trout, carp, Chinese sturgeon, small whitebait” and so on. There is an ecological fish feast restaurant under the camp, which mainly introduces special ecological fish feasts. While everyone enjoys outdoor camping and enjoys the beautiful scenery, it can also satisfy your taste buds instantly.

Longyangxia Hongliu Manor Camp is also equipped with a wealth of themed activities, including bonfire party, Guozhuang performance, outdoor barbecue, RV camping, open-air movies, Yellow River stone painting, parent-child tour projects, research practice, red party building, fishing competition, leather Rowing competition, etc.

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