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Assistant of Superstar 天王助理 Episode 5 Recap

Zhu Dazhuang told Youxi that the legal person of the flower dew water company was used fraudulently. The mastermind of this scam was Mr. Sun, but unfortunately there was not enough evidence to prove it, so the problem caused by the quality of the toilet water can only be borne by Xi. Depressed, You Xi chatted with Yao Yao about his past when he first debuted, and told Yao Yao that everything would be fine. Then Yu Xi asked Zhu Dazhuang to arrange a press conference for himself the next day to clarify the toilet water incident to the public.

You Xi invited everyone to dinner on the grounds that she could get her innocence after celebrating the press conference in advance. During the banquet, when Qi Chao and Pan Duo went to the bathroom, they encountered a fan of Qi Chao who asked to take a photo. Pan Duo became jealous and quarreled with the fans on the spot. Qi Chao took Pan Duo’s hand and pulled her back to the room, and the atmosphere in the two-person room also changed subtly.

When she got home, Yuxi was about to ask Yaoyao’s attitude towards the kiss from the side again. During the conversation, she found that many small red spots appeared on Youxi’s neck and arms. Later, she found out that it was caused by the small mushrooms she ate while eating. Allergic by Xi. At this time, the weak Youxi thought that she might not be able to participate in tomorrow’s press conference in her current state. Zhu Dazhuang suggested that Yaoyao should replace Youxi to participate. Although Yaoyao was reluctant, he was finally persuaded by Big Zhuang.

Because of the psychological trauma, Yao Yao was very afraid of coming to power. On the day of the press conference, Yao Yao plucked up his courage and stepped onto the podium, but in the face of countless flashes of light and questions from reporters, his mind went blank, and he finally ran off the stage.

When the scene was embarrassed, You Xi pushed the door and strode in. Immediately, everyone’s attention was focused on him. It turned out that You Xi found Yao Yao’s medicine bottle at home. Guessing Yaoyao’s fear of speaking on stage, he came here specially to relieve the siege. During the press conference, in addition to explaining the facts of the toilet water incident, You Xi also showed his trump card.

In fact, You Xi had already paid three times the liquidated damages to the toilet water company’s account before. The money was diverted into his personal account. This has completely changed the situation that was unfavorable to You Xi before, and this conference has also achieved perfect results.

After finishing the press conference, Youxi immediately asked Zhu Dazhuang where Yaoyao was. But because Yaoyao’s mobile phone was left in the room, and she couldn’t be contacted, Youxi had to drive out to find her. At the riverside, Youxi heard that someone was going to commit suicide by throwing himself into the river, so he was frightened and ran over. Fortunately, he found out that it was not Yao Yao. When he was anxious, he found Yao Yao standing by the river in a daze. You Xi rushed up and hugged Yao Yao.

After returning home, Yaoyao cried and confessed to Youxi that he had crowd phobia and apologized to Youxi. Looking at the sad Yao Yao, You Xi comforted her gently. Thinking of Yao Yao’s determination to overcome crowd phobia for her own sake, I can’t help feeling relieved.

The next day, Youxi used a lot of plants as students to prepare a virtual class for Yaoyao, hoping to help her overcome crowd phobia, but Yuxi accidentally scratched her hand by a cactus, and the blood flowed out again.

The demon of the old heart. Later, Youxi, who was communicating with the doctor about Yao Yao’s condition, received a call from Zhu Dazhuang. Brother Dazhuang told him that the company decided to dismiss Yao Yao after a meeting. You Xi was furious about this, ran to the company and confronted the executives, and expressed that she would resolutely stay behind

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