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The ugliest costume drama list TOP

Although the drama “Mirror Twin Cities” starring Li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi became popular after its release, almost all of them were scolded for nothing, whether it was the plot, acting skills, costume styling or scene design. Everyone loves to watch costume dramas. In addition to the plot, if the costumes, shapes and scenes are good-looking, it will be a super bonus. However, some costume dramas are ugly and classic. The following netizens are discussing the most ugly costumes. Which is the scariest?

Netizens talk about the ugliest costume drama 1: “Mirror Twin Cities

Although Li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi starred in the ancient costume fairy tale “Mirror Twin Cities”, although it was very popular after its release, it was almost scolded for nothing in terms of plot, acting skills, costume styling and scene design. This blockbuster, known as Tencent’s S+ rating Costume dramas are rough and inferior in quality, and the texture is not as good as many A-level web dramas. It is not a big production at all.

In the costume dramas of the Xianxia type, most of the costumes and scenes are designed to create a sense of immortality. Most of them will take the light and fluttering route. However, the style of “Mirror Twin Cities” is not at all immortal, and the excessively bright color matching looks full of plasticity. Looking closely at the details of the clothing, in fact, the workmanship is still very meticulous, but the overall matching and the rough set design make the whole picture very inferior.

Netizens talk about the ugliest costume drama 2: “Long Xiang Shou”

“Long Xiang Shou” has a large production scale. It is a big costume drama, but it was full of negative reviews after it was broadcast. The most criticized thing is the plastic costumes, which are very similar to the costume dramas 20 years ago. , and then the appearance and acting skills of the male and female protagonists are also complained. This kind of costume idol drama is very important in appearance, but netizens have been persuaded by the appearance of the leading actors.

The whole drama of “Long Xiang Shou” is extremely exaggerated, the colors are bright and saturated, and the gorgeous embroidery and tailoring continue to release the message that I am expensive, but it looks full of plasticity. Who would have thought that there are nearly 300 sets of this drama. The clothes are actually made by Guo Pei, a Chinese haute couture designer. Many scenes are also real scenes. The production is very careful, but the effect…

Netizens talk about the ugliest costume drama 3: “Xuanyuan Sword: The Cloud of Han

Although “Xuanyuan Sword: The Cloud of the Han Dynasty” is originally a fairy tale drama, not an ancient costume drama, so the styling can be messed up and mixed, but the styling of this drama is too messy! The most impressive is the purple-clothed Shang Rui played by Gao Weiguang, who has black lips, long hair and purple clothing, and his appearance has been completely ruined.

And the costumes of this show are really strange, a bunch of short sleeves, this is not ancient costumes! There are also clothes sewn with sequins, and it is best to have sequins in ancient belts! Aside from being reasonable and unreasonable, the point is that it doesn’t look good either!

Netizens talk about the ugliest costume drama 4: “The Legend of Chong Er”

The costumes and props of “The Legend of Chong Er” are full of plasticity. This drama was obviously filmed in 2017, so it shouldn’t be so outdated and outdated, but the costumes in the play are extremely bright and ugly.

The only thing that was discussed when this drama was aired this year was the super hot eyes of Fu Hua Dao.

Netizens talk about the ugliest costume drama 5: “Phoenix Prisoner”

“Phoenix Prisoner” should be a classic ugly! It’s really no surprise to be nominated. Remember that Guan Xiaotong’s sewing machine head caused a lot of talk at the time? That huge bun is really incomprehensible.

Inventory of contrasting roles in Korean dramas (Korean star contrasting acting skills)

Although it is said that acting skills sometimes have to complement each other, but there are some Korean stars who act in and out, always in a single play and role, without much breakthrough, but some Korean stars have different roles in each work, quite contrasting! Korean Net Hotly Discusses Korean Stars’ Opposition

All the looks in this show are not good-looking. In addition to the big bun, there are circles of bangs, and the costumes are also dull. The heroine Guan Xiaotong really doesn’t feel like the first beauty in this show. “Phoenix Prisoner” has also become one of producer Yu Zheng’s classic ugly TV dramas.

Netizens talk about the ugliest costume drama 6: “The Legend of Lu Zhen

Although the “Legend of Lu Zhen” starring Zhao Liying is a hit drama, the style was also criticized by everyone when it was broadcast. This is probably the representative work of the ugly drama produced by Yu Zheng! Zhao Liying’s round bun and two chopsticks in the play are definitely the ugliest of all her ancient costumes.

Yu Zheng’s early dramas all like to follow this style, with big reds and purples and bright colors. The strangest thing is that he is particularly addicted to tall and big buns. In fact, other costume dramas also have exaggerated headgear shapes, but I don’t know why Yu Zheng’s designs are just ugly.

Netizens talk about the ugliest costume drama 7: “Fengshen Romance

The costume drama “Fengshen Romance” starring Deng Lun was suppressed for four years before it was broadcast, so he was complained that the costumes were outdated. The costume dramas in the past two years have indeed become more and more refined, and many of them are based on movie specifications. Production, and the bright and rough clothes in the past are becoming more and more rare, and the audience’s appetite is being raised more and more.

Although everyone likes to see Deng Lun’s ancient costumes, his clothes in this show are unacceptable to fans. The bright purple, blue, and the ugliest set of green edges are really hot for the eyes.

Netizens talk about the ugliest costume drama 8: “Illusory City

The fantasy drama “Fantasy City” starring Song Qian and Feng Shaofeng is also extremely ugly. The style of the whole drama is very clear and strange. The wavy long hair of the color, the oriental costumes and the western fantasy style are all blended together, like a hodgepodge, and it is complained that it is the live-action version of “Balala Little Magic Fairy”.

The costume style of fantasy stories does have its difficulties. To turn surreal into reality, it is easy to resemble anime cosplay, and “Fantasy City” is not only a problem in the design, but also in poor production, full of The plastic feel is super textureless.

Netizens talk about the ugliest costume drama 9: “Made of Beauty

“Made of Beauty” is equally ugly and impressive. The colors of the clothes are so bright that people feel that they have no texture at first glance. Blue with yellow, red with green, I really can’t understand this aesthetic.

The ancient costume bun in “Beauty Made” is also high to the sky. Do you still remember Di Ali Gerba’s Optimus Prime? It can also be said to be a lightning rod, such a beautiful person has been made like this. “Beauty Made” is also a drama produced by Yu Zheng.

Netizens talk about the ugliest costume drama 10: “Ancient Love Song

The costume drama “Ancient Love Songs” starring Huang Xiaoming and Song Qian is also ugly and impressive. This is also a fairy tale drama, so the styling design will be more surreal, but this drama abruptly wears modern clothes into ancient costume dramas , it’s so confusing.

The heroine Song Qian’s many sets of looks in the play are said to be wedding dresses at all, and those who don’t know it think they are taking wedding photos! And the supporting actress Wu Qian’s clothes are also unbearable, it is just a simple piece of fabric, and then there are various colors, which is her look in the play.

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